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    Thought I'd share this token with you. Won on eBay just before Christmas. Just arrived. Very pleased with the detail on the emu. Circa 1860 I think. And quite scarce?
  2. 2 points
    O don't we all want to find the rare ones, but to put it into perspective , if you add all of the reverse F types the F19 F24 F27 F32 the sum total of 48 coins are at present known, so the rev.F is always Rare , but keep looking there must be more still to be found out there.
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    Or somebody turning up at a Recording Studio tech weekend with a bottle of 24 year old Port Ellen.....it happened, and won't happen again.....
  4. 1 point
    My first Encased Farthing for 2020 very pleased with this one as they are not easy to find for this advertiser. Looking forward to hunting more out this year.😄
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    It's plausible that some Wreath crowns may have circulated, as you find them in really low grades, not just VF or Fine. I've seen an example which probably wouldn't even make "Fair". In the early days of the 0.500 silver coinage I imagine a fair bit of 0.925 silver was still in circulation. If you look at the bottom grade Old Head crowns, or George V sterling halfcrowns, some of which are barely readable, this seems pretty plausible. If people were used to accepting Victorian crowns through the first half of the 1920s, if a wreath crown popped up in 1927 or 1930 it's hard to see them rejecting it as not being current. It might be impossible to spend £5 coins now, let alone the silver £20 pieces etc. but then no-one alive today save for a few super-centenarians can possibly remember crown sized coins being in circulation. When it had been less than a decade since they disappeared from circulation it seems rather more likely that they would have been accepted.
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    Very occasionally one does randomly show up. But those moments are as rare as the coins themselves.
  7. 1 point
    It is a funny looking shilling.
  8. 1 point
    Suffolk D&H15....excellent condition bought simply for the design, just love the hat.
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