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  1. Iannich48

    Roma Numismatics - Seen This?

    What an idiot, i bet that he is not smiling now.
  2. Iannich48

    The Bronze Coinage of Great Britain (2016)

    Now that would be good.
  3. Iannich48

    1981 25p "Experimental Coin"

    My thought exactly.
  4. Iannich48

    1981 25p "Experimental Coin"

    Lack of common sense maybe?
  5. Yes indeed, I doubt if the fields are lower than usual.
  6. Iannich48

    More Pennies

    Rendall Ingram has one listed as 8/6, aunc for £275. I cannot say if it is the real deal.
  7. Iannich48

    Halfcrown list

    Nice pics Larry. The first could be a double struck E over R, the second pic I have no idea what is overstruck, the third looks like E over R, the fourth is basically identical to the first pic. Just my opinions.
  8. Iannich48

    More Pennies

    The English pennies website has a note about Note 18.
  9. Iannich48

    "onc" tenth florins

    They are in my 2015 6th edition.
  10. Iannich48

    "onc" tenth florins

    They are very interesting figures from those Auction Houses. I like the idea of a puncheon with the word "onc" being made by mistake and then worn out or destroyed, but there must have been a lot of them for that to happen over 7 years, so i do not know what to think. As for the amount of 1854 florins in your survey compared to other years, then i would say it could be because the other years with "onc" in fine condition or worse, do not get sold at auction because of the much lower value than the 1854 florin. To be honest, i had not really given too much thought how this might have happened before your post. Interesting subject though David.
  11. On my phone they are 21mm, but yes they would be bigger on a pc.
  12. The nice thing about those sovereign pics is that they are virtually the same size as the actual coins.
  13. Iannich48

    More Pennies

    Absolutely, I agree totally.
  14. Iannich48

    Color Flying Scotsman £2 coin

    I would call that one a "Falling Scotsman"