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    Mary Queen of Scots - Silver?

    It does look like the coin is made from two disks of metal (thin ridge around one part of the edge that has worn down). I did assume most coins would be made by pressing one piece though. The portrait isn't fantastic as it's quite worn down, but without the camera flash, it doesn't look a million miles away from this portrait that is facing left on another coin I found online. And for reference, here is another coin I found with a similar left facing portrait / head dress.
  2. andycheeseman

    Mary Queen of Scots - Silver?

    Hi, What is it a repro of? Thanks, Andy.
  3. Hi All, I've come across this coin, which was attached to an old set of keys (along with an 1831 USA 10c coin), inside an old Singer sewing machine box. Can anyone identify the coin? So far, I've found a relevant link to the British Museum, but that makes me think that it might be a reproduction of the piece in question. http://www.britishmuseum.org/resear...974&partId=1 Thanks, Andy.