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  1. kai1998inc


    It is listed as Rogers 609. I believe it was caused by the C getting filled on the die, so one could argue it is an error and not a variety, but Rogers does list it separately.
  2. kai1998inc


    Another curiosity - a perhaps 'model sovereign' signed under the bust 'LAUER' but larger than his usual 12.5mm toy coins, as this piece is 22.0mm (same as a Sovereign). Whether you could call it a model coin is debatable, but I have it as it is signed Lauer.
  3. kai1998inc


    No problem, agreed on the valuation - a shame if you're selling, but perhaps not if you're collecting. Here is another toy/model coin that is seldom seen - only the third example I have seen. Likely made by Joseph Moore, and mentioned in a comment in Rogers, but not listed (although he does have an example in his collection in the Fitzwilliam, so perhaps his example was acquired after publication?). Model Four Pence with the Arms of Birmingham.
  4. kai1998inc


    Not listed by Rogers - I’ve only seen 1 other (in my own collection). Presumably fairly scarce.
  5. kai1998inc


    No problem. A copy did come up on eBay a few weeks ago but has since sold or been ended. Think it was up for about £200.
  6. kai1998inc


    They are indeed smaller. The series ranges in size from 13mm down to 9.6mm for the Threepences.
  7. kai1998inc


    This curious mule is listed in Rogers as Rogers 2467. It is a nice piece to have existed as it proves that the American Model series was made by Joseph Moore, as the Obv die is the same as the Royal Medalet series. The size difference is not quite correct, as the other model coin you show is a Half Eagle ($5.00) rather than a Half Dollar.
  8. kai1998inc


    Here are some photos of the coins.
  9. kai1998inc


    Those are rare - nice find! Now that you've mentioned the 1911 series, I picked this up a few months ago. Oddly, it included a few of each denomination known, except the florin, which was missing entirely. So I think you may have the rarest of a rare set! Link: Unpublished toy coin box with 31 coins dated 1911 - £0.00 : Rare Coins and Tokens, On Line Catalogue
  10. kai1998inc


    That’s correct - some say this is where the saying “Know your Onions” comes from, but I can’t be sure. A (presumably) full set of these in the original mesh purse, in the original cardboard box does exist in private hands. When I remarked to the current owner that it must have been expensive, they replied “it cost an arm and three legs”.
  11. kai1998inc


    Here are examples of the Blackpool Tower & Blackpool Wheel "Half Farthings" that copper123 mentions above. Apologies for poor photos, the toning on these is very dark - almost akin to the mint darkened farthings of similar period.
  12. kai1998inc


    A really nice set! You've done well to get that! The smaller size ones are so hard to come by.
  13. kai1998inc


    That is seriously rare! Only 3rd known example I am aware of, after Rogers example, and my own example. It's likely that David Magnay also had at least 1 example, but I am unsure where the piece might now be, or if it could be this example, or my own.
  14. kai1998inc


    All good here thank you, hope you are well too? The one on eBay is only the 4th example I am aware of - this one, my own one, and 2 within a (presumably) full set, in the original mesh purse, in the original box (which I can only wish I owned!). Interestingly, the 2 in the full set are different. One has a grained edge and another plain. Only ones I’m now missing are the Sovereign and Half Sovereign, which appear to be rarer than others likely because in the full set, there were only 1 and 2 examples of these respectively. The Penny however there were at least 6 of in each set, so more common. Like you, I’m amazed and pleased to see toy/model money achieving good prices! This one surprised me, and also some of the H Hyams Model Crowns seen in good condition also, fetching £200+ each recently.