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    This coin is almost certainly genuine. I have a few of this issue and they pretty much always look like this, although you occasionally see them with a nice gold tone. Eastern Polish/Belorussian soil is very acidic, so uncleaned examples from soil often have ugly patina which is better lost IMO. As per mrbadexample they were minted in the millions and can be bought wholesale for a few quid each.
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    This is what was under the crud- still a horror... That auction is odd- I've told the guy that he's already sold it but he isn't listening....
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    I think that issue of Coin News was where I first learned of M.R.'s association with the coin.
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    Talking about that 1952 penny, I just found an interesting snippet from the November 2018 Coin News. Can't copy and paste from it, but here is a screenshot:- No, can't do a screenshot as it's too big. Here is a photo instead:-
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    For those who have not yet read the latest issue of Coin News, there is an excellent article written by Richard Sessions on the rare George V pennies of 1922-26.
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    Looks ok (albeit cleaned) to me. Polish poltorak (3 polker). Cheap as chips and plenty around.
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    Just added this one to the collection. Nothing spectacular but does have some interesting doubling on the letters on the surround. I am interested to know how this has come about, see pictures. How does this occur? Any explanation or theory on how this may have been struck etc, please. There must be someone out there that can explain it to me.
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    Because it is almost impossible to get hold of a perfect currency specimen. You find a BU example but there is a weak patch on the reverse where the crown meets the shield. And when you find a fully struck reverse, then the upper ear and mustache are flat and /or some hair details are missing. Then you find one well struck on both sides (which is difficult enough) but the coin has lost some lustre which suggests a trace of wear. It is easy to upgrade on one specific area of the coin but just very difficult to have the complete package.
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    1829 Halfcrown, a lot of the marks are on the slab...
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    I have not posted for a while but here are a few additions: 1745 Sixpence
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    This is one that Lloyd had on his site.
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    In this example, with the legend, incurved letters, and bifoliate crown (that’s not one of the easily identifiable Ed II crowns), it’s a no-brainer for Class 10. With Class 10, for me at least, I need to then sit down with a bit of paper and wade my way through the resources to determine and feel happy with the sub-class...it’s a pig to get right otherwise, for me at least. The rest of the series is easy blinkin’ peasy! 😛
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    Class 10ab London( the old Fox bros 10b) have a look at my Grunal Moneta facebook photo albums for hi rez photos and photo illustrations of all the Edward I penny sub-classes you will find it useful https://www.facebook.com/654941368041899/photos/a.664540367081999/664541107081925/?type=3
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    Edward I class 10, Robert Take a browse around this site, it’s the best online resource there is. If books are your thing, the best of those are the Galata Guide to the Pennies of Edward I and II by Bente and Withers https://www.ukdfd.co.uk/pages/edwardian-Pennies/Edwardian Pennies P1.htm
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    I realize its not the greatest example, but was priced right and slabbed to the point where most local (US) dealers should be able to offer me close to or above my purchase price if I ever decide to upgrade it. Per the slab its Peck-407, Charles II silver pattern farthing, graded PF-30 by PCGS. Dealer's pics for now as its currently in transit to me
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    Thanks Mike- it was, up till then, the most I had ever spent on some pennies, and I worried for days that I was wrong and going to be sleeping in the shed......