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Found 18 results

  1. myt

    James I shilling, mm Mullet

    Hi all, I am looking for a James I Shilling mm mullet, or if someone has a shilling with obverse mullet overmark? I actually asked DNW if they could relay a message to the winner of Dec2020 auction Lot 26, and surprisingly, I did not get a reply (kidding, it’s not surprising). If anyone has something they are willing to part with, I would be interested. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi, I was just wondering about thoughts on how common various degrees of double striking would be, like if someone was aware of some standard where a coin would have been rejected for distribution by the mint. I came across this James 1 shilling which is so double struck, the "M" in "MAG" looks like two "As" (among other things like two left shoulders and a distorted shield). Thanks for any thoughts!
  3. Hi all, I recently bought a J1 shilling which was posted with not too much description other than the photos (did not ID mintmark). From the pictures, I believed it to be fifth bust, tower mint mark (1612-1613). The mintmark is pretty worn on the obverse, and not visible on the reverse (however, I seem to make out the general tower shape and three parapets). When I received the coin, it had a ticket which ID'd the coin as 3rd coinage, 6th bust, mm Thistle... which I am assuming is either just wrong, or the incorrect ticket for the coin? I attached two photos below to see if others shared my thoughts... after receiving the ticket, I figured I would try posting on this nifty forum. P.S. After randomly reading some threads on coin photography, please excuse the stand-free living-room-light images haha.
  4. Tony Clayton's listing of die numbers suggests that all 1867 shillings with die number 19 + have the obverse of 1868 (which is a fairly scarce variety). I'm a bit sceptical, albeit working from a rather rubbish example with die number 19, it looks like an ordinary 1867 obverse to me with tight ringlets. What do people think ? https://imgur.com/a/LW367ri
  5. I picked up this Shilling today amongst some other stuff with the aim of putting it into my own collection. I notice a big fault on the reverse - this is a raised uneven band of metal beneath the lettering. Is this to be expected, or is it some sign of a fake?
  6. Anyone able to give me more on this shilling? It appears to be a 1709 E no star shilling dated 1709, BUT the E seems to be in an unusual place, and the bust appears to be English third bust instead of the Edinburgh bust. Is this right, or is it some cobbled together fake? (Presumably an English 1709 third bust Shilling with an E floated on in the wrong place...?)
  7. TomGoodheart

    Charles I Tower Mint Hammered Shillings

    I know I don't post on here very much these days, so most people are probably unaware I collect the above shillings. And sadly I have reached a stage in my collecting where my fussiness about 'eye appeal' makes adding anything new a challenge. However I'm always interested in new dealers, sites or potential acquisitions, so if anyone spots a nice looking example of a Chas I shilling, I'd be happy to hear about it. Particularly as I don't have the research skills to track down all the current owners of coins that might improve my collection and people seem (to me at least) to be hanging on to nicer examples at the moment ... So though I know it's outside the interests of most members, there's no harm in mentioning it I thought! Don't ask, don't get ... as someone irritatingly said once! Thanks!

    Advice On Damaged Coin

    Hi can you please advise if my recently purchased 1899 Shilling should be returned to seller. Its a lovely coin but on inspection I notice some damage near to the date 1899 to the right. Perhaps someone could tell me why this is.
  9. Hi all, https://postimg.org/image/42brl18it/ This is a coin that has been in my collection for a little over a year now, and I have been puzzled about these circular scratches on this rather nice William and Mary Shilling. They are perfect and get bigger the closer they are to the rim- its the same on the reverse. I originally thought it may be some sort of a mint error, but I am doubtful about this, as on the ebay listing (Calm down, don't worry, a well known BNTA dealer- youll probobally know who from the style of listing photograph) the scratches, although apparent in the photo, were not described at all, although the coin was incorrectly sold to me as an 'unrecorded 3 over 0' type (its 1693), which I cannot see- im not accusing the seller of foul play but it seems to me as he was trying to nab a few more quid for it, possibly to make up for the scratches? Anyway id appreciate if anyone could tell me what they are and do they affect its value? One more point to note: they weren't made yesterday as its apparent that these are old scratches, Thanks, Conor
  10. Conor44

    Nice Elizabeth I Shilling

    Hi all, Acquired this coin from a local antique dealer who doesn't specialize in coins and only keeps a few, its a beautiful Elizabeth I shilling, I think clipped slightly. Im not an expert on hammereds so I would appreciate if anyone could tell me the type, year, value etc and most importantly if it looks alright (I know there are forgeries about). Any help much appreciated, Conor
  11. Et tu Brute

    Elizabeth I Shilling martlet?

    Hello to everyone! Now I have received an elizabethan Shilling. The seller cataloged it as 1601-2, Spink 2584. I'm doing my homework and I think this is not correct; the observe reads ELIZABETH with all the letters, and since it reads too ET instead of Z I believe that it is a 2nd issue (1560-1, Spink 2555). The zone of the mintmark is somewhat erased and I must train my eye, but I think it's compatible with the martlet (I think I can see the tail of the bird). Am I correct? My coin reads AN'.FR'.ET'.HI'.REGINA and in other coins and books the legend is ANG and HIB , I don't know if this is a common variation. At the moment I have Spink's Coins of England, 37th ed. Best regards!
  12. Just a quick sanity check, hope people don't mind! I would grade this very common coin as GVF/aEF, am I about right? You know how it is when you keep staring at a coin ...
  13. Good day to all. I'm looking for some advice. I want to buy a British shilling from 1911-1916 that has been in circulation. I'm not a coin collector but I want to buy a coin that holds deep history and has been in and out of many hands, pockets and tills. The year holds great sentimental memories for me. I'm looking at two coins, and undecided on which to buy. The first link shows a coin in much better condition and this is the one I was planning to purchase, but my question to you would be is this coin unlikely to of been circulated much if it's still in such good condition? And therefore should i opt for the 2nd link which is far more distress? http://www.ebay.com/itm/925-Silver-1916-Great-Britain-George-V-Shilling-KM-816-Nice-Circulated-X21-/201526751981?hash=item2eebee32ed:g:ZHIAAOSwG-1Wx9MR http://www.ebay.com/itm/British-Silver-Shilling-1911-King-George-V-1-Unlimited-Shipping-/311560871898?hash=item488a799fda:g:wlcAAOSwv9hW248h
  14. Hi everyone. Both shillings are belong to the same ebay seller and both looks a bit suspicious. Your opinions are highly appreciated.
  15. World coins online

    My new website

    Hi I have just created a new website for my coin selling business world coins. I used to be based in Canterbury in the UK and have been selling coins since 1969. Please come and have a look at my website where I have a large range of products at low prices. URL: onlinecoinsuk.ipage.com
  16. Good evening all Allow mw to introduce myself as a newbie on this site having been directed here from someone I purchased a coin from recently. I have been collecting coins for about 10 years - I started with any and every coin and over the years have slowly finding my greatest interest lies in Copper pennies and shillings from Queen Victoria to current. Of these I am most keen on Bun Head and King Edward penny and shilling coins. While I have begun finding good resource material for Penny coins "gouby" ive struggled finding the best resource for shilling coins any recommendations? best regards Frederick. Would also be interested in good online auction sites. I must say been reading through the forums and what a great site compliments to all.
  17. Hello everyone. Need your advise. The coin is from my collection, looks like it is S2797 but crown is bigger that it should be. Am I right and it is S2797?
  18. Hi, The rare but holed Charles I Exeter shilling - S3085. Spink doesn't indicate the price just stated that this variation - 16rose44 - is rare. The only analogue I can find is here: http://www.dnw.co.uk...s&lot_id=130049 Questions: I understood that the hole extremely affects the price but would ask how much does it cost approximately?Is ti possible to repair the hole and if yes will it positively affect the price and what is the best way to repair it?Regards, Doc