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  1. The New Covid Variant. The fish and chip shop variant is going to batter us and with no Plaice to hide we will be Floundering.
  2. Have just noticed that the 1893 sixpence Obv is rotated similar to Queen Victoria's Young Head examples. Just an extra bit of information incase anyone ever see another one. Like picture below.
  3. Hi Nick here is a few details for you diameter 19.32mm, thickness 1.13mm and the weight is 2.5gms. I have also added another picture of the date, best closeup I could get.
  4. Bought this off of eBay recently as a space filler. Advertised as 1893 Queen Victoria Re-Strike Sixpence ~ Silver Plated Coin. The coin features on the obverse the Queen Victoria Jubilee head. The reverse features the traditional Crowned design with date. This coin is made out of Brass. I only bought this to fill the cap as I don't thing I will ever be able to afford a decent one for the collection. Just thought I would share this as a record that these are out there, and to show what they look like. I am sure there could be past off as the real thing. At least the seller advertised it as a copy.
  5. My first George II sixpence. I rather like this one😀

    1917 Sixpences Grading

    I agree the rather mottled effect of the toning is very off putting. Just wondered if dipping the coin would improve the look or not. 🙄☹️

    1917 Sixpences Grading

    Thanks for your thoughts on the first coin, I was thinking about the same. As for the second one well I paid far more than I wanted for that one. Then the first one came up in DWN. Sods law just like bus you wait ages for one, then two come along at the same time.😃 I don't mind your comment on the second one, just wanted opinions on grade and condition, so won't be offended whatsoever. Its a good learning curve to get other views.

    1917 Sixpences Grading

    I recently picked up 2 1917 Sixpences. One from DNW Auctions and the other off eBay. Would like some help with grading please as I am struggling to ascertain whether I am seeing a weak strike or that they are worn through circulation. Any help would be much appreciated please. Although I have been collecting now for nearly 4 years I still have a lot too learn. I have attempted to grade each one and would appreciate you feedback. This one I have from DNW and have gone for GEF or even possibly AUNC am I close. And this one off eBay as NEF although the blotchy toning on the Obv is a bit off putting.
  9. May have to have a go on these to add to the others from your collection😉
  10. My one came from Jerome on this forum and very pleased with it indeed. Will not need an upgrade with this one😎
  11. Nice Sixpence Paddy, funny enough I have just added an 1881 Sixpence to my collection as well😀
  12. Another arrival today quite common, but a better example than I already have 😊
  13. Sorry I meant to say GEF/AUNC as an overall condition/grade did not mean that the Rev was GEF and the Obv was AUNC🤔

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Funny he does not say who they are😕