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  1. True that may well be that the RM called in as much as possible, but I still hae £90 in £SD from fairlings to crowns
  2. scottishmoney

    Trump v Clinton

    Trailer Trash for Trump! But then you have left fielders like Hillary secretly meeting with Wall St. Politics is very much akin to the oldest profession, prostitution.
  3. scottishmoney

    New 5 pound note

    I have seen Tesla live a couple of times, yes they are a great band.
  4. scottishmoney

    Trump v Clinton

    I'd go for investigating both Trump and Clinton. They are both crooks. No matter who wins, America will lose.
  5. scottishmoney

    New 5 pound note

    Def Leppard is 1980s, but I like Sabbath, DP and the Zep - even though they are well before my time.
  6. scottishmoney

    Trump v Clinton

    Having lived for awhile in Ukraine, I can tell you that this election reminds me so much of a post Soviet style election with both candidates being corrupt as one another. Yanukovych was a career thug with an actual burglary conviction in 1967( so many first floor apts in Ukraine have bars on the windows because of potential break ins) Tymoshenko was and is known as the "Gas Queen" for running the gas company and signing ruinous deals with Russia. Where does this play now? Well Trump's advisor Paul Manafort was paid significant sums by Yanukovych during the election in 2010, came back to haunt the old boy in August and Trump dumped him. Trump is very favourable to Russia and Putin, wants to recognize Russian annexation of Crimea etc. And when Yanukovych was elected(?) in 2010 he jailed his opponent, Tymoshenko, who was only released in 2014 when the government fell. And now Trump speaks of jailing Clinton. History will repeat itself.
  7. scottishmoney

    Trump v Clinton

    Is it a jacka$$ o' lantern or a Trumpkin?
  8. scottishmoney

    New 5 pound note

    I'm holding out for the tenner next year. Jane Austen means more to me than Winnie. BTW @Upinsmoke " also listening to music any genre but mainly heavy rock Led Zeppelin , Black Sabbath , Deep Purple" Ha, just doing a Deep Purple and Def Leppard binge right now.
  9. scottishmoney

    Trump v Clinton

    Just whence you all thought all was lost HRH QEII has graciously offered to restore her realm to the United States: http://www.newyorker.com/humor/borowitz-report/queen-offers-to-restore-british-rule-over-united-states Thank you Dear Beloved Queen, for rescuing us from our miserous political twits. Thanks also for offering to kindly pass over Charles in our realm and instead let the throne to Prince William. VIVAT REGINA - LONG LIVE THE QUEEN, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and North America!
  10. http://www.newyorker.com/humor/borowitz-report/queen-offers-to-restore-british-rule-over-united-states God Bless Queen Elizabeth, she has deftly offered to liberate us here in the United States from our ruinous politicians. I do believe she may well get my vote.
  11. I actively collect 17th century tokens - they can be challenging. My main interests are tokens issued by women, unusual tokens like the rat catcher and tokens that have interesting designs.
  12. scottishmoney

    EU referendum - in or out?

    There goes the Chunnel.
  13. scottishmoney

    EU referendum - in or out?

    Trump Believes Scotland voted for the Brexit - What a dumbpuck And I love the one tweet:
  14. scottishmoney

    EU referendum - in or out?

    Of course there is that particular blowhard over in America who is writhing in delight as he hopes the "anti-establishment" will propel him to the helm in his bid to dissolve NATO, the EU and cozy up to Pootie Poot. And to think, he can authorise nuclear strikes and other sundry military actions.
  15. scottishmoney

    17thC Tokens

    Indeed. It even has a portrait of a ubiquitous rat. What I enjoy the most about 17th century tokens is that many of them are very personal to the issuer - unlike many later tokens that were issued by municipalities, workhouses etc.