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Found 26 results

  1. A purely selfish move to take images and catalogue the few hundred I have and the hard task to identify these crazy characters has motivated me to start a thread so that some others could join in on my confusion with these illegal entities which now have their own fan club, admittedly mostly the American Market. But I know many of you have some, if not a lot, and thought you might help me out. The Only reference I have are some past papers from the BNS and a book by R Coleman and I am in need of help finding a book??/ by Atkins that the americans are always referring to . Hope it's OK to press on ?
  2. It is hard and takes time to compile a list of threepences when you have to flick through Groom, Gouby, Rayner and Davies! It is exhausting and very annoying if you miss a variety. To add, if you are a new collector it can be a bit difficult and over-whelming to know where to start so a nice easy list is needed - I could have done with it when I started. And it could serve the needs of more accomplished collectors who may have missed a variety (please don't take that as an insult, I know you worked very hard for your collection !!!) So here they are all in one place for your convenience. I have added in some varieties which are near impossible/only a millionaire will get them, for some fun, of course these are not needed for a complete collection but just of interest, I am sure you can tell which they are. 1834, D of D:G to gap, small head 1834, D of D:G to bead, large head 1835, D of D:G to gap, small head 1835, D of D:G to bead, large head 1836, D of D:G to gap, small head 1836, D of D:G to bead, large head 1837, D of D:G to gap, small head 1837, D of D:G to bead, large head 1837, stop at the left of the foot of 7 1838 1839 1840, 40 level 1840, low 40 1840, 0/0 1841 1842 1843, small 43 1843, large 43 1844, small 44 1844, large 44 1845, small 45 1845, large 45 1846 (varieties, but difficult date so I can't be bothered!) 1847 (varieties, but difficult date so I can't be bothered!) 1848 1849 (varieties, but difficult date so I can't be bothered!) 1850, full hair 1850, a die fill is recorded on this date leading to the following that I have seen (1) missing hair by bun. (2) missing hair by bun and O of VICTORIA incomplete. So what is next on this die fill, is there one with the O missing or part of the R or T missing - do you have one? I would love to see it 1851 (varieties, but hard date so I can't be bothered! However there is the rare 1551 instead of 1851 threepence!!!!) 1852(varieties, but hard date so I can't be bothered!) 1853 (varieties, but hard date so I can't be bothered!) 1854, 54 below 18 1854, 54 level with 18 1855, curved top bar of 5 1855, flat top bar of 5 1856 1857, C of VICT plain 1857, C of VICT with serif, I/I in VICT 1857, C of VICT with serif, bottom left foot of I missing 1857, date varieties but I think collecting the above is enough 1858, C of VICT with serif, G with short crossbar 1858, C of VICT with serif, G with long crossbar 1858, 8/6 1858, BRITANNIAB 1859, C of VICT with serif, G with short crossbar 1859, C of VICT with serif, G with long crossbar 1859, C of VICT plain, G with short crossbar 1859, C of VICT plain, G with short crossbar, I/I of VICT 1859, 9/8 1860, plain C of VICT 1860, C of VICT with serif 1861, plain C of VICT, small gap between 61 1861, plain C of VICT, medium gap between 61 1861, plain C of VICT, wide gap between 61 1861, C of VICT with serif, small gap between 61 1861, C of VICT with serif, medium gap between 61 1861, C of VICT with serif, wide gap between 61 1861, D/B in D:G 1862 1862, BRITANNIAH, one sold at London Coins in 2016 for £280! 1863 1864 1864, tall 4 1865, flat 5, thin top bar, belly of 5 open 1865, flat top bar of 5, small gap between top bar and belly of 5 due to the top-bar being concave, closed belly of 5 1865, top bar of 5 gradually pointing upwards, like in italic typeface 1866 1867, I of VICT to gap, bump under top bar of 3 (very small, need a loupe to see it) 1867, I of VICT to tooth, bump under top bar of 3 (very small, need a loupe to see it) 1867, I of VICT to tooth, no bump under top bar of 3 1868, I of VICT to gap 1868, I of VICT to tooth 1868, RRITANNIAR 1869 is maundy only, I believe so not on a list normally 1870 1871 1872 1873 1874, 4 has t-bar tail 1874, 4 has tail that curves upwards 1875 1876 1877 1878 1879 1879, heavily re-engraved hair, to be honest I do not get this one - you need a good example to be aware what variety it is - best to look at some pictures, any description I put here would not suffice and perhaps you may be even more confused (1873-1879 has varieties with concerning the nose, I can't be bothered with that here) 1880 1881 1882 1883 1884 1885 1886 1887 Young Head 1887J, cross on crown has 3 dots around it, BRITT: 1887J, cross on crown has 2 lines and one dot around it, BRITT: 1887, cross on crown has 2 lines and one dot around it, weak top colon of BRITT: 1887, nothing around cross of crown, BRITT: 1887, weak lines around cross of crown, BRITT. 1887, nothing around cross of crown, BRITT. 1888, three dots around cross 1888, 2 lines and dot around cross 1889, 3 dots around cross, cross on reverse has an engraved border, I of BRITT to bead 1889, 2 lines and dot around cross, cross on reverse is plain 1889, 2 lines and dot around cross, cross on reverse has engraved border 1889, 3 dots around cross, cross on reverse has an engraved border, I of BRITT to gap 1890, cross is plain on reverse 1890, cross on reverse has an engraved border 1891 1892 1893J 1893V, I of REGINA to gap 1893V, I of RENGINA to tooth 1894V, I of REGINA to gap 1894V, I of RENGINA to tooth 1895 1896 1897 1898 1899 1900 1901 1902 1903 1904, I of IMP to tooth, 3 close to ribbon 1904, I of IMP to gap, 3 close to ribbon 1904, I of IMP to tooth, 3 far from ribbon 1904, I of IMP to gap, 3 far from ribbon 1905, I of IMP to tooth 1905, I of IMP to gap 1906, I of IMP to tooth 1906, I of IMP to gap 1907 1908 1909 1910 1911, I of BRITT to tooth, straight stalk 1911, I of BRITT to tooth, kinked stalk 1911, I of BRITT to gap, straight stalk 1911, I of BRITT to gap, kinked stalk 1912 1913 1914, P of IMP to bead 1914, P of IMP to space 1915 1916 1917 1918 1918, cud in where the two o's of the 8 meet on the right hand side, this is what Davies was alluding to when he wrote 8/9 in his reference guide! Not really a variety, but put it in anyway 1919 1920 (in 92.5% and 50%, basically impossible to tell apart unless you go to your nearest university and ask them very kindly if you could use one of their machines, not quiet sure what it is called, to check the metal content) 1921 1922 1922, second leaf up on right hand side has a stalk going out touching the rim. This is a cud but for 'completeness' have added it in. I have only seen one in about two months of looking and bought it (lucky me), have looked for a further couple of months and have not seen any. So very rare - a good one to hunt if you have finished your collection! 1925 1926, NE, I of IVS to bead 1926, ME, I of IVS to space 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935, legend close to teeth 1935, legend further from teeth 1936 1937S 1937B, small gap above REE, B of BR to corner 1937B, small gap above REE, B of BR right of corner 1937B, large gap above REE, B of BR to corner 1937B, large gap above REE, B of BR right of corner 1938S 1938B 1939S 1939B 1940S 1940B 1941S 1941B 1941B, 194L, most likely a cud - if you have one show us a picture! 1942S 1942B 1943S 1943B 1944S 1944B 1945B 1946 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953, shallow 1953, high relief 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967
  3. Could anyone help with this coin please, I am trying to find out if this is a rare coin, dated 1710 M Louis XIV 1/2 Ecu Castle Tower Mint, coin weight is 14.63 grams & silver. Any information is appreciated.
  4. Coin # 1. For BRAVERY: I had a wicked father a violent man who would always take anything from us he wanted. I was on holiday in Cornwall and the night before a waging storm had ripped apart the family tent and I my sister and the dog named Bruce sat in the blue Vauxhall Viva all night listening to the claps of thunder and the wack of my father as the rest of the family tried to keep hold of the metal poles, the canvas and my father's fist . Fear controlled our every action when he was around unpredictable as a summer storm. The Morning after was as peaceful and as beautiful a day as you can imagine on a cornish beach in mid summer, the only reflection on the night before could be seen in the masses of wood and seaweed littering the shore and the crashing of the still energised waves. The event, of course, led to a premature departure; but there was still time to be on the the beach once more, more importantly in the jewels of the crowning glory of the coast: the rock pools. I was a light footed creature as a child, unlike now, and knowing I had already spent too much time searching I jumped over a few more pools; scanning for movement of shrimps and fish. The reflection caught my eye first, the sun was at an angle to fall to the back of one pool and something glittered deep. In mid air I stopped sharp on the rocks leaning down legs astride a broad crack filled with water I attempted to reach down but the depth proved too much and i fell grazing my shoulder.... but I had it. The salty blooded water I could taste, but the pain meant very little as in my hand as I opened it was a coin worn and pitted but on it was a face I could not at first recognise. My brothers were at the time heavily into Metal and rock and had posters of T REX on the wall and when I picked up this coin all I could see was the wild hair and profile of Marc Bolan it was the crazy 70's. The coin had been tumbled and I had no idea how long it had been there, but I like to think that it has travelled the sea currents from the wreck of the Association which went down in 1707. The crazy captain ( there by rank rather than sense) forced a group of ships returning across the Bay of Biscay up through a terrible storm. The local story goes that a midshipman, who knew the waters, had advised the captain of the position off the Scilly Isles. Confronted with common ...common sense he had the man hung on a charge of stirring a mutiny. The ships went down with the loss of about 1600 lives that night and carrying a lot of silver, coins are today still coming up from the wreck. So Marc Bolan's (T Rex) or as he is know William the III's 1697 shilling was my treasure ....Of course I got a hiding for coming home bloody and a bit torn but that coin stayed with me hidden for many years. It served as my "weathering the storm coin" growing up with a violent tempest of a father. I lost it at some point when I left home as a kid but in later years I found a few , one on an old setting has the date and loss of the association written into the edge. At times it's worth facing the storm searching for treasure in the calm that comes after and leaves you with something tangible to hold onto. An ironic twist being that the Captain (the father of the ship) sadly survived.... it is strange how bullies often manage to avoid the fates they impose upon others. My first coin. Age 7 Coins can bring us many things Bravery came with this one.
  5. ConstantlyHammered

    Missing letter on Edward III Groat

    I bought this Edward III series C pre treaty groat (minted in London) however noticed that the “A” is missing from “EDWARD” making it just “EDWRD”. I have done research but can find no other Edward III groat with this inscription. Please help, many thanks
  6. These circular blobs appear on many hammered coins. What are they? Do they indicate forgery or something?
  7. Hi all, Looking for some help identifying a coin. It has a diameter of 17mm. Not sure of it's weight. Any help appreciated.
  8. I wanted to share this beautiful unique Celtic silver unit found by my detecting friend Peter a few weeks ago.and has been recorded on PAS ref; HAMP-FCA2F3 The coin will be sold in auction a little later this week by a well known auction house in London
  9. TomGoodheart

    Charles I Tower Mint Hammered Shillings

    I know I don't post on here very much these days, so most people are probably unaware I collect the above shillings. And sadly I have reached a stage in my collecting where my fussiness about 'eye appeal' makes adding anything new a challenge. However I'm always interested in new dealers, sites or potential acquisitions, so if anyone spots a nice looking example of a Chas I shilling, I'd be happy to hear about it. Particularly as I don't have the research skills to track down all the current owners of coins that might improve my collection and people seem (to me at least) to be hanging on to nicer examples at the moment ... So though I know it's outside the interests of most members, there's no harm in mentioning it I thought! Don't ask, don't get ... as someone irritatingly said once! Thanks!
  10. Vickycoins

    1887 Crown Faults

    Hi members. I came across your site whilst researching the 1887 Crown faults. Does anybody have a list of what they actually are? In my case I have several coins in really good nick, but what surprised me is the possible variations of this coin. I don't get much time to get the glass out to see what I have in my collection, but today I happened to pick out one of the 1887 crowns and note the top of the 8 missing, the right side bottom serif of the 1 missing, bottom serif of D in D:G: missing, the trailing plume appears to have six lines, the milled edge is still quite sharp, the coin is in EF or probably better weighing 28 grms. Any comment will be appreciated
  11. Hi all, Would appreciate a few experienced opinions on this rather nice 1731 sixpence before I purchase (grade etc) , described as AEF but ive been caught out before with over graded coins. Sorry this is my second post with almost exactly the same wording just a different coin, this is the last one I promise Thanks in advance, C44 upload pic
  12. Hi all, Thinking about purchasing this coin which the seller describes as AEF - Id just like to ask people on here their opinions on the grade because ive been caught out before with over graded coins. Opinions on toning etc much appreciated also, seems to be quite a dark tone on this coin. Thanks, c44
  13. Hi all, looking at this rather nice William halfcrown on eBay- the seller ( GB classic coins) has described it as being in EF condition, but, due to my recent disasters in overgraded coins, I thought I'd double check this on here first. For sale at £275. Also, anyone have any experiences with this seller? He seems to have many nice examples of coins for sale at very reasonable prices. C44
  14. OldCurrencyExchange

    How scarce are GB 1925 & 1926 halfcrowns?

    According to the catalogues, the British 1925 and 1926 halfcrown had relatively low mintages. This would suggest that they are relatively scarce when compared to other dates. Is the survival rate better than average? I seem to have found a disproportionate amount of 1925's and 1926's in the attic finds over the summer here in Ireland.
  15. Hi all, Purchased this coin a few months back and im just getting round to posting pics on here- its a beauty but it was sold to me as being in EF condition, and when i got it in the mail i immediately noticed a particular point of wear on the rim, also it is 0.20g underweight. What do you think- Yay or nay? Also there is this point on the coin that looks ,only in my view,as if it were silver plated and at this point the plate is damaged revealing the matrial underneath- I am 99% sure this is NOT the case, its just that that's the best way i can find to describe it. Here it is again: Heres the area of most wear on the rim:
  16. Hi all, https://postimg.org/image/42brl18it/ This is a coin that has been in my collection for a little over a year now, and I have been puzzled about these circular scratches on this rather nice William and Mary Shilling. They are perfect and get bigger the closer they are to the rim- its the same on the reverse. I originally thought it may be some sort of a mint error, but I am doubtful about this, as on the ebay listing (Calm down, don't worry, a well known BNTA dealer- youll probobally know who from the style of listing photograph) the scratches, although apparent in the photo, were not described at all, although the coin was incorrectly sold to me as an 'unrecorded 3 over 0' type (its 1693), which I cannot see- im not accusing the seller of foul play but it seems to me as he was trying to nab a few more quid for it, possibly to make up for the scratches? Anyway id appreciate if anyone could tell me what they are and do they affect its value? One more point to note: they weren't made yesterday as its apparent that these are old scratches, Thanks, Conor
  17. Conor44

    Nice Elizabeth I Shilling

    Hi all, Acquired this coin from a local antique dealer who doesn't specialize in coins and only keeps a few, its a beautiful Elizabeth I shilling, I think clipped slightly. Im not an expert on hammereds so I would appreciate if anyone could tell me the type, year, value etc and most importantly if it looks alright (I know there are forgeries about). Any help much appreciated, Conor
  18. Just a quick sanity check, hope people don't mind! I would grade this very common coin as GVF/aEF, am I about right? You know how it is when you keep staring at a coin ...
  19. Hi everyone, I have recently purchased this 1902 crown. I need help with the grade & value, because... The coin unfortunately features a few edge knocks, so my question is: does this affect the grade - because grading, I have always been made to believe, is based on detail; and more importantly, how much does this affect the value? Here is the front:
  20. Hi, Does anyone know what dealers are currently paying for 1920-1946 silver coinage? Thanks
  21. LeighW65

    Several coins for sale.

    Hello all, I have just come across this forum and website and am looking to sell my coin collection. I have started to write up the small collection but wanted some advice on valuations if possible please? I was unable to attach the list here for unknown reasons, but if anyone can direct me to an website or they provide such a service, Please message me. Thank you Leigh.
  22. I have about 750-800 shilling and florin coins available for sale. I believe they are effectively bullion value although there may be some F and VF coins in this batch. All coins are 95% silver and dates range from 1839 to 1919. Ideally I would like to get a price of 100% to 120% of the silver value. Please contact me if you have any interest in buying. Thanks, Chris
  23. Hi All, Having been avid antiques collectors for some time we have become somewhat disillusioned by the process of paying auction fees and the process of sourcing (or attempting to source!) hard-to-find items, as I’m sure many of you can relate to! With this in mind I wanted to introduce you to a new concept we are trialling called Not At Auction. So far we have had matches to over 80% of the requests made on the website which has been phenomenally successful! It’s completely FREE and very simple - post a request of what you after with any background info/pictures and we will send it to over 2,500 sellers – we will then alert you with any matches for sellers that have your wanted items. Please feel free to post as many requests as you like. Similarly you can click on ‘View requests’ if you have any items you wish to sell Please visit - http://notatauction.co.uk/ and have a go. It’s not just antiques but anything collectable. Would love to hear any feedback you have on the idea and hope you enjoy using it! Thanks Chris & Tom (The Not At Auction team)
  24. Hi All, I've come across this coin, which was attached to an old set of keys (along with an 1831 USA 10c coin), inside an old Singer sewing machine box. Can anyone identify the coin? So far, I've found a relevant link to the British Museum, but that makes me think that it might be a reproduction of the piece in question. http://www.britishmuseum.org/resear...974&partId=1 Thanks, Andy.
  25. The collection is composed by 35 silver coins and 42 copper coins, 87 high quality pieces in total. We guarantee that all of them are original and they are in perfect conditions, being kept under suitable conditions in order to avoid any alteration of their composition or any flaw. We provide free shipping all around the world, and an insurance to guarantee you that you are going to receive them in perfect conditions. Payment can be done using Paypal. If you prefer any other payment method, just contact us, we will reach an agreement. You can visit them in Madrid (Spain), but notice in advance needed. As the pictures are too big to be uploaded, you can ask me for sending you all the pictures (I have lots of them). Also we can discuss about all the things referred to the purchase of the coins.