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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm Jack, nice to meet you all - I've been collecting British pre-decimal coins since lockdown started last March, albeit with quite a large gap between then and now due to moving house, quitting my job (good timing mid-pandemic) and other minor impediments. I'd say I've been properly focussed on collecting coins now since September 2020, so in a word - newbie. Even as a kid I remember finding old coins around my grandparents' houses and being fascinated by how old they were (even the ones that weren't particularly old) and equally fascinated by the alien (to me and my generation) system of £/d. While I'd remark at how fascinating old coins are, I never actually got round to making a hobby of collecting them or delving deeper into numismatics. I found a old hot chocolate tin underneath the bed in the spare room of my step-mother's house when I was staying there for Christmas in 2019; in it there were loads of old, mostly British, coins so I decided to sift through them and see if I could find anything really interesting. In amongst the tonnes of decimal 1/2 p coins there would appear various George VI coins, the odd George V coin, a few Victoria pennies rubbed to oblivion over time. All of these were simply magical to me; tangible pieces of history passed from untold numbers of hands into untold numbers of pockets untold numbers of times - amazing! And each coin a work of art in its own right. I decided to cherry-pick the best ones (best one being a 1909 Edward VII Half Crown in not the best condition) and when I got home, I put them into an album I'd bought. That's when I did what I believe most new numismatists do - I went on eBay and bought garbage in order to bulk out my collection. I later read in some coin groups on Facebook that you ought to focus on something specific and avoid quantity over quality. People suggested date-runs, all coins for a certain monarch or a certain year, etc. My favourite piece is the shilling by a long chalk, so I've decided start trying to get a shilling of each pattern (is that the right word even?) for each monarch going back as far as I can, so: Elizabeth II Scottish + English omitting BRITT. OMN, Elizabeth II English + Scottish with BRITT. OMN, George VI English + Scottish CuNi IND:IMP. omitted, George VI English + Scottish CuNi with IND:IMP., GEORGE VI English + Scottish Ag .500, etc. Currently I've got a few (can provide pics if people would like to see where I'm at so far), notwithstanding some gaps in chronology and some necessary upgrades owing to my earlier less-informed eBay jaunts 🤦‍♂️ Does this sound like a good idea to you more experienced folks? Another thing, how best can I spend my time when not actually making purchases? I have a few books (Spink 2021, Collectors Coins GB 2020, Grading British Coins); are there any others that you would recommend? What would you recommend researching? Sorry this has ended up quite long, I can boil it down to: 1) What do you think of collecting each pattern of shilling for each monarch? 2) What would you recommend doing to learn more? Thank very much in advance. I'm really looking forward to engaging with everyone on this forum, which seems like a really nice place with some very informed folks 😊
  2. Looking for a new hobby, wife inherits a half-sovereign and... abracadabra! Here I am. I see coins as tangible, and sometimes beautiful, artifacts that are representative of ages, events and historical figures; Something you can hold in your hand that has passed through the pockets and purses of ordinary people of times past. I've also decided to collect a small number of meaningful coins rather than going for bulk. With this in view, I'm focusing, perhaps unwisely, on Australian proclamation coins. I'm less than a week into numismatics. I foolishly purchased earlier in the week a 1794 guinea. From eBay. From an unknown seller. Without research. Without photos. My monthly budget is about 50 pounds. I spent about 430 pounds on this coins. A bit of retrospective reading revealed that, apparently, "good very fine" doesn't mean what a layman would expect. I'm about to start looking for a 1787 shilling. Here are a few questions: How do I tell the difference between a poor strike and coin wear? I'm aware of some of the pieces of evidence of cleaning/dipping. Is there a comprehensive, illustrated guide somewhere? Do you have a preferred variant of this coin? If so, which and why? Could I get one in extra-fine condition for somewhere in the range of 100-150 pounds? Are there any trustworthy sellers you could recommend? It will take me between two and three months to save, so plenty of time for reading. Thanks! Looking forward to learning from this community of friendly experts.
  3. Hi everyone Apologies as you’ve probably been asked this a million times! I'm a fledgling collector as far as actually trying to get organised and care for my coins, but I’ve been collecting in a very loose sense for many years. Having read up a bit about it, I know I’m doing it all wrong! So I want to store things properly and get some real information on everything. Coins have always fascinated me, especially the old ones with a real life story in every scuff and mark. I’ve got a bit of everything at the moment, but nothing (as far as I know yet!) of any great value. Just a few small collections that I’ve picked up in jumble, and my own years of adding this and that to a pot... I’d like some advice on the best equipment to get for a beginnner watching their pocket, and I’d also like to know a second tier of storage for more protection that costs a bit more. I know to avoid PVC, to not clean your coins, to only touch the edges (only found that one out recently!) and that circulated coins operate in a whole different sphere to mint and proof coins in blocks and specialist cases. Nubim and lighthouse, pockets and pouches, acid-free and non-pvc... I’ve read a few forum threads and some websites, but there isn’t much straightforward advice for the enthusiastic beginner who wants to treat their coins as well as they can afford, and just wants some pointers I’ve probably got about 300 British coins 1700-modern, and another 100 of many different countries, and a couple of roman coins. One third reich 1943 ten pfennig coin, black with age and portent, which fascinates me. Also some presentation coins, a couple in hard plastic cases and one in a wallet. I’d like to keep everything together, and I’d love to be able to label them (I can do small, neat writing). Specifically, I’ve read a lot about not cleaning your coins, but the latest lot I got (for free from a chap clearing out a relative’s things) which had been stored in a coin bag, each ten or so wrapped in cling film, and they feel all sticky and have sticky-looking marks on them, which I think I should get off before they get damaged any further. Do I just do the distilled water 30-day soak, or use a cleaning cloth, or almething else? Are gloves necessary? Can you recommend a good starter book for reference?! Looking forward to some of your suggestions, and I’m excited at the thought of starting to collect more seriously. Thank you so much!
  4. Hi everyone, I have been reading this forum whilst deployed for the past 3 month and after reading many posts to pass the time at sea i think its time to sign up and get to know a few people. I was given a gold Sovereign for Christmas and i have been fascinated with it ever since, its like jewelery money I have been researching the history of Sovereigns, all the different Kings and Queens of England and i often find myself going off on interesting historical tangents all because of the initial sovereign google search. I looked at a few other forums but this one seemed well organised, friendly and full of people full of information, some useful some not so However when i search for Sovereign related "chat" there doesnt seem to be much, which surprised me. Im wanting to start collecting them and for my collection i was thinking of starting with all the different types of Elizabeth Sovereigns, as i already have a 2013 Then i would move onto Victorian Sovereigns as i like the Victorian era. I was hoping to find other Sovereign collectors on here to pick their brains but it doesnt seem too popular, is this correct?? And if so why?? Looking forward to hearing from other members Ant