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Found 16 results

  1. Does anyone know anything about this variety of 1863 penny which has a long tail on the 3? Is it an over strike? is it a rare variety? It's not mentioned in "The bronze coinage of Great Britain".
  2. Hi everybody, new guy here. Nice to join your community! So I've worked in jobs for years where i operate a till all day in busy shops/pubs taking peoples monies and counting tills/making floats so i come across quite a bit of coinage most days. Been looking for something new to collect after getting over 300 rocks/crystals and thousands of pokemon cards. anyways I like shiny things so i guessed coins is a nice idea that doesnt ever lose face value so isn't as many risks if i need to sell ever. Last 6 months or so I've been swapping nice coins i come across for my own change from my wallet. I should add I'm very good at giving/taking money and giving peoples change correctly I don't ever use the till to work out change my brain is more reliable and I'm sure to put the correct money in for what i want to swap. Never had any issues with my tills being wrong or missing money etc I'm very careful. All the 1p change people don't wan't always leave the till up anyways. So to the point - I've got a few coins here and I'd just like to see if anybody could help me out with the world of coin collecting. Things listed on ebay or most popular selling sites are way off inflated in value and I'm struggling to understand real values/levels of rarity. For example a coin I have here to talk about is listed for £899 on ebay, exactly what I have infront of me in my hand. from a seller with rather high positive reputable feedback. However i've seen coins for close to face value that seem exactly the same to me. Every coin I have is in nice condition. None are battered and real bad scratched up, I dont take coins like that and to this day still regret leaving a Kew gardens 50p because it wasn't so shiny or clean. In my defence I had just started getting interested and didn't realise what it was at the time. I can update this with pics if/when i work out how to upload/attatch them. First of all I have a 2005 St. Pauls Cathedral £2 coin. It features two errors - writing around side edge of coin is upside down and reads tails side up instead of heads side up. The dots going around the queens head on the center part of coin only go about half way around the queens head. Next a 2014 Lord KItchener £2 coin. 3 errors - Again the writing on side edge is upside down; and the dots around queens head are half missing. Addidionally, the words "YOUR COUTRY NEEDS" are so small and blurred they're nearly unreadable and only the letter U from the "YOU" underneath crosses over into the outer brass section. The bottom of the Y and O are cut off at the end of silver center section into the tiny groove where it meets the brass edge. Now a 2006 Brunel Paddington Station £2 coin that features the arches.This too reads tails sides up making the writing on edge upside down and the dots around the queens head seem to be half in silver coloured middle part and half in copper coloured outer edge. Don't know if this is rare or not I just don't recall ever seeing that before. Just remembered I also have the Gunpowder plot anniversary £2 coin with the "pember" spelling mistake. If any kind person here could give me some info regarding what I have i'd be so appreciative. Also any tips on what to look out for in future - I've looked for ages for a coin forum and this one looks great! Just a general idea of rarity and if its worth holding onto or not or if it actually does have any increased value like ones i've seen listed online. I guess not sadly however as I'm a realist lol. As I said i could upload pics if needed if somebody could kindly tell me easiest way how. i'll just edit this post. OH, I'd also like to ask is there any safe easy way just to give the coins a bit of a clean to get the niice shine back? or is it best to leave them as they are? Just don't want to damage anything. Thanks for reading (:
  3. OneCoin

    What is this coin?

    What is this coin? I can not identify what kind of currency it is, it's a silver coin to my eye. Can anyone help me identify this currency? Thanks https://imgur.com/0RXTHXC other side https://imgur.com/VdHW4bA
  4. http://gyazo.com/b8dd19c53a9c96222a09177708989e85 http://gyazo.com/e1f9c18aada94e449dae33a2aba957a1 This is the coin. I want to find out the value, because i want to sell it soon. Can anyone tell me the value, and if it has a slender number or a die number or none. Thanks
  5. Numismagician

    1992 Lion £1 Coin?

    Hello, I've come across a £1 coin dated 1992 with a 'Standing Lion Rampant' design - can anyone shed some light on whether this is definitely a fake? I can't find record of it anywhere or even any other examples, save for this one on eBay - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fake-1992-wrong-year-not-1999-94-Scottish-LION-RAMPANT-copy-1-ONE-POUND-COIN-/132308942283?hash=item1ece3a3dcb:g:EWUAAOSw1xhZovfB I enclose a short video of me turning it over as two separate photos of each side wouldn't be proof that they are both of the same coin: P.s. I'm new to all of this, so apologies if wrong section etc. Thanks!
  6. Hello, I've had this coin for a while but am unsure of what it actually is. Hopefully on eof you'll be able to help me identify this coin, it seems quite mysterious to me. Thank you.
  7. Hi all, Just thought I'd post a few pictures of this George iii 1776 Guinea to see opinions of grade - have purchased over graded coins in the past so want to be sure about this before I 'splash out ' ? I am gradually becoming more familiar with coin grading, however for a coin like this I feel the opinions of the experienced collectors on this forum should be considered first ☺ Thanks everyone in advance, Conor
  8. Conor44

    George III Fourth Head Guinea

    Hi all, looking for a George III Fourth Head Guinea - preferably EF or better - the fourth heads are scarce as hens teeth on the dealers lists at the moment so I'll give it a go here - price in the region of £800-1000. Thanks in advance, C44
  9. florencepugh

    Mystery coin! Please identify??

    Hi there. I found this coin washed up on a beach in the Bahamas. Does anyone know what it is/where it's from? Thanks!
  10. Hi all, Would appreciate a few experienced opinions on this rather nice 1731 sixpence before I purchase (grade etc) , described as AEF but ive been caught out before with over graded coins. Sorry this is my second post with almost exactly the same wording just a different coin, this is the last one I promise Thanks in advance, C44 upload pic
  11. Hi all, Thinking about purchasing this coin which the seller describes as AEF - Id just like to ask people on here their opinions on the grade because ive been caught out before with over graded coins. Opinions on toning etc much appreciated also, seems to be quite a dark tone on this coin. Thanks, c44
  12. aandys.aantiquities

    Egyptian Gold Coins???

    Hello everyone, I am looking for any information people have on the three gold coins in the images. We have done a lot of research but seem to have come to a dead end, so far (we think) we know that the currency of 2 of the coins is 10 kursh/kurush/qursh, the coins are made from gold, the coins are around 15/16 mm and the year is believed to be 1293/7 on one of the coins However all of this information could be incorrect! If anyone has any information or knows anything about these coins please let me know! Thank you, Sam
  13. Hi all, Purchased this coin a few months back and im just getting round to posting pics on here- its a beauty but it was sold to me as being in EF condition, and when i got it in the mail i immediately noticed a particular point of wear on the rim, also it is 0.20g underweight. What do you think- Yay or nay? Also there is this point on the coin that looks ,only in my view,as if it were silver plated and at this point the plate is damaged revealing the matrial underneath- I am 99% sure this is NOT the case, its just that that's the best way i can find to describe it. Here it is again: Heres the area of most wear on the rim:
  14. Hi all, https://postimg.org/image/42brl18it/ This is a coin that has been in my collection for a little over a year now, and I have been puzzled about these circular scratches on this rather nice William and Mary Shilling. They are perfect and get bigger the closer they are to the rim- its the same on the reverse. I originally thought it may be some sort of a mint error, but I am doubtful about this, as on the ebay listing (Calm down, don't worry, a well known BNTA dealer- youll probobally know who from the style of listing photograph) the scratches, although apparent in the photo, were not described at all, although the coin was incorrectly sold to me as an 'unrecorded 3 over 0' type (its 1693), which I cannot see- im not accusing the seller of foul play but it seems to me as he was trying to nab a few more quid for it, possibly to make up for the scratches? Anyway id appreciate if anyone could tell me what they are and do they affect its value? One more point to note: they weren't made yesterday as its apparent that these are old scratches, Thanks, Conor
  15. hi there please could some one help me? iv got a £1 coin with the word "ONE" missing cant find any info on what sort of price it would fetch if any? manny thanx Pete
  16. I'm new to coin collecting and i am still learning things here and there. I recently bought a proof 50p 'new pence'. When it arrived the coin was twice as thick as a standard 50p. Is the standard 'new pence' 50p twice as thick or have I bought a piedfort coin without realising? Or are all proof coins twice the thickness? Any information will be greatly appreciated.