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  1. CartwheelTwopence

    Cardboard 2x2 holders effect on toning

    Thank you, also wanted to ask if there is any potential problem of housing these cardboard holders in an album with pvc pages?
  2. Hi, so I have an enquiry about coin storage. I currently house my collection in lighthouse self adhesive coin holders, laid down flat in coin trays. However I have noticed that after a year or two some coins have toned quickly or unevenly, often just on one side like. I’ve heard these holders are good for longer term storage - at least for a few years anyway - so i wondered why this was and if there is anything I am doing wrong? And tips for alternative storage as I cannot risk the rest of my collection going the same way. Thanks.
  3. (by not genuine I mean not bank of England issue). Could have been a contemporary forgery issue of the time.
  4. In my opinion, the counter mark is not genuine but the host coin certainly is.
  5. CartwheelTwopence

    1934 Wreath Crown Fake or Genuine

    NGC obviously get it wrong, on occasion, however I feel as though your 1934 Wreath crown is genuine and that perhaps the picture is responsible for the issues. This, or it's a really good fake.
  6. Hard to tell, but in my opinion this was done at the mint, as it is not clean hole and would be hard to achieve cracks like that.
  7. CartwheelTwopence


    Good dealer. I have bought many items from Buckscoins at York Racecourse coin fair, and all have been good prices and quality. There are many worse dealers you could use!
  8. Any but 2693. Although I do find this can be quite subjective, so whichever looks best in your eyes.
  9. CartwheelTwopence

    1900 Penny Countermark Identification Help!

    By the way, there also seems to be something on Britannia's arm and what looks like a tiny signature or scribble near QV's head.
  10. Hi, I have recently bought a 1900 penny (see pictures) from a 30p box as I found the countermark interesting. After trying to search the numbers on the internet, however, nothing comes up. Does anyone have any idea of what "EC654 66" means, or why it would be printed on a coin?
  11. CartwheelTwopence

    Beginner to collecting - 50p question

    Is your coin the EEC 50p?
  12. CartwheelTwopence

    Beginner to collecting - 50p question

    The 50p coins before 1997 (including "New Pence" design) were larger than our current circulated coins. They are about twice as thick and are wider, too.
  13. CartwheelTwopence

    CGS Again

    I've considered buying one, but as you said the price is very off putting.
  14. CartwheelTwopence

    A Coin From Judas?

    Either that or a museum replica. I've seen many of them without even a stamp on them to say they're fake.
  15. CartwheelTwopence

    George 1V Gold Sovereign

    I would definately go around the 2k - 3k mark. Nice obverse.