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  1. I understand what you mean but I tried to estimate what could be the original position but I think the lines may not be the edges but leftover material from somewhere in the middle of of the legs. I've coloured the raised areas in red and and a possible outline in blue. It's strange though because the top serifs of the V seem to be at 2 different heights. I also just noticed the "I" next to it has been overstruck also.
  2. Does anyone think this could be a small V as in a halfpenny V?
  3. I now have the coin and I've cleaned a little bit of the grot from around the lettering and so here's an updated picture. The middle bar of the A doesn't appear to flow into the legs and is in slightly lower relief, I'm not sure if this implies it's an over strike or not though.
  4. Link Samus

    Hi, I'm new to the furum

    @Peckris 2 Thanks, got it
  5. They are interesting, although, personally I don't consider repairs and over strikes as their own full varieties really, but some are common enough to have variety status. I would consider things like this as a sub variety instead of their own Freeman number. Take the 1865 F51 5 over 3 for example, it's the same as F50 aside from the over strike and to me, should be appended with a letter at the end and should really be called something like F50A. I think this would be a good way to go about classification if a new variety system is made, maybe something similar to Gouby more simplified like Freeman.
  6. It appears as though the original V was struck out of alignment and another V stuck over it. This is the best clarity i could manage to achieve with my phone and magnifying glass.
  7. Link Samus

    Hi, I'm new to the furum

    @1949threepence That's a shame, I'm sure someone around here will be able to help out Thanks for the tips too, I'm probably going "@" people for the most part to cut down on duplicating text. Out of curiosity how much did you value them at?
  8. Link Samus

    Hi, I'm new to the furum

    @jelida Thanks, I was also tipped about using "@" and then someone's username instead to save filling threads with repeated text. I mostly concentrate on Victorian bronze pennies but i do collect some others coins but as one off pieces and not as a part of a date run, if they look nice, such as late 17th to late 19th century shillings, half crowns, florins, half pennies etc. I do have one hammered Queen Elizabeth I 1567 Sixpence, which is my oldest coin, but i tend to prefer milled coins.
  9. Link Samus

    Hi, I'm new to the furum

    Thanks, and yes I'm sure I will Since I'm not sure, what is the "+" for to the left of the "quote" option beneath a post? Also do I need to quote posts in order for them to be notified that I've replied?
  10. Link Samus

    Hi, I'm new to the furum

    Excellent, it's great how you refer to both Freeman and Gouby, it's very helpful.
  11. Link Samus

    Hi, I'm new to the furum

    Sorry, I forgot to quote your message incase that's how you get notified.
  12. Link Samus

    Hi, I'm new to the furum

    Hi Richard, is headsntails your website? If so that's the site I've been using alongside my book, it's very helpful as the images are much clearer and it details varieties that aren't listed my Michael Freeman.
  13. Hi guys, I'm Adam, I'm new to the forum (nerd points if you recognise the names from my display name). Anyway, I'll introduce myself, I got into colleting coins 15+ years ago when I found a couple of old coins in my granddads house, which were a 1919 penny and a 40's brass threepence and probably a few more. I was in school at the time and because of history and my fascination of the Victorian period, the industrial revolution and the Titanic disaster I became really interested in coins and my first goal was to get a 1912 penny, the year the Titanic sank. After that i got hold of an 1890 penny and from that point I tried to find older and older dates. I haven't been collecting for a few years but recently I started getting back into it recently. These days my main interest is Victoria bun pennies. I started off with a target of getting a simple date run but when I noticed all the varieties of 1874 penny I opened a can of worms and from there I discovered the Freeman varieties and different die pairings and bought "The bronze coinage of Great Britain". I've decided to collect the Freeman varieties up to rarity "R14" because I believe they're fairly accessible and affordable in low end condition from what I've seen so far. For me, pennies in Fair/fine condition are great as long as they look nice and there is enough detail to identify the variety, but I'm happy to have poor examples the rarer they are to keep things affordable. The most I've spent on a penny is a nice looking 1881 F102 for £27.50. So I could be an ideal person to trade all your lower grade duplicates with Just so you know where I'm up to, these are my varieties of interest that I'm still missing: 1860 Freeman 1 (1+A) 1860 Freeman 16 (5+D) 1861 Freeman 18 (2+D) 1861 Freeman 20 (2+G) 1861 Freeman 25 (4+G) 1874 Freeman 77 (8+G) 1879 Freeman 96 (8+J) 1883 Freeman 116 (11+N) 1889 Freeman 127 (12+N) Also these but in a better condition than the very worn ones I currently have: 1869 Freeman 59 (6+G) 1871 Freeman 61 (6+G) Anyway, I'll look forward to talking with you guys