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    A rare 1896 Very wide date and eight years looking at thousands to find a really good one. Gouby BP1896Ad ,NGC MS65 not attributed.
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    I've shown a close up of my 1933 and as Richard says I to cannot see just how the alteration was made , but if I were to attempt it, I would cut a 3 off another 1930s penny leaving an extra amount of metal on the bottom of the 3 , Then take the coin that is to be altered and carefully remove the last digit down to a flat surface. Then I would etch down into the coin to the exact shape of the 3 . Finally inset the 3 into the hole with some kind of glue , as I think any kind of soldering would show . Although it would have to be carried out by someone with great skill such as a jewelry maker for it not to show . ???
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    Thanks. I really stretched the budget for that one.
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    ......and this is what it used to look like over 10 years ago
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    While most gardening stops around this time of year there are still plenty other things you can do dividing hostas pruning and pruning roses, etc. The wonderful time comes in the spring really , I got plenty bulbs in for a great new year
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    This thread really isn’t for me, but I cannot help but be impressed by your dedication to this, and I of course love your historic referencing in this particular post…amazing passion, input, and care! Superb!
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    Next up is the skinny jacaranda, and Queen Victoria's favourite canna 'Shenandoah'.
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    I've just done my 'Before the frosts come' packaway. I have a small covered patio area- I take out the table and chairs and put up my metal winter staging. Then I add the cycad, the agaves, a agapanthus, and a cestrum nocturnum (queen of the night).
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    1940 single exergue . A recent acquisition which upgrades my existing coin , a devil of a hard one to find in top condition.
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    Hope this isn't too close to the bone...
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    The echiums have self-seeded like mad this year, so they are now wrapped up, with heated aluminium rods in the pots, that I switch on if there is going to be a deep frost. Hopefully, next year the bees will be so happy!
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    The the musa basjoo enjoys it's last sun this season, before the leaves come off, and the straw cage is built, and the stems are protected.
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    Then I add the lemon/lime cross 'La Valette', which is _the_ variety for gins and tonic!
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    I see this example on Numista: https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces378246.html As noted there, extremely rare and should be gold. As such, quite a high chance of being a replica or fake. Picture of the other side is what we need first along with some idea of how it was discovered. If it proves to be genuine, you might have quite a valuable piece there!
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    I also messaged him yesterday saying that I was going to contact Ebay today. The combination seems to have worked.
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    Let's face it, the Irish got these designs nearly 100 years ago!
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    Very nicely done. I was bidding on that as well and you pipped me to it. 👍
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    Mine is very similar - very clever, although there seems to be signs of activity.
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    I paid Colin Cooke £20 for mine in the 90s:
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    It's a bit like buying an ice cream. You satisfy the want of a moment but your money is gone afterwards.
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    Yes. Facebook search is poor. Mainly I suspect because the FB format wasn't really designed for such things as detailed discussion. However it has the numbers as it's still commonly used by people of my age to keep in touch with far-spread family members. A few of us did set up a series of posts detailing the coinage of Charles I on the The Coins of Charles I, King of England, Scotland and Ireland group, but even those seem to be buried now. And yes, @Coinery that's the one. Though like others it's still a sales site for the admins there, it's a bit more active than many and has reasonably interesting content. @Rob I think groups tend to specialise so they don't get swamped with content which, for most members, is of limited interest. Still get Roman, European and modern coins on the English Hammered group Stu highlighted above, but Admins remove them promptly as they fall outside the scope of that group. There are places that have a broader coverage, such as Coin Community Forum, but even there they set aside sub-forums for different areas ... Agreed. The setup here is much better for keeping tabs on things of interest and getting alerts for what's new. And yes, I'm on 'the internet' a lot. About 70 permanently open tabs, several hours every day .. and I still miss things that interest me at times. 😕 But then I don't go to coin fairs, so buying online or bidding, again online, at auction is how I keep building my collection. It's also easier than a trip to the British Museum or Library when I want to do a bit of research, so to me the time 'invested' is worth it ..
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    I guess if it was his daughter then "she would be walking out the door like she did one thousand times before. Don’t you love her ways, tell me what you say”