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    That's fine - you've signalled contrition, but there was absolutely no need. Indeed, Beeching got the job, but just didn't deliver the goods. His stock with the public was soon rolling downwards. In wrestling parlance so many would have liked to put him in a sleeper hold. Anything but a first class performance, and the long suffering public were railroaded into acceptance. Sadly he destroyed many lines in a permanent way.
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    Yep- silly old buffer was a bit derailed- he didn't have a loco motive- he wanted us to believe him, but he lacked a suitable platform. I haven't expressed myself well - maybe I need a coach. Sorry for blowing off steam- hope you didn't lose track of what I was trying to say. Don't shunt me out of the way- I like to feel people are siding with me.... I can only apologise....
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    Hope they had plenty pills as well , if so it might not have closed down in the sixties and been very popular with hippies .That beeching had no soul
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    Magnet? Sorry……… Jerry
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    not sure this will help
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    Could anyone help me figure out the mint/moneyer on this facing bust/short cross penny? I have been looking in North but can't find a match!
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    I would say probably 30-60 I don't think there are less than 10 My example anyway
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    Definately E in both E
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    The answer to the "Albert " coin might be quite simple Albert was given the title "Prince consort" in the middle of 1857 so the "albert" coin was possably an early version before he was titled that of course means all the rest were post summer 1857. How rotten is this country giving him this title so late
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    I too have a single ALBERT piece not sure how rare it is but there are at least two existing mine is in much better grade than yours though
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    The one Clive posted is struck further down the line than the one i posted so you've got wear on the die but its essentially the same coin. What are the chances of an original and a copy having these same features. That's all i compared it on quickly.
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    I have a recollection of having one of the mini scent boxes but they are so small they may have got mixed up or stored in a place where they shouldn't be
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    I found I had a farthing but it is different made of brass I assume yours is the iron covered by copper version although yours seems to point to the middle of the W in which case yours is also a new variety #810 truncation to D and ~ 811 truncation to the second V of W
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    This also appears to be a new variety made of Brass rather than iron coated copper Rogers #810 and #811 sorry I had not noticed I had a farthing
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    three pence the first has the nose pointing towards the M nd has a beaded border cf. the toothed border on the others
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    I will take a look for you. Yes it is in no image #243 but he did not have one he just says it is reported but he had not seen one.
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    The Half Crown Looking at these two I can see they are different there are design elements in different places. Clearly the first is very different the back of the head is placed with the truncation to the D and the others the W. The lettering is also larger this must be Rogers #780
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    yes they are very rare . I have quite a few doubles though. I have paid upto about £30 each for them I have only just received the last set my only real interest in buying more than one is often in search of new varieties. Some like the Flying Eagle I think there might be only about 15 known. But listen I have 4 I really don't need them all. I only bought them over from the US because I thought there were not many over in Europe. Frustrates me a little too hence starting this thread I thought it might get a few people interested. A couple of years ago I found a small hoard of an unlisted type of Alfonso the XIII baby heads 25 pts usually what I do is donate them to the charity and sell them for them. I sold 20 of them at about £25 each simply because Pay Pal were doing a fantastic almost unbelievable offer to the charity of multiplying anything I sold times 5 in the end I managed to raise nearly £30,000 , £25,000 given by ebay and Paypal. I am always happy to sell them to other collectors for the charity. As long as I have a set I am happy. Let me know I am not too interested in making profit on them
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    Here's a rarity you will not find many of these around its a half farthing 1849
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    i had thought a dentist might be our best bet.....he/ she has about an equal chance of working out these teeth
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    No need - my dentist already does, and the job is easier every time I visit.
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    I have to say, though, if my coin, in the light of your upcoming evidence, had turned out to be fake (I double-checked mine after your initial post), I would’ve sold up and changed hobbies. One or two significant differences between the two examples, thank goodness