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PWA 1967

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  1. PWA 1967

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    Although i have had better a nice 1826 Penny REV C Thick line which are quite scarce.
  2. PWA 1967

    1867 Penny F53 6+G , UNC.

    NGC MS64 RB ,UNC with good lustre. Link to the NGC scans which always make bronze coins look darker ,although if for any reason your not happy please return for a full refund. https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/6134663-011/64/ £600 posted Special Delivery to the UK ,PP or BT.
  3. An 1893 over 2 i had ,tried to make the shield larger but would not allow me to post the picture 😀
  4. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    A recent purchase i have not shared on here and scarce year in high grade 😀 1870 NGC MS65.
  5. Seemed as good a place to post as any ,this in my opinion is ridiculous 😯 RWB Auctions - Fine Art & Numismatics Auctioneers based in Wiltshire | 1953 Queen Elizabeth II proof nickel brass Threepence, graded PF 69 Ultra Cameo by NGC (S 4152). Obverse: Mary Gillick's first definitive portrait... The sixpence went for over £1K and although they may well be nice and worth a premium ,those prices have gone out of sight.
  6. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    You have confused me Terry ,not sure what you mean "they are both Ac with the 0 to the left of a tooth "? The ones first posted are not over a tooth or 12 teeth ,they are to the right or do you mean the last two wider ones.
  7. PWA 1967

    Recent purchase story.

    Coin fairs are without doubt the best and forming your own opinion seeing the coin in hand. ,then if you take the coin home and not happy you can only blame yourself 😀.
  8. PWA 1967

    Recent purchase story.

    Even buying from pictures can sometimes hide cleaning and not be a true likeness of the coin in hand and we rely on an honest description ,yes i agree it is however much better with pictures unless your buying off a dealer who you can trust to describe and grade correctly. Just post it back for a refund and perhaps next time phone them up first to confirm the coin is problem free before buying ,or dont buy from them again 👍
  9. PWA 1967

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I have done a post on one of the facebook groups ,one of the members is now employed by eBay to help stop this with coin sales. I know he has a hard time looking at pictures of fakes ,1933 pennies ,coins of all different denominations etc , but hopefully he will be able to take some action. I will share your pictures if asked Richard ,hope thats ok.
  10. PWA 1967

    British Trade Dollars

    You can bid with them direct. https://auctions.thecoinery.co.uk/catalogue/e6f09f5c37a9cd13b8336f01ea0f90ff/81b29ab6fa187a02a829c1899b734425/a-general-sale-of-coins-related-numismatic-items/?categoryFilter=%2CWORLD&currentPageNo=1
  11. PWA 1967

    SCARCE 1956 Halfpenny

    1956 Halfpenny , F475 4+D. REV D , L of HALF to TOOTH , Really hard to find on 1956 in any grade and proven to be much scarcer than Freeman estimated. 15 plus 3 Recorded delivery to the Uk ,PP or BT. 6 AVAILABLE in similar grade and condition.
  12. PWA 1967

    SCARCE 1956 Halfpenny

    Only one left (pictured) as passed the others on to a dealer.
  13. PWA 1967

    SCARCE 1956 Halfpenny

    I did sell a F474 recently ,although they are Rare and sold for a big premium.
  14. PWA 1967

    Error Code?

    Yes me to ,its doing my head in 😀.
  15. I think a lot of the varieties put in the book were already catalogued in other books or information given him by other collectors as he mentions in the first copy of "Bronze coinage" only having 2000 halfpennies 1860-1970.The book was a study of dies and the indicators which he then gave a reference and only needed one example to be able to do that. The 1956 Halfpenny F474 R12 1001-2000 ,although collectors fifty years later are only aware of less than 10.
  16. I believe freeman had a deal with a local bus station in the sixties were he bought them all at face value , then went through them and took to the bank himself.
  17. PWA 1967

    1908 Penny F164A 1*+C ,Scarce.

    SOLD Dave Groom.
  18. 1908 Penny F164A. 80 plus 4 or 8 Postage to the UK ,PP or BT.
  19. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    Think its just my picture as using a magnifier looks the same as the top one and over a tooth. The third picture is a single exergue not double and from the ones i have looked at are all the same.
  20. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    The best narrow date i found ,which is photographed in a flip.
  21. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    I have never looked before Terry and thank you for bringing them to our attention. I have just had a quick look on American eBay and the first few i have looked at a couple appear to be the narrow one. Am i missing something and wrong or are they the right type ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/204589827335 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/126257870145
  22. PWA 1967

    Penny with superb provenance.

    Yes i had already sent kip the listing from the sale ,its a CGS picture and in hand the colour somewhere between the two 👍 https://www.noonans.co.uk/auctions/archive/special-collections/162/126237/?
  23. 1861 F26 5+D ,Gouby BP1861H. Scarce in a decent grade as can be seen with the previous owners. CGS 78. £300 posted Special delivery (next week) to the UK ,PP or BT.
  24. I am glad my Grandaughter has grown up and the Elf has gone after what it did to me. Happy Christmas everyone and all the best 😀.