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  1. davetmoneyer

    James i sixpence or at least the front is

    Looks like an electrotype, check the edge for a tiny RR ( Rob Ready) if so its a British Museum piece
  2. davetmoneyer

    Possible Edward I or II Coin

    search facebook for grunal moneta then access the photo albums
  3. davetmoneyer

    Possible Edward I or II Coin

    Class 10ab London( the old Fox bros 10b) have a look at my Grunal Moneta facebook photo albums for hi rez photos and photo illustrations of all the Edward I penny sub-classes you will find it useful https://www.facebook.com/654941368041899/photos/a.664540367081999/664541107081925/?type=3
  4. davetmoneyer

    On the way back to the car

    Sorry to disappoint but the coin has im cross 3a that puts it firmly in Henry VI reign, first impressions are that it is rosette-mascle issue London
  5. davetmoneyer

    Plantagenet Collections (auctions)

    There was my collection of Halfgroats that went through DNW in three parts, then theres the Ivan buck collection of groats and pennies and Currently the J Hewlett collection in many parts and the J Atkinson collection of Groats and pennies Tealby - Richard III
  6. davetmoneyer

    Alexander III halfpenny

    Hi would certainly agree with paddy the grade is quite low VG to near F ( old style grading not current M-D 'assesments') Re the 'coincraft toilet paper' book suggest getting a more up to date (and realistic) guide such as Spinks ( the 2003 copy places the value in F at £85 )
  7. Hi the 1566 IM rose reverse is a different die to the Lion/rose reverse. now I have the lion/rose IM coin from paddy in my hand I was able to compare the two coins
  8. davetmoneyer

    Henry V Halfpenny sub type?

    It would appear to be Withers 5b /rev I, Broken annulets by hair, appostrophe and saltire after HENRIC and saltire after TAS. S 1795, N 1409
  9. davetmoneyer

    Is this a Henry V Half groat?

    Hi Yes definitely DIG 4/9 class E, short neck and mullet in centre of the breast
  10. Hi the reverse die is an overstruck rose die dated 1566, ( my reverse E the only other specimen is in the Liverpool museum and is a clear rose IM - prior to the addition of the Lion) this adds weight to the Lion over Rose IM obverse, could you send me details of the coin to dave@grunal.com (Hi rez photo, weight and any provenance please) and Rob the Lion/Portcullis reverses are paired with 1566 obverse dies 1(Lion/rose), 2i, (lion/port), and lion im obverses 3 and 4i
  11. All the other examples are unclear as to the underlying mark but are from the same die as yours and were attributed on the Shuttlewood coin, all the overmarked dies have 'BETH :
  12. This is the clearest example extant and I now think that 95% that it is a rose, Unfortunately rose is a rare IM and there are only some 24 specimens recorded of rose im none of which have a colon aftrer 'BETH, and 3 with portcullis over rose (and it definately is a portcullis over a circular IM which could only really be a rose) which do have the Colon after BETH ( As does the Lion /rose) so it would appear that the Colon marked dies were cut at the end of 1565 and were overstruck with the new initial marks ( Portcullis and Lion). I will be amending the text in the book to reflect this.
  13. Hi I have images of 8 lion overstamped on a previous initial mark, all from the same die, the 'clearest image is of the Roger Shuttlewood coin which was described as Lion over portcullis and as such was described in my book on the threepence. Your example ( from the same dies ) does show a clearer mark which looks to be a rose rather than portcullis. For the reverse dies there are 4 dies with lion over portcullis and dated 1566 in these cases it is lion over portcullis. There is a unique reverse found in the National Museum of Liverpool which has a 1566/5 with rose initial mark but this has a normal 1565 rose initial mark obverse. Given the vast range of overstamping of dies during the 1560-1581 period it is not unlikely that a rose initial mark die of 1565 was overstamped with a lion. 1566 lion over portcullis( Rose) obv British Museum (1), C,.Coomber (1), DIG (3), W. Wilkinson (1), R Shuttlewood (1) and one specimen(which probably is the above ) ex M Rassmussen 2010[ Catalogue photo not very clear)
  14. davetmoneyer

    Retrograde Edward I penny

    Hi deffinately an imitation of a Lincoln Edward I. Very blundered obverse legend + O (E?) ANGL DNS HYB rendered retrograde and CIVI TAS LIN COL also rendered retrograde Doubt this is Continental as the workmanship is so crude would say highly likely local forgery produced around 1280-1300