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Found 11 results

  1. Could you please help me out ...I do try hard with these hammered coins but dont seem to get too far. In general I quite like the overall look but up above the portrait there are tool marks and the legend is "damaged" the old ticket from SPINK does not mention anything. Please could the experts in pre milled silver help me with your opinion ....I am assuming it may have been a touch piece ... Many thanks
  2. ConstantlyHammered

    Missing letter on Edward III Groat

    I bought this Edward III series C pre treaty groat (minted in London) however noticed that the “A” is missing from “EDWARD” making it just “EDWRD”. I have done research but can find no other Edward III groat with this inscription. Please help, many thanks
  3. These circular blobs appear on many hammered coins. What are they? Do they indicate forgery or something?
  4. Hello everyone i have come across these coins but i am struggling to find any information on them i believe they are Anglo Saxon but im not sure. if any of you can help please let me know if you know what any of these are. Thank you all in advance. https://ibb.co/gjangS https://ibb.co/ndkngS https://ibb.co/ndkngS https://ibb.co/kwyJo7 https://ibb.co/fDnYMS https://ibb.co/fDnYMS https://ibb.co/b6xNFn https://ibb.co/nCwhFn https://ibb.co/nCwhFn https://ibb.co/hebhFn https://ibb.co/f9Ayo7 https://ibb.co/f9Ayo7 https://ibb.co/f9Ayo7
  5. newheart

    Edward Silver Penny

    Help a beginner out! I purchased my first unidentified hammered silver coin and while I am pretty confident it is an Edward The something Penny I am not sure which Edward. Let alone the mint. I have done considerable research online and made good use of my copy of Spinks Coins of England plus "Englands Striking History" but I am stumped. I have taken the best photos I can, the top 2 are not quite a natural colour, I have enhanced the contrast a little to aid identification. The bottom is near natural colour. The coin is 20mm diameter. Cannot give a weight yet (scales on order). The coin 'feels right' and is worn. I believe the obverse text is EDWARD REX ANGL DN. Reverse more difficult, possibly COM G/R U/V EC NIVA IIP/K E. Pellet before the E of EDWARD. The N is of the Lombardic style. The cross mintmark is typical of Edward 3. Can someone can tell me if this is a tri-foliate crown or not? Oh, and if this is a modern copy, break it to me gently but this coin was pretty cheap.Thanks in advance, Pete
  6. Hi all, Looking for some help identifying a coin. It has a diameter of 17mm. Not sure of it's weight. Any help appreciated.
  7. TomGoodheart

    Charles I Tower Mint Hammered Shillings

    I know I don't post on here very much these days, so most people are probably unaware I collect the above shillings. And sadly I have reached a stage in my collecting where my fussiness about 'eye appeal' makes adding anything new a challenge. However I'm always interested in new dealers, sites or potential acquisitions, so if anyone spots a nice looking example of a Chas I shilling, I'd be happy to hear about it. Particularly as I don't have the research skills to track down all the current owners of coins that might improve my collection and people seem (to me at least) to be hanging on to nicer examples at the moment ... So though I know it's outside the interests of most members, there's no harm in mentioning it I thought! Don't ask, don't get ... as someone irritatingly said once! Thanks!
  8. There is a huge backlog of archaeological finds lying in private warehouses in Ireland - from both sides of the border! There are literally tons of materials that are not accessible to academics or the public ... and it is not being stored in ideal conditions. If any of these private companies go out of business this legitimately found material will end up in skips! To clear this backlog + go some way towards helping genuine detectorists go legal in Ireland, I have suggested a series of free MPhil / MSc degrees in numismatics at Irish universities + paid internships for unemployed Irish archaeology graduates + Irish numismatic enthusiasts from the government. To display this material to the public, I have suggested a series of numismatic exhibits at county museums. To pay for this, I am suggesting sponsorship, crowd-funding and/or grants from the national lottery. The doc is at https://oldcurrencyexchange.com/2016/12/28/irish-archaeology-opportunity-lost/ I would welcome any constructive comments. Happy Christmas & Prosperous New Year to all at Numista, James
  9. Conor44

    Nice Elizabeth I Shilling

    Hi all, Acquired this coin from a local antique dealer who doesn't specialize in coins and only keeps a few, its a beautiful Elizabeth I shilling, I think clipped slightly. Im not an expert on hammereds so I would appreciate if anyone could tell me the type, year, value etc and most importantly if it looks alright (I know there are forgeries about). Any help much appreciated, Conor
  10. This coin illustrated on plate 14, item 13 of “A View of the Silver Coinage of England” is listed under unknown mints and referred to as “Amongst the very great variety of this King’s money, altho’ we meet many very rude, and of bad workmanship, yet we think none of them comes up to the halfcrown No 13, the barbarous work of which was certainly that of a smith and not of an engraver.” This coin engraving is also used by martin Folkes in ‘Table of Silver Coins,… Plate XXVI, Fig 5 in 1763. - These plates were prepared before his death in 1754. Ruding in the following century republished the Folkes’ plates, in the three editions of his work. Although now commonly referred to as the ‘Blacksmith’s halfcrown’, in 1861, Aquilla Smith assigned this piece to Ireland’s Rebellion necessity series and specifically to the Confederate Catholics in Kilkenny circa 1642. I believe the coin is identifiable by the weak striking of the horse’s raised foreleg, and the unusual reverse decoration of ‘wheat ears’ or as Maurice Bull describes them, three lilly buds, upper left and right on reverse. (Bull 19A, Rev 2). The coin’s known provenance is Marsham, Murdoch, Hilton-Price, and Lockett. In the Lockett catalogue June1957 this piece is described as “Reputed to be the finest known example of this ill-struck series, very rare”.
  11. An odd one this, is a copper alloy coin or token in the style of a William I penny. Have no idea as so far not come across anything like it before, so any thoughts or an ID are most welcome. Found in Norfolk and from an area that produced early material and coins, but very little after the 1600's. Size 22mm diameter Weight 1.3g