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    Putin wanted to know if Zelensky was still alive... Zelensky himself decided to send Putin a letter in his own handwriting to let him know he was still in the game. Putin opened the letter which appeared to contain a single line of a coded message. 370HSSV-0773H Putin was baffled, so he emailed it to Lukashenko, and his aides had no idea either, so they sent it to the KGB. No one could solve it at the KGB, so it went to the CIA, then to NSA. With no clue as to the meaning. The FBI finally asked the Australian Military for help. Within a few seconds they called back with this message: “Tell that Neanderthal Putin he’s holding the message upside down." .
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    What's the difference between ignorance and apathy? I don't know and I don't care.
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    Some heathen humour 😁
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    Here are the stats from my 5 years capture of YH penny ebay listings, from over a decade ago. I think if I were to now repeat the exercise (which I won't!) there will no longer be as many 1856's appearing. It seems that for Plain Tridents the small and large numeral types appear in similar numbers. I was a bit surprised when I did this exercise to find that approx. one third were OT's; I had expected fewer. It is still one of the few coins I seek in high grade for my collection, so it's annoying that there were examples like the one pictured below which got away from me!
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    Yes just a couple…wrong variety, wrong grade, wrong price and polished! But at least this time it’s not the wrong 1909 penny! I know someone here won’t be surprised to see this! Jerry
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    Rob I'm not sure where you found that JB has the signature in a different place. As you say, they are all obverse D (Freeman 2). I agree about the Je to Jk repairs. I'm assuming that collectors have sent in photos of these repairs to Michael who decided to include them, purely for illustration. The list of die repairs is virtually endless and I personally don't regard them as particularly noteworthy, other than the occasional spectacular example, e.g. N over Z, E over P etc. Clearly, these repairs are of interest to some collectors, viz Larry's numerous examples of similar repairs on halfpennies on this Forum.
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    More like a children's book of anatomy required, with a particularly large section on asses and elbows.
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    Even though fully lustred, there's personally no way I'd ever buy such a coin as so much detail is missing. Although I guess we're all different and some collectors prefer the full lustre to the detail. These are my 1918Hs, with much better detail:-
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    I thought you would have found my half penny more amusing....I feel sorry for us half penny collectors we lack the lustre of the spend a penny guys
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    Same here Ian. High grade 1856 OT pennies seem distinctly rarer than high grade 1843, 1849, 1860/59 currency, and 1839 & 1853 proofs. Even at low to middle grades they are hardly ever seen. I did notice an a/UNC specimen on offer from Dave Craddock a year or two back (for about £1600 I think), but hadn't read until the e mail had been in the in box for a day, and on enquiry, it was, as expected, gone. All the more frustrating, looking at your chart above (for which many thanks by the way), where is can be seen that they formed over a third of the 1856 total.
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    Clashed dies. The Striking surfaces have come together without the planchet (Bronze blank) in place, the raised portions have been struck onto the opposing die and resulted in the features described. The line between the lighthouse and Britt's hand is Vicks cleavage line, a faint outline can be seen of Vicks face just above. The other lines described are the folds in drapery
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    yes , what did it come out as ? lol that must have been an auto correction although no doubt the Samarian Ware is lovely too
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    Well if Mr Wyon had not made any mistakes, the bronze coinage of 1860-63 would have been a lot less interesting.
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    Yes, I've just now tried to use their webpage too and after which noticed this thread in Google. As Mike says: not good.
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    And they get paid good money for mistakes like this ? They should be in ten downing street
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    Smiles all round chez Rob today Even bigger than the one when news of Stremousov's 'car accident' came through 2 days ago. Hopefully get an update in the not too distant future regarding the status of her home (or what's left of it). A potentially big problem is that Chornobaivka was a main base for Russians and according to its own wiki page about the war was that Ukraine hit it on 39 occasions before they abandoned it a fortnight ago, so praying there weren't too many stray rounds. Hopefully there will also be a resumption in communication once Kherson is safe(r) so she will be able to check up on Mum too. She lives just off the other end of the airport.
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    Interesting. I've just looked at the DNW archive and strangely all the BU or NBU ones (of which there are several) are weakly struck missing part of the shaft etc whereas the less lustrous or non lustrous ones are all much better struck. Which is the wrong way round! The best one of the properly struck ones does have a bit of lustre, but the rest are brown.: https://www.noonans.co.uk/auctions/archive/lot-archive/results/338608/?keywords=1918H+penny&x=0&y=0 I wonder if a batch of weakly struck examples failed Heaton's QC and were put away and forgotten about. And here they all are!
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    You can tell it's an H as well by the terrible strike. Half the trident has gone awol probably due to the severe ghosting. I've got one similar, but your colour is unbeatable! I find the 18/19 H's have paler lustre than the KN's which are deeper orange when still lustred, from the few I've seen.
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    Had delivery of a few coins that have been waiting in the US for a while . I think the 8 over an 8 farthing still remains my favourite
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    That was a brilliant sketch.
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    Hi Cliff, hope all well with you. Over the years I have seen several YH pennies with similar weak dates. Here are some examples
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    I had an email from the idiot, and he suggested that I only posted this because I have too much time on my hands. The uninformed twat doesn't realise that no-one on the forum has time to waste being ripped off....typical unprofessional seller- everyone's a bloody expert nowadays, when actually real experts are thin on the ground. And on this forum.
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    I have just put on eBay a reasonable grade 1858 large rose (large date, sadly!!) penny, which members might be interested in, along with a few other lower grade scarcities and date width varieties. The link to the listings is : https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/m.html?item=285024221493&_ssn=1970kit&_sop=10 Hope they might perhaps be of use to members... Cheers!