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  1. I would have to agree! I tend to find all the pieces of interest (and of quality) seem to come on the market together
  2. Very occasionally eBay produces the goods. The photos was quite dark but I decided to take a punt and I'm pleased I did, Middlesex DH801
  3. Yes the Kempson series has some great designs in it, I too am collecting the Bath ones and the London pennies. The later seem to be becoming harder to find as I haven't added one for about a year Thank you, the Spon gate example really stretched the budget but I simple couldn't let it pass!
  4. That's a lovely crown piece. I'm tending to stick with the conder tokens with buildings taking precedent. Some of the Scottish ones have some great designs on
  5. It is a really nice example, very pleased with it. There's a few finger prints to the reverse but I'm not complaining
  6. And yes it does seem very quiet on the forum
  7. Two very nice examples there Paddy, I occasionally buy a sovereign to put away for a 'rainy day' but don't actively collect them. My latest addition is a proof silver half penny token so apologies for posting in coin acquisition of the week!
  8. There are some lovely examples there, I particularly like the whitefriars one with it's rich chocolate tone. I've started to collect the brass examples of the Birmingham series, 5 so far plus one that turned out to be a gilt copper! Have you considered collecting the Gloucester penny series? Being that little bit larger makes for some excellent detail
  9. Latest addition to my Kempson Bath series, extremely pleased with this one, Somerset D&H70. These are the sellers pics
  10. will1976

    Indo Parthian Satrap?

    Many thanks Paddy. I thought as much! I've found nothing out about the Colonel either
  11. will1976

    Indo Parthian Satrap?

    Thanks Paddy. I thought that would be the case when I could find nothing out regarding Col Leigh
  12. will1976

    Indo Parthian Satrap?

  13. will1976

    Indo Parthian Satrap?

  14. will1976

    Indo Parthian Satrap?

    Hello all, it's a long while since I've posted. This little coin was bought with others I wanted in a job lot and I'm trying to find out more about the finder Lt Col Leigh and if it's a known or famous hoard that was found. I'm assuming it isn't as I can't find any information about it. Any help or pointers will be greatly appreciated