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    Talking of 1879s , I think I got a bargain when I picked this one up recently for just twenty quid.
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    Don’t you dare leave, Richard, you are one of the most important contributors here! I found this photo amusing as well, a gentle dig at the stereotypical inability of manhood to cope when the womenfolk are away. While I can only assume that there are other interpretations, I have certainly been disappointed at the nature of some responses and I think that we all carry a responsibility to be civil, I’m sure most would agree. Jerry
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    Spink's Coins of England 2024 has finally included my proposed penny additions of 1847 Medusa, 1858 Large Rose (although they have mysteriously duplicated the entry), 1862 over 1, 1862 VIGTORIA and 1863 open 3.
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    Picked up this penny at auction recently. An F139. The variety hadn't been noted on the slab so I think it slid under the radar. Not the most beautiful coin in the world with a couple of issues, but far, far superior to my current example, and picked up for a very reasonable figure (I think).
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    Figured this is worth sharing here. This is up on St James' June auction block: https://bsjauctions.auctionmobility.com/lots/view/1-7LEF1R/british-coins
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    A new one and not a bad grade for type. F39A 1862 8 over 6.
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    NGC MS64 RB ,UNC with good lustre. Link to the NGC scans which always make bronze coins look darker ,although if for any reason your not happy please return for a full refund. https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/6134663-011/64/ £600 posted Special Delivery to the UK ,PP or BT.
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    I didn't realise that these animals live in Telford - that's gnus to me.
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    1940 single exergue . A recent acquisition which upgrades my existing coin , a devil of a hard one to find in top condition.
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    I thought you might like to have a look at the Rhus in my garden as this year its the most amazing red I've ever seen it.
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    Picked up this rather nice one last week. The 15 leaf variety.
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    Well, well, well... This has turned out to be quite a pleasant surprise. After my last post regarding a conversation with Shirley Watts on the 10th August, I decided to take the chance and hand over some money, despite my original misgivings. Shirley actually rang me after sending me an email with details for payment to make sure that I had received it, which I confirmed I had. She gave me all the relevant bank details (IBAN etc) on the invoice which duly checked out, so I thought sod it, and made payment by bank transfer on Friday. Today this lovely little unit arrived on my doorstep. It's really very well made and will sit nicely with the other one I have. I feel kind of bad being so cynical in the first instance, but the African bank account on the original email was clearly dodgy, so she's going to sort out some IT at her end. A good day all round really.
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    A couple of new ones for a date run i have been putting together since selling my others. 1893 and 1904 ,both hard years to find so nice.
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    Very nice Will. I'm also collecting Kempson's Coventry buildings (along with Bath and Birmingham), I don't have an example of that one yet. Here's my little collection of Coventry buildings so far
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    Just an update on this coin and the 1854/3 that i purchased off eBay from America. I was charged the 20% on both and as i have numerous times before posted the relevant details and form etc to Border force. One thing that has changed is previously they have always posted me a cheque ,although today received a letter asking me for my bank details to pay me. Only takes a few minutes and if your charged to much ,why let them keep it.
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    He's now taken it down after I emailed him.
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    Not in the best of condition, and not cheap at $500 BIN (just over £400) but I am still pleased with this F27. The obverse scratches do not show so intrusively in natural light. Jerry
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    Thanks, it seems to be the sum of the❤, 😀 and 🏆 symbol scores, which I see I'm now at 697, one ahead of my 696 content score. Knowing me I will now start watching this, so not sure you've done me a favour!! I guess that no one will react to this post though, so you will be dragging me down to 697/697 😉