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  1. jacobvs

    Silver Penny ID Confirmation

    Hi Rob, Many thanks indeed. This was the other potential fit that came up when I was searching. You did well to make anything of the legends, although once one knows what to look for it does become a bit clearer - I believe I can make out the DVB now! I can follow up with some more research now. Thanks again, James
  2. Hi, I was hoping that someone would be able to confirm my tentative ID of the attached coin. It's been fairly heavily clipped and weighs 0.6g. Max diameter is 14.4mm. Although I can't read any of the legends, I believe it might be a penny of Richard II, Canterbury mint using locally produced dies?? There are two clear pellets by the king's shoulders, and nothing else as far as I can see on his breast, which is not as distinct here as other varieties I've seen. On the reverse the long cross appears to continue through the quatrefoil lobes at its centre. North lists six groups for these with different legends (Vol.II, 1330), but I don't know what a 'group' is or what it means in terms of the coin's overall design? Any help would be much appreciated. Best regards, James