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Found 5 results

  1. Ukstu

    Classification Help!

    Can anybody help me identify the class of this coin. It's had a few knocks around crucial areas like the crown. Thank you.
  2. ConstantlyHammered

    Missing letter on Edward III Groat

    I bought this Edward III series C pre treaty groat (minted in London) however noticed that the “A” is missing from “EDWARD” making it just “EDWRD”. I have done research but can find no other Edward III groat with this inscription. Please help, many thanks
  3. These circular blobs appear on many hammered coins. What are they? Do they indicate forgery or something?
  4. newheart

    Edward Silver Penny

    Help a beginner out! I purchased my first unidentified hammered silver coin and while I am pretty confident it is an Edward The something Penny I am not sure which Edward. Let alone the mint. I have done considerable research online and made good use of my copy of Spinks Coins of England plus "Englands Striking History" but I am stumped. I have taken the best photos I can, the top 2 are not quite a natural colour, I have enhanced the contrast a little to aid identification. The bottom is near natural colour. The coin is 20mm diameter. Cannot give a weight yet (scales on order). The coin 'feels right' and is worn. I believe the obverse text is EDWARD REX ANGL DN. Reverse more difficult, possibly COM G/R U/V EC NIVA IIP/K E. Pellet before the E of EDWARD. The N is of the Lombardic style. The cross mintmark is typical of Edward 3. Can someone can tell me if this is a tri-foliate crown or not? Oh, and if this is a modern copy, break it to me gently but this coin was pretty cheap.Thanks in advance, Pete
  5. Hello, I'm new to the forum, I've just signed up as I was wondering if someone would be able to give me any help with this coin that a friend gave to me. Although I have always been interested in coins it has only ever been a casual hobby I have a small collection mostly consisting of coins given to me by friends and family. After a little research online I think I have identified it as a England, Edward I (1272-1307), Penny, 1.43g., 20mm but I'm struggling to find any other information about the coin, alot of the coins from this period seems to be very similar in appearance. As someone new to coins where is the best place to learn more? Thanks in advance for any help received, Kind Regards, JimmyMercia.