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    A common coin but the toning is nice and much more intense than that shown in photos.
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    More Mickey Mouse rubbish, where's the real currency coins.
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    Posted on a war thread. Brilliant! This year I bought a Russian advent calendar. Every time you open a window an oligarch falls out
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    That's a thought. RM will surely make a Mickey Mouse 50p soon. Municipal refuse collections started in ca 1918 and so there could be a "110 years of refuse collection" coming up. It's a key public service that we all need!
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    I remember getting a Microsoft advent calendar. In the instructions it told me to never open windows 8 and 10...
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    I emailed him to let him know we remember him and got this reply: "Hi Richard, Happy New year to you too. Having sold the bulk of my collection, I'm really not involved in the collection of pennies any longer so haven't visited pre-decimal forum. If anyone has a specific enquiry or question about a coin I sold, then I'd be pleased to help though. Happy collecting! Best wishes, Steve"
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    With the reduction in birthrates, there is now one born every 96 seconds... Never underestimate how stupid people can be, and how led-by-the-nose. Last month my old mate asked me why he saw so many stupid people about. I pointed out that, all things being even, ignoring things like the 'brain 'drain' to the cities, the IQ distribution curve is centred on 100, and for every person he knew whose IQ is 120, he will meet one whose IQ is 80. So, for the ten or so of us in this thread, there are ten people, also into coins, who are finding the RM coins appealing.....
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    Good morning all, Happy new year to you. I'm new to the forum after lurking around the interweb for a bit, doing a bit of research. I'm a newcomer to the hobby after falling down a youtube rabbit hole, and got hooked on the whole historical side of things. I've always had an interest in English and British history, and hadn't fully appreciated the links that coins had to the rich history of the homeland. That combined with an addictive personality and a relentless attitude for hunting things down was only ever going to go one way. I'm really a copper and bronze man, with the odd bit of silver and gold added for good measure. I'm particularly interested in the late Georgian period, through into Victoria, but the Tudor reign certainly holds my attention. From my previous looking around the site, this looks like a place with a lot of expert opinion, and I'm looking forward to making your acquaintance. Regards, Kip.
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    Not much has changed in the past 10 months thousand years. They still have total contempt for anything not from Moscow/St. Petersburg and who doesn't believe in the complete superiority of that genetically inbred clique. Svitlana (our guest) had a message a couple days before Christmas from her sister bemoaning the Russians were hitting Kherson with phosporus (probably thermite), had closed down power and water, and that shelling had increased approx. 10-fold in the run-up to Christmas. From her brother - he had been rotated out of the grinder just in time for Christmas, but still the Russians throw live meat into the mix. Maybe a 1/4 million deaths in an attempt to satisfy the paranoid ego of a demented dwarf. It's incredibly sad. On several occasions it has been said by Russians that the whole world is against them. This map suggests the world is more informative than the Russian Ministry of Disinformation.
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    Hello Everyone! I hope you are all doing well. I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I recently made a new video, Top 10 Christmas Coins. If your looking for something Coin and Christmas related, be sure to give it a watch! It's very festive and interesting! As always if you have any suggestions or comments, please do let me know! I would also like to thank everyone who has invested time into helping me out! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 🥳🎅🏻🎄 All the best! The Coin Realm
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    100% agreed. It doesn't look MS63. It just looks a scruffy mess. As you say, ridiculously overpriced.
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    Someone seems to have bought the 1906 florin at £942 (status has changed to "awaiting stock"). Same for this 1904 at a mere £775.
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    In terms of hammered coins, I think Timothy Cook has put together one of the best lists I have seen, many of which are BTNA members - not to mention that he has hyperlinked them all such that you can just go down the list at your leisure and click to each shop/auction house. As you can imagine, there are also many other pre-decimal coins and even decimal coins at many of the websites. Most of the links are for fixed-price shops, but there are also the major auction houses sprinkled in throughout the list. Specifically, (like @TomGoodheart mentioned) he has called out helpful websites like NumisBids that act as platforms for viewing lots from multiple auction houses at once (not to mention you can also sometimes submit bids through NumisBids). https://www.englishhammered.com/links.html
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    Ah, so the Titanic hit the Loch Ness Monster, not an iceberg?
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    Alright So I got it wrong. It was a BLUEBIRD SPEE WHALE jumping
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    LOL I am not accepting the titanic going down in the far distance 😤 unless you all agree my 1806 half penny ship is on flames and sinking....under attack from the French
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    close ups smoke on horizon.jfif
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    Although I do like the Flying Scotsman centenary £2 coin.
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    Or the 1922 "Plain" US cent.
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    Yes, it's a lousy photo and it does look better in hand.
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    See: https://rarestpennies.wordpress.com/1933-f209/
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