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  1. SteveW

    Really old, yet new

    Thanks for the comments and info you shared - I'm sure Ill have more questions as I continue to sort out and learn more....
  2. SteveW

    Really old, yet new

    That looks just like my sixpence! So, a novelty, an error, or worth half of sixpence? 😊
  3. SteveW

    Really old, yet new

    Here are two photos (need to set microscope uo to lower resolution...) Appreciate any comments....
  4. SteveW

    Really old, yet new

    This is more of the obverse - the hills and vales are about where the date is
  5. SteveW

    Really old, yet new

    Hi, The 1956 weighs 1.1gm, a regular 1957 is 2.8gm The rim height is 0.020" for the 1956, the 1957 is 0.057" (I haven't used a micrometer for years - hope that's right) Trying to get a good picture of the surface. Thanks for your interest... SteveW
  6. SteveW

    Really old, yet new

    As an introduction, I've gathered coins over the years, as did my father. Now I'm retired, time to organise them. That's generating questions, and showing up some surprises.... I found half a sixpence - literally, just the reverse - 1960. No signs of cutting or forcing, rim is still sound, looks like a planchet delamination Farthings - I've got those organised - one binder with the "best" of each year I have, another with all the others - about 80 and 110 respectively. Most interesting to my untrained eye is an 1860 toothed/beaded border Grading is a real mystery - the book on grading above has a multi-month delivery - need to find one Cleaning - interesting discussion - I have some sticky coins (old PVC holders I presume) - de-natured alcohol has worked well (for the coins and me - mine's single malt) I have two 1953 farthing - crown cased sets - one shows tarnish on the copper, the other has a piece of "tarnish reducing paper" in it - that didn't work, they are all bad - anything to do? Thinking acetone.... On the other hand, the 1970 proofs in a rigid plastic case are gorgeous still! Any thoughts and/or advice welcome... I'm still exploring this forum - lot's of good info there. Once I see where to post, I'll get some questions and photo's up As background, I was born in England, live in Massachusetts, and I just entered my ninth decade of life - a good opportunity to get into coins! SteveW