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  1. aandys.aantiquities

    Egyptian Gold Coins???

    Hi, This is exactly the same design however our coin weighs only 1.80 g. Could this possible mean it is a 25 Kurush? All the best, Sam
  2. aandys.aantiquities

    Egyptian Gold Coins???

    Hello everyone, I am looking for any information people have on the three gold coins in the images. We have done a lot of research but seem to have come to a dead end, so far (we think) we know that the currency of 2 of the coins is 10 kursh/kurush/qursh, the coins are made from gold, the coins are around 15/16 mm and the year is believed to be 1293/7 on one of the coins However all of this information could be incorrect! If anyone has any information or knows anything about these coins please let me know! Thank you, Sam