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  1. Anyone happen to have a copy? Or be an expert on the topic of pipe stoppers (tampers)? Cheers!
  2. TomGoodheart

    Newark Shilling with hallmark

    Hey Robbie. That's quite a journey! And welcome back! Nice Newark. Was there a ticket with it at all?
  3. TomGoodheart


    I know nothing about these things at all (and have no real interest in bitcoin). But I seem to remember that bitcoins need generating and there used to be a complaint (possibly false) that the power needed to do so was increasing, to the extent that the drain on resources and heat produced by the process was noticable. In an era where we are slightly more aware of the environmental impact of our (global) actions, is this not a risk to the future of such things? At some point will governments start to restrict mining because it's having an effect on national environmental policies? Just curious.
  4. TomGoodheart

    Coin prices continue to rise

    I've still got my Dad's collection. A lot of FDCs that will probably raise a few pennies each if that. EII, mostly mint, which will likely do similarly poorly. I hate to think what he spent on them all. Only thing that might be of interest now is some early Ukraine/ Russia/ Poland which might be worth something, particularly at the moment. But I have no idea about any of those and I can't read any of the catalogues he had as they're in Polish. I guess I'll look into it one day.. 😕
  5. TomGoodheart

    Mystery card..

    1960s Telman Umbrellas maybe?
  6. The main problem I have is finding things like the Numismatic Chronicle from the 1850s in paper form. Modern reprints are better than the old OCR scanned stuff, but they still seem to mess up the illustrations (which are generally an essential part of what I need). I could probably afford an original copy if I could find one (the BNJ from 1905 only cost me £30) but I've not found anyone selling. Of course, what I'd really like is offprints to save on shelf space. But the number of sellers of such material isn't great and I suspect a lot of stuff is just shredded. pdfs are great for searching for specific terms. But paper is still king for me.
  7. Appears it might have last been properly captured August 2020 according to the wayback machine .. https://web.archive.org/web/20200804172606/http://www.henry3.com/
  8. Merry Christmas all and the very best for 2024!
  9. TomGoodheart


    Version 1.0.0


  10. Prinz seem to do them, although they call them 'corner mounts'. And Hawid do small 'stamp mounts' which are rectangular and allows a stamp to be placed between two layers of plastic. They do various sizes - that might work for you?
  11. TomGoodheart


    Version 1.0.0


  12. TomGoodheart

    Charles I Angel and medallions

    What fun the boxes are! Fortunately Elizabeth is well outside my collecting area so I don't have to worry about her! 😂 Though I have been slightly drawn to a couple of Charles II badges. Must resist!
  13. TomGoodheart


    Tim Owen is still dealing. I messaged him the other day and he said he largely sells to other dealers at coin fairs. So he may have sold to Steve Hill who then passed it on to CC, but hard to tell if there are no clues on the tickets. Tim's tickets seem to come up fairly frequently and generally on decent pieces. Again, Rob is likely to know how long he's been dealing. More than 20 years at least, surely. Oh, and Gary has updated the article. This (I believe) is the latest (#11) Additional Coin Tickets Version 11
  14. TomGoodheart


    Steven Hill. Reverse might give more clues? Not sure when he was at Baldwins and when he left. Rob might know?
  15. TomGoodheart

    A comparison of two auction houses

    Was the first a large auction house? I'm bemused by the need to register with auctionet afterwards. How difficult is it to have someone take card payments over the phone, particularly as you presumably were able to bid without doing so? Sounds overly complicated! ?? Surely, buyer's premium is added to the hammer cost. So it's something that I do have to pay (plus vat) as a buyer. And take into consideration when bidding. I also bear it in mind when reviewing what level of 'service' I feel I've received, such as speed and cost of dispatch and the level of care taken to safely package my purchases. That the seller might not get as much because everyone is adjusting their bids down by 30% is of course also an issue.