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  1. TomGoodheart

    A comparison of two auction houses

    Was the first a large auction house? I'm bemused by the need to register with auctionet afterwards. How difficult is it to have someone take card payments over the phone, particularly as you presumably were able to bid without doing so? Sounds overly complicated! ?? Surely, buyer's premium is added to the hammer cost. So it's something that I do have to pay (plus vat) as a buyer. And take into consideration when bidding. I also bear it in mind when reviewing what level of 'service' I feel I've received, such as speed and cost of dispatch and the level of care taken to safely package my purchases. That the seller might not get as much because everyone is adjusting their bids down by 30% is of course also an issue.
  2. Hi Erika. Best that can be done regarding ID is Spink 2799, Sharp G1/2. When it was new it would have looked a bit like the one shown below. The privy mark is impossible to make out so it could date from anywhere between 4 Jul 1639 and 28 May 1643. It was struck in (the Tower of) London. As to value, that's all in the ladle. The coin's not worth removing as it has little intrinsic value on it's own, due to wear. Hope that helps!
  3. TomGoodheart

    Charles I Angel and medallions

    Still looking for the above! 😁
  4. TomGoodheart

    F3/1 (2)

    Version 1.0.0


  5. TomGoodheart

    MI 358/226

    Version 1.0.0


  6. TomGoodheart


    Anyone recognise this handwriting please? For a medallet the collector bought from the Spink Circular in 1998, so active then (and possibly until recently). Medal collection so maybe a long shot but .. Thanks!
  7. TomGoodheart

    Unknown ticket

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

  8. TomGoodheart


    Version 1.0.0


  9. TomGoodheart

    It had to happen

    50 bitcoin and it's yours Paul ..
  10. TomGoodheart


  11. TomGoodheart

    It had to happen

    I must be getting old but I just don't get it. It says MS68. What the hell does that mean? It's a shiny disk, but it's not currency (as we know it Jim). Why does it need grading? If they wanted they could just say 'Genuine' but I feel that the whole grading-things-that-don't-merit-grading just makes the TPGS thing even more ridiculous than it already was. I can see the point in things that might circulate. Like trading cards, banknotes or comics. But this is like grading the box the trading cards come in! The metal disk has no significance beyond what it holds .. except perhaps to a museum as a curiosity. It's just daft IMHO. Or maybe it's just me?
  12. TomGoodheart

    It had to happen

    I suppose it's not much different from listings for knife money, cowrie shells or trade beads. Or trading cards, beanie babies or tulip bulbs. Novelties indeed for the majority of us ...
  13. In the 'Contributors' section @Rob. Link ... https://www.britnumsoc.org/contributors/2-uncategorised/266-6-people-pages-coin-tickets
  14. From Gary's bit on the BNS site @Rob.. I could believe it's the same hand ..
  15. TomGoodheart