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    This small flan penny of Edward the Confessor was found by a detecting cub member on a rally in the south of England, and I am trying to identify the mint and moneyer. The latter seems to read ESTAN or similar, and the mint clearly ends in DI but I cannot find the combination in North or Seaby and would welcome some help here! Thanks, Jerry
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    If Michael has no copies available, I'm happy to let mine go. Purchased from Michael, as new, when first published. And unfortunately unused. ( My pockets aren't deep enough for pennies).
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    Took a while to locate it. Reverse G. Die fill to the top of the E may be useful in finding another example.
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    Thanks for the comments and info you shared - I'm sure Ill have more questions as I continue to sort out and learn more....
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    He also was one of the Doormen at the 'Ye Pyg and Whystel', since it used to get a bit rough at chucking out time, after five flagons of mead.....
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    I stand corrected
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    Wow. 1p coins dated 1936, 1945, and 1967??