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  1. pies

    The right equipment for a novice

    Personally i would keep clear of those book wallet things These are cheap and good plus you can write details on the envelope https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lighthouse-coin-Holders-self-adhesive-25/dp/B005QIWSBK/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1537454928&sr=8-4&keywords=lighthouse+coin loop and scales seem ok be carefull putting coins on metal some cotton gloves could be usefull
  2. And the quality of the coins is shockingly poor, drab meaningless designs and poor quality control.So many flaws it's shameful
  3. The year might be common, but that grade is rarely common, nice coin
  4. pies

    Elizabeth 1st literature

    Cheers all ordered the soft back for now as i seem to destroy hard back books
  5. pies

    Elizabeth 1st literature

    Would like all to be honest , but die details and legend varieties should be a start cheers
  6. Evening all im looking for some good literature on Elizabeth first coins, mostly about shillings cheers
  7. pies

    Beatrix Potter

    yep thats the one , i watched the prices drop year by year
  8. pies

    Beatrix Potter

    Cheers thats what i thought, i was wondering why people think there valuable, seems like the 20p all over
  9. pies

    Beatrix Potter

    Hi all i've been asked at work what a50p Beatrix Potter coins worth as they are on ebay for £1k plus. But as far as i can see they have not actually sold any, so whats the reasoning for these coins being rare and valuable
  10. pies

    latest acquisition ;0)

    Its not a real coin just a photoshop Peck knocked up :)
  11. pies

    latest acquisition ;0)

    Yeah, i have been watching from time to time, decided to get shot of the mortgage, thats paid of now, so i can concentrate on better coins now,. They are proving difficult to find though.
  12. pies

    latest acquisition ;0)

    thought i was going mad
  13. pies


    Really, will it retone well as i cant see any hairlines
  14. pies

    1904 Penny UNC - BU

    I think you got a bargain