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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, as I understand the Queen in 1871 demanded a new design for the sovereign ( hence Marsh ), as a result of wich, the St Geotge and the dragon- design was put to live again. But why was not the Shield- type discontinued at once but ran along with the new design for 4 more years in the UK, and even longer in Australia ? Best regards, Mycoins
  2. Martin Oliva

    All about Sovereigns

    Hi I am starting up my collection and managed to get some coins. I am looking for some advice where to learn from about Sovereigns, which reasourses are of any value? I would be glad for some help with the value and information of what I have gathered so far: 16g 1887 Victoria 8g 1889 Victoria 8g 1909 Edvards VII 8g 1882 Victoria 8g 1901 Victoria 4g 1914 George 4g 1871 Victoria 4g 1907 Edvard VII I am very grateful for any information.
  3. Conor44

    George III Fourth Head Guinea

    Hi all, looking for a George III Fourth Head Guinea - preferably EF or better - the fourth heads are scarce as hens teeth on the dealers lists at the moment so I'll give it a go here - price in the region of £800-1000. Thanks in advance, C44
  4. Hi everyone, I have been reading this forum whilst deployed for the past 3 month and after reading many posts to pass the time at sea i think its time to sign up and get to know a few people. I was given a gold Sovereign for Christmas and i have been fascinated with it ever since, its like jewelery money I have been researching the history of Sovereigns, all the different Kings and Queens of England and i often find myself going off on interesting historical tangents all because of the initial sovereign google search. I looked at a few other forums but this one seemed well organised, friendly and full of people full of information, some useful some not so However when i search for Sovereign related "chat" there doesnt seem to be much, which surprised me. Im wanting to start collecting them and for my collection i was thinking of starting with all the different types of Elizabeth Sovereigns, as i already have a 2013 Then i would move onto Victorian Sovereigns as i like the Victorian era. I was hoping to find other Sovereign collectors on here to pick their brains but it doesnt seem too popular, is this correct?? And if so why?? Looking forward to hearing from other members Ant