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  1. Wow! I use to correspond with her a lot in days gone by. I never did know what she looked like. Thanks for the article and the picture. She is a very attractive young woman, in the picture.
  2. The 9.5 teeth is the width of the date in relation to the teeth on the edge of the coin. The offset of the reverse "slightly" to the obverse, is relatively common. You have a really nice coin!
  3. There is also a lower sea level on one coin from the other.
  4. Do you have a larger picture of the 2 by itself?
  5. Mike, The temperature where I live in Indiana is about normal for the summer months, usually 70- 95 degrees. In the desert Southwest though, the temperature set a record of 130 degrees last month! All the Best, Bob
  6. Try pouring household bleach on it Michael, that will usually kill anything!
  7. Also...the top leg of the 3 should point to the the upper part of the zero!
  8. In my opinion, that is not a open 3. The bottom of the 3 curls upward too much.
  9. RLC35

    Steep slabbing premiums

    Did either of these 1909 "Dot" coins have the "Dot" notated on the slabbing label?
  10. Some of the 1860/59's have the 6 broken, at the bottom, and some do not.
  11. Mike, I don't think I will be bidding on the Edward VIII Penny...I would have to mortgage my house to participate! LOL...
  12. There is a advanced collector in Cardiff, who is always in the bidding for very rare British coins. He is the one who bought my 1877 narrow date Penny!
  13. I just compared it to my example, and I agree, it is a F192A.