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  1. markm_72

    1710 M France Louis XIV Ecu Coin

    Thank you for your help, I have added pictures.
  2. Could anyone help with this coin please, I am trying to find out if this is a rare coin, dated 1710 M Louis XIV 1/2 Ecu Castle Tower Mint, coin weight is 14.63 grams & silver. Any information is appreciated.
  3. markm_72

    Temple Coin/Token

    Could anyone advise on this please, I have done some research but none look the same, this has numbers 1320 above temple, weight is 9.57 grams & 27.9mm & looks silver plated on brass Any advice would be appreciated, this is from a collection which is why I would like to check.
  4. Thanks & I appreciate your time, not worried about value, more interested in what they were & to learn more about them so I know in the future if I come across similar looking coins, fairly accurate first assumption I would say....good stuff & I think this one can be ticked off now.
  5. I have double checked, sorry but I forgot to Tare scales before adding coin to hanger, they came back slightly higher this time 1902 = 8.7 & 1901 = 8.4 (Checked & double checked)
  6. I will double check & do the specific gravity test again.
  7. Thank you for your help, apologies for saying not plated but it was deeply scratched on edge & tested with white fluid on the scratched area with no reaction.However I understand what you are saying and take this information on board.I carried out the specific gravity test on both coins, the 1902 coin came back 7.90 & the 1901 coin came back 7.63. Many thanks
  8. Thank you, It would only let me upload one due to size.
  9. Found these 2 coins in a mixed lot, both appear to be silver in colour & off metal strike(Not plated, tested edge with white fluid & no usual signs of being plated) the 1902 Edward VII Halfpenny compared to a normal coin is a thicker planchet at nearly 2mm, weight is 5.9 grams & 26mm, the coin has some wear to high spots but otherwise is in very good condition.The 1901 Victoria Farthing is very similar in appearance & weight is 2.88 grams & 21mm. Can anyone help with identification of what these might be. Thank you