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  1. pies


  2. pies

    Looking for a 1953 VIP proof farthing

    looks better in hand
  3. pies


  4. pies

    Looking for a 1953 VIP proof farthing

    I have a 2+B. I think its probably a UNC but could be a proof. Looks way better than my 2+A in my set. Got a piccy but size limit here not big enough to upload from phone
  5. 😂 wrong pics uploaded. Try again
  6. i need to learn to take better pics , i believe mine was ex magney sorry i meant of those mine could only be top one, not saying it was 😆
  7. Only top one could be mine as i purchased it in 2014
  8. Ok so idiot here had his catalog of coins on an excel spreadsheet with no backups, and the PC has now died I don’t plan on replacing the PC but rely on my ipad. Unfortunately from what i can see excel is a subscription service if you want to edit a document So what are the options?
  9. Ignore me i was looking up 1864 not 1964 😂
  10. Other than CGS own references i cant find it listed. Doesnt tie up with a freeman as farcas i can tell. Bugging me 😂