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Found 22 results

  1. Conor44

    TimeLine Inc.

    Hi all. Its been yonks since I posted here but I was determined to share this story somewhere. It applies in this case to antiquities but could equally apply to coins. I collect antiquities (when the finances allow), and about a year ago I was on the hunt for a good condition bronze age sword- rare as hens teeth I know. I came across what looked to be a pristine, almost too pristine, example in a Scottish auction house, it's estimate being a tiny fraction of what it was worth. With these kind of items, provenance is vital, and I did my damnest to contact the auction house with a view to being helped out on this matter and was only met by quite rude replies which told me nothing. Anyway, the auction came and the sword sold for about five times it's estimate, yet still far far below it's worth and very affordable. The complete lack of provenance put me off completely and I didn't participate. About three months later, I had a lovely sword offered to me by a well known UK antiquities dealer and hey presto, the same sword. I thought this gave it an air of legitimacy and gave it another chance, and so myself and the dealer tried our utmost to establish some bit of provenance but getting absolutely nowhere and the Scottish auction house droned on about 'sellers privacy' (it was long gone and he or she had got their money, so why?), so for the second time, I passed on it. Around a month later I see the sword being offered by TimeLine auctions at a hefty estimate. This left a bad taste in my mouth. I know it's passed through the hands of 'experts' since I saw it first, but I felt angry at the way TimeLine just bought it for peanuts and stuck it in their next auction as quickly as possible just to make a bit of profit. They unconditionally guarantee all of their items genuine, yet how on earth can they be sure this was? I'm sure this happens with hundreds of items all the time, but after that experience I think I'll be passing on TimeLine auctions for the near future. Just thought I'd share this story just to make you all aware- just because something is offered by a 'reputable' dealer doesn't guarantee its authenticity.
  2. Could anyone help with this coin please, I am trying to find out if this is a rare coin, dated 1710 M Louis XIV 1/2 Ecu Castle Tower Mint, coin weight is 14.63 grams & silver. Any information is appreciated.
  3. ConstantlyHammered

    Missing letter on Edward III Groat

    I bought this Edward III series C pre treaty groat (minted in London) however noticed that the “A” is missing from “EDWARD” making it just “EDWRD”. I have done research but can find no other Edward III groat with this inscription. Please help, many thanks
  4. Hello everyone i have come across these coins but i am struggling to find any information on them i believe they are Anglo Saxon but im not sure. if any of you can help please let me know if you know what any of these are. Thank you all in advance. https://ibb.co/gjangS https://ibb.co/ndkngS https://ibb.co/ndkngS https://ibb.co/kwyJo7 https://ibb.co/fDnYMS https://ibb.co/fDnYMS https://ibb.co/b6xNFn https://ibb.co/nCwhFn https://ibb.co/nCwhFn https://ibb.co/hebhFn https://ibb.co/f9Ayo7 https://ibb.co/f9Ayo7 https://ibb.co/f9Ayo7
  5. Found these 2 coins in a mixed lot, both appear to be silver in colour & off metal strike(Not plated, tested edge with white fluid & no usual signs of being plated) the 1902 Edward VII Halfpenny compared to a normal coin is a thicker planchet at nearly 2mm, weight is 5.9 grams & 26mm, the coin has some wear to high spots but otherwise is in very good condition.The 1901 Victoria Farthing is very similar in appearance & weight is 2.88 grams & 21mm. Can anyone help with identification of what these might be. Thank you
  6. Hi everyone Apologies as you’ve probably been asked this a million times! I'm a fledgling collector as far as actually trying to get organised and care for my coins, but I’ve been collecting in a very loose sense for many years. Having read up a bit about it, I know I’m doing it all wrong! So I want to store things properly and get some real information on everything. Coins have always fascinated me, especially the old ones with a real life story in every scuff and mark. I’ve got a bit of everything at the moment, but nothing (as far as I know yet!) of any great value. Just a few small collections that I’ve picked up in jumble, and my own years of adding this and that to a pot... I’d like some advice on the best equipment to get for a beginnner watching their pocket, and I’d also like to know a second tier of storage for more protection that costs a bit more. I know to avoid PVC, to not clean your coins, to only touch the edges (only found that one out recently!) and that circulated coins operate in a whole different sphere to mint and proof coins in blocks and specialist cases. Nubim and lighthouse, pockets and pouches, acid-free and non-pvc... I’ve read a few forum threads and some websites, but there isn’t much straightforward advice for the enthusiastic beginner who wants to treat their coins as well as they can afford, and just wants some pointers I’ve probably got about 300 British coins 1700-modern, and another 100 of many different countries, and a couple of roman coins. One third reich 1943 ten pfennig coin, black with age and portent, which fascinates me. Also some presentation coins, a couple in hard plastic cases and one in a wallet. I’d like to keep everything together, and I’d love to be able to label them (I can do small, neat writing). Specifically, I’ve read a lot about not cleaning your coins, but the latest lot I got (for free from a chap clearing out a relative’s things) which had been stored in a coin bag, each ten or so wrapped in cling film, and they feel all sticky and have sticky-looking marks on them, which I think I should get off before they get damaged any further. Do I just do the distilled water 30-day soak, or use a cleaning cloth, or almething else? Are gloves necessary? Can you recommend a good starter book for reference?! Looking forward to some of your suggestions, and I’m excited at the thought of starting to collect more seriously. Thank you so much!
  7. claude-83

    1844 halfcrown

    hi,i hope u are all doing well;a couple of days ago bought this coin from a trusted dealer;your thoughts please,how would u grade this one and,of course,how much do u think it worth;many thanks!
  8. claude-83


    anyone there selling a gothic florin 1887,thx!
  9. claude-83

    happy new year!

    best wishes for 2017!
  10. There is a huge backlog of archaeological finds lying in private warehouses in Ireland - from both sides of the border! There are literally tons of materials that are not accessible to academics or the public ... and it is not being stored in ideal conditions. If any of these private companies go out of business this legitimately found material will end up in skips! To clear this backlog + go some way towards helping genuine detectorists go legal in Ireland, I have suggested a series of free MPhil / MSc degrees in numismatics at Irish universities + paid internships for unemployed Irish archaeology graduates + Irish numismatic enthusiasts from the government. To display this material to the public, I have suggested a series of numismatic exhibits at county museums. To pay for this, I am suggesting sponsorship, crowd-funding and/or grants from the national lottery. The doc is at https://oldcurrencyexchange.com/2016/12/28/irish-archaeology-opportunity-lost/ I would welcome any constructive comments. Happy Christmas & Prosperous New Year to all at Numista, James
  11. Hi all, Purchased this coin a few months back and im just getting round to posting pics on here- its a beauty but it was sold to me as being in EF condition, and when i got it in the mail i immediately noticed a particular point of wear on the rim, also it is 0.20g underweight. What do you think- Yay or nay? Also there is this point on the coin that looks ,only in my view,as if it were silver plated and at this point the plate is damaged revealing the matrial underneath- I am 99% sure this is NOT the case, its just that that's the best way i can find to describe it. Here it is again: Heres the area of most wear on the rim:
  12. Hello friends, I’ve created a song which would be close and clear to those who share metal detecting idea. Vladimir Poryvaev, well-known in Russian area, inspired me to create it. But I want to present it to everyone, who is directly or indirectly engaged in metal detecting. And everyone who likes this song can use it in to his advantage. And if someone, for some reason, doesn’t have an opportunity to create original music for own video channel, you can contact me. We’ll do everything in the best way. Good luck everyone, and treasures. Link is below. Comrade song
  13. hazelman

    Coin Pics

    Hi Team, As some of you might know ive struggled getting decent pics of my coins. I believe I have now cracked it with my new set-up. Would value your guys input on whether this is now a decent pic
  14. Hi everyone!Monetos TV in cooperation with Violity introduces for your consideration the channel about coins. More than 1000 video films will tell you about coins of the Russian Empire 1700-1917.Don’t miss! It will be interesting!The first series with English subtitles:Coin 1 kopeck of 1798 (EM, KM)In this video you will know about the “1 kopeck” coinage history in 1798. Mints, mintage, characteristics and variety, cost at the time of coinage and the current value, and many other things are under detailed consideration.https://youtu.be/FtmNDTFwCEk [URL=http://imageban.ru][/URL] Coin 5 kopeck of 1788 (EM, MM, CПМ, ТМ, КМ)In the video film you will learn about the “5 kopecks” coinage in 1788.The mints which struck the coin, mintage, characteristics, varieties, cost at the time of coinage and the current value, and many other things are under detailed consideration.https://youtu.be/XdBMakYDPZU [URL=http://imageban.ru][/URL] Enjoy watching!
  15. I've recently been left a lot of coins by my late father in law , there no good to me and I've done abut reading up a few ie to try to valve them to sell Abut advise would be very grateful I have 1902 Edward 111 sovereign ,Matt proof f.o.c 1902 Edward 111 half sovereign Matt proof f.o.c 1820 George 111 half sovereign n,unc lus Silver eagle 2004 1oz silver dollar Unused five pound note where the serial number can be rubbed off There is loads more but I've never got round to notes and full collections too just advise would be grateful
  16. World coins online

    My new website

    Hi I have just created a new website for my coin selling business world coins. I used to be based in Canterbury in the UK and have been selling coins since 1969. Please come and have a look at my website where I have a large range of products at low prices. URL: onlinecoinsuk.ipage.com
  17. Hi All, Having been avid antiques collectors for some time we have become somewhat disillusioned by the process of paying auction fees and the process of sourcing (or attempting to source!) hard-to-find items, as I’m sure many of you can relate to! With this in mind I wanted to introduce you to a new concept we are trialling called Not At Auction. So far we have had matches to over 80% of the requests made on the website which has been phenomenally successful! It’s completely FREE and very simple - post a request of what you after with any background info/pictures and we will send it to over 2,500 sellers – we will then alert you with any matches for sellers that have your wanted items. Please feel free to post as many requests as you like. Similarly you can click on ‘View requests’ if you have any items you wish to sell Please visit - http://notatauction.co.uk/ and have a go. It’s not just antiques but anything collectable. Would love to hear any feedback you have on the idea and hope you enjoy using it! Thanks Chris & Tom (The Not At Auction team)
  18. The collection is composed by 35 silver coins and 42 copper coins, 87 high quality pieces in total. We guarantee that all of them are original and they are in perfect conditions, being kept under suitable conditions in order to avoid any alteration of their composition or any flaw. We provide free shipping all around the world, and an insurance to guarantee you that you are going to receive them in perfect conditions. Payment can be done using Paypal. If you prefer any other payment method, just contact us, we will reach an agreement. You can visit them in Madrid (Spain), but notice in advance needed. As the pictures are too big to be uploaded, you can ask me for sending you all the pictures (I have lots of them). Also we can discuss about all the things referred to the purchase of the coins.
  19. newkidontheblock

    Car Boot Sales

    Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to collecting/ buying and selling and don't have much spare cash. I was wondering if anyone knows of any good car boot sales in and around London/ Surrey which might have stallholders shifting some coins, or if anyone has found any bargains at them. Any other advice about the best places to acquire reasonably priced pieces would be much appreciated! Thanks, Oli
  20. sherlock_222

    Selling Different Kinds Of 50Ps

    Hey Guys, I'm selling a range of different 'special' 50ps on eBay and was wondering if anyone is interested in taking a look. Heres just a few I'm selling for really low prices! - Isle of Man TT Motorbike 1997 - Bailiwick of Guernsey Freesia Flower 1997 - Give women the vote 2003 - Four minute mile 2004 - Olympic Judo 2011 - Olympic Badminton 2011 - Olympic Handball 2011 - Olympic Fencing 2011 They are all in good to perfect conditions with minimum scratches/marks. I'll be adding more in the next few days/ Collecting 50ps is defiantly more of a hobby for me than a business so more than anything I like to think I am building up a fellow enthusiasts collection! Here's a link to the ones I am selling: http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/sherlock_222/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Thanks for reading and please take a look Sherlock_222
  21. Hi all, I'm putting this request in a few forums as I wondered if anyone had any experience with WiVend? It's an online auction site - supposedly catering for antiques, collectables and coins? No listing fees, but 10% of every sale goes to WiVend. Anyone heard of it/used it at all? Just want to know if anyone has bought/sold anything as I don't know how many users are on the site currently? Link below... https://www.wivend.com Thanks in advance!
  22. I'm a designer and am doing a project which will involve creating an artwork with thousands of coins. This questions in two parts: 1. Which coins would be the most cost effective to buy. I need a silver looking coin and a brass looking coin. 2. Where could I purchase these coins. (I'm watching bun pennies on eBay but feel there has got to be a simpler way to purchase) 3. Naturally budget is an issue as with all projects of this type. I really don't want to have to use currency in current circulation. Any thoughts on this matter greatly appreciated.