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  1. Hello,  I have some of the mintage numbers for the I-O-M half, full, double and 5 pound sovereigns.  I have the mintage on some of them broken down for the die marks. 

    I just picked up a 1977 half I-O-M sovereign. I was stupid, tried to be cheap, and lost out on a nice 1965 for $220. By chance, did you pick that one up? I saw someone in Texas auctioning his for $1,500.  He's delusional asking that much. These are very thinly collected. 

    Why do you collect them? Have you had yours graded? 

    Maybe we can help each other.


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    2. Exbrit Manx

      Exbrit Manx

      I only have the mintages - the Pobjoy mint seems to have no clue. They refer to Mike Southall's research. I am trying to obtain his book, but I do have the pages of his book for the sovereigns.  If you send me your email address, I will send them to you. The breakdown in mintage according to die marks is scattered and I'll have to piece that together from the little documentation that I have found on the matter. Where abouts in Maryland are you? 

      I have some I-O-M coins, but they are not, or at least - have not been my main focus. I tend to focus on sovereigns - all mints.

    3. VickySilver



      I'm in Derwood.

      email:  garsft@aol.com

      Have you managed the 1979-82 IOM half sovs?

      I gave up on the sovs as there were just too many & sold all but one of the better ones; did find about 12 years ago a PROOF 1838 for about currency price and traded it on for about 15x value!



    4. Exbrit Manx

      Exbrit Manx

      I haven't done anything with the 79-82 IOM half Sovs and do not own any. I will send you the Southall pages now and hopefully, I can find my additional info with the breakdown of dies later.

      i know what you mean about the British (ect) Sovs - there are a lot of them.