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  1. 1887jubilee

    1887 Gothic Florin varieties

    46 is the only one known to me. Even the "proof" has 46. I have seen the Royal Mint collection but don't recall one there either.
  2. I have noticed the pips on the radio, the time on my phone and the clock on ebay are all different. The computer is about 3 seconds behind and I put this down to some electronic lag. I think ebay allows several pre electronically generated bids to unravel after the final time. You can check by looking at the bids button to see what time each bid was made.
  3. No prizes for guessing which 1887 penny I got driven up to buy. But at least I know its pedigree right back to Murdock and it is after all unique.
  4. 1887jubilee

    contract law - offer for sale

    Conversations like this take me back 50+ years to phrases like "invitation to treat" "offer and acceptance" "fundamental terms and mere warranties" The goods on ebay only invite an invitation to treat (make an offer). Who remembers The Boots Cash Chemists case or Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co If your money is not accepted there is no contract. On the other hand Sale of Goods Act is also in force so ask someone a lot younger.
  5. Dought ex David Iverson 14/10/21
  6. Do you mean L504 in which case yes
  7. It looks like a Stafford Mint penny early Anglo Saxon or Norman see Spink 2017 p147
  8. You could try H.W. Wood Limited The Baltic Exchange, 38 St Mary Axe, London EC3A 8BH Phone: +44 (0)20 7398 9000 ext 2105 Direct Dial: +44 (0)20 3697 2105 Good as you don't have to identify "valuables" or say what is gold silver or other. No photos needed but obviously if you need any claim it is good to have all details. If you use them I could do with a commission.
  9. And what about the Gothic Crowns? A$84000+ commission = £58,000 phew. I was happy to get three lots including one piece, I believe unique, from the collection.
  10. Brilliant. Thank you for finding that. I had borrowed the 1887 and 1888 books and had to scan them myself for the last 10 years.
  11. 1887jubilee

    Shilling List

    Left out the 1887 YH and the JEB pattern with ONE SHILLING but you may not be including patterns
  12. 1887jubilee

    Halfcrown list

    1887 Jubilee three different obverses The two you mention and 20 pearls to the brooch instead of the usual 16 this is paired with different reverses. three different reverses. Broken G (just a die flaw but scarce) 7 to a space 7 to a bead