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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone i have come across these coins but i am struggling to find any information on them i believe they are Anglo Saxon but im not sure. if any of you can help please let me know if you know what any of these are. Thank you all in advance. https://ibb.co/gjangS https://ibb.co/ndkngS https://ibb.co/ndkngS https://ibb.co/kwyJo7 https://ibb.co/fDnYMS https://ibb.co/fDnYMS https://ibb.co/b6xNFn https://ibb.co/nCwhFn https://ibb.co/nCwhFn https://ibb.co/hebhFn https://ibb.co/f9Ayo7 https://ibb.co/f9Ayo7 https://ibb.co/f9Ayo7
  2. Hi all, Thinking about purchasing this coin which the seller describes as AEF - Id just like to ask people on here their opinions on the grade because ive been caught out before with over graded coins. Opinions on toning etc much appreciated also, seems to be quite a dark tone on this coin. Thanks, c44
  3. OldCurrencyExchange

    How scarce are GB 1925 & 1926 halfcrowns?

    According to the catalogues, the British 1925 and 1926 halfcrown had relatively low mintages. This would suggest that they are relatively scarce when compared to other dates. Is the survival rate better than average? I seem to have found a disproportionate amount of 1925's and 1926's in the attic finds over the summer here in Ireland.
  4. OldCurrencyExchange

    British penny sells for $179,000 in California

    Last Friday, a British 1933 penny was sold at auction, by Heritage Auctions, in Anaheim, California at the ANA World’s Fair of Money for US$ 179,000 This equates to €174,411.06 or GB£151,920.22 I cannot help wondering if this coin might have sold for more money if offered for sale in a British auction. What was the logic behind selling it via an American auction house in California? Did the post-Brexit dip in the value of Sterling adversely affect the bids from the UK? For more info on this extremely rare coin, see https://oldcurrencyexchange.com/2014/08/20/rare-coins-the-1933-british-penny/
  5. Conor44

    Nice Elizabeth I Shilling

    Hi all, Acquired this coin from a local antique dealer who doesn't specialize in coins and only keeps a few, its a beautiful Elizabeth I shilling, I think clipped slightly. Im not an expert on hammereds so I would appreciate if anyone could tell me the type, year, value etc and most importantly if it looks alright (I know there are forgeries about). Any help much appreciated, Conor
  6. hazelman

    Coin Pics

    Hi Team, As some of you might know ive struggled getting decent pics of my coins. I believe I have now cracked it with my new set-up. Would value your guys input on whether this is now a decent pic
  7. Good day to all. I'm looking for some advice. I want to buy a British shilling from 1911-1916 that has been in circulation. I'm not a coin collector but I want to buy a coin that holds deep history and has been in and out of many hands, pockets and tills. The year holds great sentimental memories for me. I'm looking at two coins, and undecided on which to buy. The first link shows a coin in much better condition and this is the one I was planning to purchase, but my question to you would be is this coin unlikely to of been circulated much if it's still in such good condition? And therefore should i opt for the 2nd link which is far more distress? http://www.ebay.com/itm/925-Silver-1916-Great-Britain-George-V-Shilling-KM-816-Nice-Circulated-X21-/201526751981?hash=item2eebee32ed:g:ZHIAAOSwG-1Wx9MR http://www.ebay.com/itm/British-Silver-Shilling-1911-King-George-V-1-Unlimited-Shipping-/311560871898?hash=item488a799fda:g:wlcAAOSwv9hW248h
  8. Hi All, Having been avid antiques collectors for some time we have become somewhat disillusioned by the process of paying auction fees and the process of sourcing (or attempting to source!) hard-to-find items, as I’m sure many of you can relate to! With this in mind I wanted to introduce you to a new concept we are trialling called Not At Auction. So far we have had matches to over 80% of the requests made on the website which has been phenomenally successful! It’s completely FREE and very simple - post a request of what you after with any background info/pictures and we will send it to over 2,500 sellers – we will then alert you with any matches for sellers that have your wanted items. Please feel free to post as many requests as you like. Similarly you can click on ‘View requests’ if you have any items you wish to sell Please visit - http://notatauction.co.uk/ and have a go. It’s not just antiques but anything collectable. Would love to hear any feedback you have on the idea and hope you enjoy using it! Thanks Chris & Tom (The Not At Auction team)