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  1. richtips86

    Brexit SYO 50p

    Holy s**t! Mintage figures are released! Over 6k for the on the day! I misjudged that somewhat
  2. richtips86

    Brexit SYO 50p

    The Royal Mint has now released the mintages for the strike your own coins for 2019, which means we aren’t far from 2020 figures. Make what you will of it of regarding the politics, design of the coin, business model of the Mint, but there are two strike your owns for the Brexit 50p. Those done for two weeks in February and one for 31/01/20 - random Friday not in school holidays. The Harry and Meghan wedding coin (for one day only) had a mintage of 508 whilst the Snowman 50p had a mintage of 700 and ran throughout December! Both attract decent sale prices on the Bay! I’m guessing when the Brexit 50p mintage figure is announced we’ll have similarly pretty low figures! You can currently pick them up for between £15 and £25. DYOR
  3. You’ve clearly gone to quite considerable efforts - £1k worth of 5p pieces equates to sampling in the region of 20k coins! I appreciate they’ve asked for some refinement, but surely in the scheme of the amount of work you’ve done, is it not worth doing to get it over the line? No criticism at all, just a reflection
  4. richtips86

    1981 10 Pence Uncirculated, How Rare or Common?

    Yeah, it also makes you wonder why they produce two different styles, one for packs, one for circulation. The cynical side of me has thought, that these designs, then the undated 20p, then the Kew Gardens hysteria, 2009 blue Peter 50p, were to whip people up into collecting modern coins so that they’d have a market to then sell 15 designs per year!
  5. richtips86

    1981 10 Pence Uncirculated, How Rare or Common?

    Just been going through but none of the following were issued in sets, so difficult to find in BU: 1999 £2 technology coin (one of chris’ favourites) 2006 £2 technology coin 2006 Britannia 50p my reckoning 2007 £2 Abolition of slavery textured no initials 2007 £2 technology There’s probably more, but these were the immediate ones I could think of
  6. richtips86

    1981 10 Pence Uncirculated, How Rare or Common?

    There’s quite a few 50ps and a couple of the regular £2 issued especially around 2006 that don’t feature in any of the BU packs but put into circulation that are very affordable (if you can find them) on eBay. Through hours of scrolling and a few lucky purchases, I’ve managed to get most. I can pull together a list if you’d be interested.
  7. richtips86

    1981 10 Pence Uncirculated, How Rare or Common?

    Thanks Pete, I do actually have one, but am constantly scouring to see how often things pop up! Cheers for the offer though!
  8. richtips86

    1981 10 Pence Uncirculated, How Rare or Common?

    What we need is a Mail Money article stating that they’re the rarest coin known and then quickly see how many pop up on eBay! 😂 I wouldn’t begin to estimate how many there are, however I’m only now really collecting decimals and am always trying to hunt down these kinds of coins! I’ve not yet found an uncirculated 1981 10p anywhere apart from on Michael’s website, and I’ve trawled a lot of eBay sellers over the last few years!
  9. richtips86


    Ah - Stuart will have to accept my apologies! 🙏
  10. richtips86


    Not sure I can be classed as 'regular', but still very much into coins at the age of 35 and 10/12ths. I remember Peter being the very first person to reply to my first post! I see his last visit was in 2019 - so pre-covid! Hopefully he's ok!
  11. richtips86

    1999 £2 Technology / Standing on Shoulders Coin

    And this one sold for £75 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VERY-RARE-1999-2-TECHNOLOGY-TWO-POUND-COIN-STANDING-ON-THE-SHOULDERS-OF-GIANTS-/373758087169?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 a quick google doesn’t bring up any articles from the Daily Fail or Express so it appears people are catching on to this through sites such as Chris’
  12. Interesting that the above is starting to get greater prominence on eBay! People have only previously been interested in the 99 RWC coin but seeing more slide to the fact it wasn’t in sets so low numbers in good condition Thought this was a winner until I got to the obverse https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1999-2-TWO-POUND-COIN-TECHNOLOGY-SHOULDERS-OF-GIANTS-RARE-IN-THIS-CONDITION-/274937303389?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  13. richtips86

    1990 Gold Crown - Queen Mother Birthday

    Thanks everyone! I’d never have guessed that as a solution! It’s incredible how even the discolouration is - I truly thought it was gold based upon the look, but yes was the packaging that made me assume otherwise. Yes, it was this gran and grandad who hoarded all the pre-dec coins for me that I first got several years ago that got me into collecting!
  14. I got a 1990 Queen Mother Crown as a Christmas present. It was a typical “coin gran bought as a possible inheritance for me whilst young” that my dad gave me! The reason I’m posting is that it appears gold! I’ve been searching Google, eBay, checkyourchange app and just can’t believe it would be a solid gold coin - chards have them for sale at just under £2k! Were any issued in gold Leaf for instance?