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  1. Exbrit Manx

    Henry III AU50

    Another comparison chart; UK GRADING Traditional US (ANA) SHELDON SCALE Poor PO-1 Poor Fair FR-2 Almost Good AG-3 Fair Good G-4 Almost Fine Very Good VG-8 Fine Fine F-12 Good Fine Very Fine VF-20 Very Fine (Choice) Very Fine VF-30 Good Very Fine. (Choice) Extremely Fine EF-45 Nearly EF Extremely Fine About UNC AU-50 Good EF (Choice) About UNC AU-55 (Very Choice) About UNC AU-58 About UNC Uncirculated MS/PR-60 About UNC Uncirculated MS/PR-61 About UNC Uncirculated MS/PR-62 Uncirculated Uncirculated MS/PR-63
  2. Exbrit Manx

    Henry III AU50

    I've seen slightly different comparisons, but here is one: The table below shows how one scale relates to another based on our grading using standard terms, and our experience and observations of the numerical scales. It should be noted that the prefixes accompanying the US grades typically imply a higher grade than the UK grading terms (e.g. AU = VF-EF). Raw grade US grade(Sheldon) CGS grade Choice UNC MS66 - MS70 90-100 UNC MS64 - MS65 82-90 About UNC MS62 - MS63 80 GEF MS60 - MS61 75-78 EF AU58 - MS60 65-70 NEF AU55 55-60 GVF AU53 45-50 VF AU50 40 NVF EF45 35 GF VF35 - EF40 25-30 F VF20 - VF30 20 But: I have also seen some British auctions that follow the US scale more than UK. Australia is another story.
  3. Just to let you know - my "The Gold Soverign" book arrived today. I think you will like it.

  4. Can't win if you don't play - which I did not. Starting bids were a bit high.
  5. Exbrit Manx

    iPad epub

    I have it in my iBooks and it works well -- I remember I had to try it a couple of times to get it to work.
  6. Exbrit Manx

    Status of new Book

    The information I have regarding The Marsh update is that it will be released on the 23rd. From what I understand it combined the half, full and now quarter sovereigns into one book. It also documents the sovereigns post 2002. Other than that, the information is basically unchanged. I am hoping that it includes the work Iverson and Hill conducted on the Victoria Jubilee head. The other book is posted on the Rotographic home page and is being written by Clive King. I am really interested in seeing his work as it contains variations.
  7. Hopefully there has been progress on Clive's new book On British Gold Sovereigns 1817 to date, Title TBC: An all new book by a respected gold coin specialist on British gold sovereigns, their varieties, rarity and values. With the new update to Marsh's Gold Sovereign, it will be very intersting to see the differences in the two books. I look forward to obtaining both books.
  8. The book is "The Coins of the Isle of Man" You won't find the first edition, but the second edition was just published this April. The Author is Mike Southall. The only place you can purchase it is at the Lexicon bookshop in the Isle of Man. Their website was down when I purchased mine and it was a pain to get it, but the staff at Lexicon were very helpful. Are you in the UK or the US? If needed, I will send you an email address and phone number. Hopefully their website will be working.

    if you order it - tell them Zach sent you.  They'll get a kick out of it.

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    2. Exbrit Manx

      Exbrit Manx

      The total cost with shipping was $65 not counting the foreign transaction fee.  I didn't understand your question regarding sending a photo. Of what?  The book?

      i may go to the Novermber Whitman show - but we'll see. It would be nice to meet.

    3. VickySilver


      Oh, just trying to get an idea what a sample page might look like really. Is that a hardback?

    4. Exbrit Manx

      Exbrit Manx

      It's soft cover and the images are B&W. It does have a lot of good information in it and it goes beyond the IOM coins. It's a shame - I almost bought two of them.

      I tried to attach the contents, but the file size on this app is so small.

  9. Hello,  I have some of the mintage numbers for the I-O-M half, full, double and 5 pound sovereigns.  I have the mintage on some of them broken down for the die marks. 

    I just picked up a 1977 half I-O-M sovereign. I was stupid, tried to be cheap, and lost out on a nice 1965 for $220. By chance, did you pick that one up? I saw someone in Texas auctioning his for $1,500.  He's delusional asking that much. These are very thinly collected. 

    Why do you collect them? Have you had yours graded? 

    Maybe we can help each other.


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    2. Exbrit Manx

      Exbrit Manx

      I only have the mintages - the Pobjoy mint seems to have no clue. They refer to Mike Southall's research. I am trying to obtain his book, but I do have the pages of his book for the sovereigns.  If you send me your email address, I will send them to you. The breakdown in mintage according to die marks is scattered and I'll have to piece that together from the little documentation that I have found on the matter. Where abouts in Maryland are you? 

      I have some I-O-M coins, but they are not, or at least - have not been my main focus. I tend to focus on sovereigns - all mints.

    3. VickySilver



      I'm in Derwood.

      email:  garsft@aol.com

      Have you managed the 1979-82 IOM half sovs?

      I gave up on the sovs as there were just too many & sold all but one of the better ones; did find about 12 years ago a PROOF 1838 for about currency price and traded it on for about 15x value!



    4. Exbrit Manx

      Exbrit Manx

      I haven't done anything with the 79-82 IOM half Sovs and do not own any. I will send you the Southall pages now and hopefully, I can find my additional info with the breakdown of dies later.

      i know what you mean about the British (ect) Sovs - there are a lot of them.

  10. Hello, what kind of research are you conducting on sovereigns? Unfortunately, I do not have that year, but may be able to find a photo of it.

    1. Matteo95


      Hello ,Thanks you .  I and others two italian sovereign collectors are trying to write a sort of complete catalogue about this coinage because the only work written italian is very old and full of mistakes , and the useful Marsh's work is becaming scarcer and scarcer ( I am the only of three to own it ) but also it doesn't include the new sovereigns struck during the last 14 years and some varieties appeared at auction . 


    2. Exbrit Manx

      Exbrit Manx

      Sorry, I looked through my books and auction records and did not find a photo of one. Just the Marsh 4, 4A and 4B - no 4 C

    3. Matteo95


      don't worry :) Yes, the 4,4a,4b looks to be more or less all common while 4c very rare. It's reasonable because it's the consequence of a mistake  and problably the die was replaced very soon.