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    As a driver myself, I know that motorists will normally pull in to the side of the road in order to let an ambulance pass. But these twats wouldn't let anyone go by and when tackled about holding up ambulances, said they didn't care. This did happen as I saw the guy say it on a news bulletin at the time. They may have denied it later, but it was 100% definitely said. They may not be XR but they're still eco loons as far as I'm concerned. Nothing wrong with protesting, but when they start deliberately getting in the way of others going about their everyday business, holding up the emergency services, glueing themselves to the road, climbing on top of trains, is when they alienate the public. As far as I'm concerned, if they're so keen to be there, handcuff them to nearby street furniture and leave them overnight. They're a bloody nuisance, and they might hopefully learn a lesson. When XR demonstrate in front of the Chinese embassy then I might lend them some credence. But it's the same tired old rhetoric: "evil tories", "Boris can go to hell" etc etc ad infinitum. Like devoid of ideas Labour would be one minute jot different. Notwithstanding the fact that we've reduced our Co2 emissions by over 50% since 1990, they still complain about the UK. Meanwhile China continues to build new coal fired power stations and these hypocritical leftie morons never say a word about it. Why not, are they so brain dead that they imagine Chinese Co2 emissions get wrapped in neat little parcels and stored somewhere safe? They're not genuine. Merely another left wing platform to have a pop at the government. Still seething from the Tories wiping the floor with the left in 2019. But too cowardly to debate honestly and openly. All they do is hurl insults. Often personal and very nasty. Sorry if that offends Chris, as I know your politics - but they offend me and millions of others, BIG TIME, and I'm sick to the back teeth of being told I can't say this and I can't say that, in case it "offends". Although it seems that "offence" is a one way street these days. All offence is equal, but some offence is more equal than others, to take a twist on George Orwell.
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    Yes ,only a few which is all i wanted. An ebay seller used pictures of one to desribe a coin ,so sent him a message asking if i bought the coin (which i didnt want) could i have the list please 😀
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    The last one I won at LCA was an 1806 gilt proof penny. I bid £800 and got it for £800 - surprisingly enough ! Sarcasm aside though, I still think it was a bargain, as FDC and there was another FDC example on offer by a dealer for over £2, 250. Same KP No.
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    yes, actually it will make us becoming more prudent in submitting bids indeed.
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    Let's just hope that this is a spur to quickening up the research into energy efficient alternatives - solar panels on roofs are slowly spreading but making them more efficient would be good, and they've only just begun to work out how to make wave energy work. Meantime, I hear Bill Gates is putting investment money into a modern, cleaner, more fuel efficient form of nuclear reactor whose advantage is that it can use the waste fuel from older reactors (whose design is appallingly out of date - 1950s in some cases). If Putin's warmongering hastens sustainable and efficient alternatives to energy, then that's one in the eye for him.
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    The holes were practical in some countries, coins worn on strings around the neck, like this tiny West African 1/10th penny Indeed the only genuine EDWARD VIII penny I could afford has a hole !!!
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    Sept catalogue now online if interested.
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    Just picked up a A/unc britannia £2 2015 for £3 at a local antique and collectors fair got to be a bargain with only 650 000 made I am sure these are pretty underrated by collectors and will fetch a lot more than £3 in the future , I dont know when but probably when the mail get hold of this information
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    Not the first that has happened I know. 5 out of 6 lots that i won at one LCA auction were at my max bid. Nice coins though. I just take a percentage off my bids now and funnily enough, i don't win so many, so who knows.
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    it's all based on computer modelling, none of which has been even remotely right in the past. The arctic isn't ice-free yet despite all the forecasts from "climate experts" and polar bear populations are doing well, despite the forecasts again, the Maldives hasn't sunk yet........ It's like Neil Ferguson from Imperial College (donation at least £150 million courtesy of the B&M Gates Foundation). Nobody could be more wrong more often, yet he's still in a job, wheeled on by the awestruck BBC now and again. Yet the computer code he undertook his Covid modelling on was found to be old and deeply flawed. But he did get the sack temporarily, because he went to see his girlfriend during lockdown. Just like the government, all these experts are quite happy to break their own rules, because they know the real risk ie they aren't in their mid eighties and/or suffering from serious co-morbidities....
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    Their approach keeps their costs down and they control the bidding. What's not to like from their point of view? Except that more and more people are questioning their approach and the quality of what's on offer declines. I suspect Steve Locket and Semra will eventually get the message. As it stands you either tell them what you are prepared to bid or let them know that you want to bid on an item by phone. As a regular bidder with them for many years I wont be going back until they have open and transparent bidding.
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    Willing to pay cash or exchange for other extremely rare varieties. Strangely enough, collectors who have such rare coins sometimes manage to get more than one example !
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    yes I think there were a few in proof sets and year sets as well
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    That baffles me too - if they manage to track down an upgrade, you'd think they would be generous enough to make the first example available to other collectors.
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    The holes were practical in some countries, coins worn on strings around the neck, like this tiny West African 1/10th penny
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    Yes, I was surprised at that. I've never been all that fussed about the triple F, even though it's a very clear "variety". There do seem to have been plenty of examples over the years.
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    Not sure I'd pop for 1900 on such a coin but have always loved the simple elegance of the Gillick sovereign and of course have an unslabbed of my birthdate. Nice coin there Peck.
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    Yes, but that was Scotland. Nicola must have sorted it !
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    That's actually a very very fair question. Besides coins, another one of my interests is the weather and the number/location of weather recording stations does seem slightly biased to this observer. Many decades ago (and over a century ago in fact), one of the recording stations which time and again came up with top readings, was Raunds in Northamptonshire. There is still a legit weather station there, and it still registers interesting readings (see link), but you NEVER ever hear that name mentioned for readings or records. Raunds is a perfectly reasonable semi rural South Midlands weather station, typical of many which day in and day out do a great job. But not a single word do you ever hear of them. I mentioned Raunds as it has been famous in the past. But there are others scattered over that area and the Home Counties, such as Rugby, Milton Keynes, High Wycombe, Banbury, Meriden, Buckingham and Oxford - all of which are locations which can reasonably said to represent England as a whole, and are in non biased locations. But again, you never hear mention of them (occasionally Cambridge crops up, such as for the previous record high in 2019) There are also numerous officially recognised recording stations in the North of England, which again you rarely hear about. Although with that said, we did hear of one on Monday night - Emley Moor, which recorded the highest ever minimum temperature of 25.9. That was surprising given the Northerly location. It's quite high ground as well, and that may have caused a bias. The old ITV tv transmitter at Emley Moor was brought down in March 1969 by a thick coating of rime (layer of ice caused by persistent freezing fog), which caused its weight to increase massively on the side facing East. But back to your original point, yes, I think there might well be a logical case for excluding airports, especially Heathrow and Gatwick as their readings could well be biased upwards given their urban locations and concrete bases. All weather stations use Stevenson screen thermometers, but what they're sited on, and their proximity to other influences, may well make a difference. There was bias in the old days as well. Many earlier records were set in Camden Square, London, which was an urban location later considered too biased to be meaningful. Yet they use Heathrow? link to Camden Square info Photo of Camden Square as it was when used as a weather station:-
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    Ah, but global warming affects the winter too! But you just can’t predict which way we will be affected- if the Gulf Stream changes course we could actually be colder. I think we have to be resigned to climate change whatever, and our kids more so. What the planet needs is a good plague, when in fact we all seem to want to live forever. Jerry
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    So, looking at this coin and its been graded by NGC as MS but I think it's a proof, I have a ballpark Peck number of 1242 KH22. Can someone clarify if I'm right or wrong please. K on the drapery and dot to the right, 6 jewels in the broach. Rev has 3 dots raised to the right of the rock, shield has a thin raised rim and what looks like 14 leaves on the olive branch.
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    And could be the ANNA SLABBA INCOMPETENS legend variety.
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