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    Ten years later, I got this White Whale! DIdn't at first even know it existed but here it is. Now if I can only find the stablemate 1984 FM Specimen Set!
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    Nice Briot portrait, my one and only Charles I Scottish example
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    I must be honest and say that although I now have most of the pre 1860 types, with the exception of the obviously really rare dates, I don't think any of them have truly merited an entry as penny acquisition of the week. But I'm making an exception for this one. It's an 1853 plain trident (very much the scarcer of the two types for 1853), and is in excellent overall condition, with no visible wear to the right breast area, which is the one of the first to see wear on these pennies. It complements the intermediate colon 1853 I got a few weeks ago, which is also quite scarce. I bought it from KB Coins, and surprisingly Keith Bayford only wanted £125 for it, as he normally charges top dollar for his stock. So I immediately went for it. I think £125 is a very reasonable price for this coin.
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    I regard this 1849 penny acquisition as the pièce de résistance of my pre 1860 Victoria copper collection. Even though it's meant shelling out a lot of money, it was worth it to get something as nice as this. Unfortunately I'm still having issues shrinking the pics, so obverse and reverse will have to go on separate pages as the lowest I can get each down to, is 287kb, and the max is 500.
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    And another, this one a little better.
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    One of my better purchases on ebay, open auction, 5 bids, got it for £23. Actual ebay picture and one I took of the coin when it arrived.
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    1865 / 3 Satin 56c
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    The 1911 proofs are often very nicely toned, due, it is thought by many, to the materials in the box the set came in. Discussed and shown before, but here's mine - I think it's truly beautiful
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    This one just added to my Sixpence collection with nice toning. An upgrade to my previous example I listed recently.
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    I'd agree with the grade opinion on the 1887, maybe slightly less on the 1902, here's mine
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    1922 dot on Trident . Very pleased to pick this one up.
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    I'm a bit disappointed with mine. I dropped a coin on it but it still dented the desk.
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    Not quiet ebay but facebook does chuck up the odd bargain. Less so now but 2 to 3 years back they did appear fairly often. This was one of my best buys off there via an auction.
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    Been doing a couple of pictures that i think look nice ,so thought i would share them. 1865
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    Another 1920 Sixpence, nice example and well struck compared to what I have seen around. This is an upgrade and a keeper for me.😀
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    Michael has now finished his updates to his book on the Victoria Bronze Penny 1860 to 1901 and is ready to send it off to the printer. He would like to have a feel for the number of likely customers for the update and therefore has requested that collectors should contact him on: michael@michael-coins.co.uk to register their interest. The updates consists of a new addition to the obverse and reverse Section and a complete rewrite of the current Section 3, pages 33-94 inclusive. For owners of the current book, the updated pages will be available as a 47 double-sided pages pack, pre-drilled to fit in the existing folder and would be available for purchase at £10.00, plus "signed-for" postage for £3.50, or £2.50 for standard postage in the UK (obviously a little more for overseas customers). For anyone who does not already have his book but wishes to buy the complete book when ready, the total cost would be £60.00 (for the 1st edition at £50.00 plus the new updates at £10.00) with "signed-for" postage at £6.50. That book price is expected to increase in the near future to £65.00 plus £6.50 for signed for postage in the UK. As I said above, collectors should contact Michael to express their interest in purchasing the updates. Regards Richard
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    A very rare token I noticed in a bulk lot last week, paid £15 and there was an EF 1901 halfpenny and some other odds and sods as well.
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