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  1. Thanks for your responses and for the info guys. It's really appreciated!
  2. Please could somebody help me trace the provenance of a coin I have. It's an Edward IV penny, type XXI, London, EDWARD DI GRA REX ANGLI legend with 'cinquefoil' mintmark. I bought it from Timeline Auction 21.02.18, Lot. 1240. It stated in the description that it was Ex Morton & Eden Ltd sale; formerly in the Archbishop John Sharp (1644-1714) collection. However, I can't seem to find it listed in the M & E sale for their December 2017 auction. Was their another part to this sale? Could anybody advise or have a quick look for me? Many thanks, Descartes
  3. Descartes

    ID help please - Edward I, class 10 penny

    Thanks again for your help!
  4. Descartes

    ID help please - Edward I, class 10 penny

    Hi JLS, thanks for the advice and for taking the time to reply. It's London mint. I don't have a good image of the reverse yet, so I can't post a photo.
  5. Please could somebody help me with the sub-class of this Edward I penny. I know it's secondary phase (so class 10cf) but would like to narrow it down even further (e,g, 10cf1-10cf6). It doesn't look like any of the 5 different crowns shown in the Galata Guide, but it has to be a 10cf as its obverse legend reads EDWA... Thanks, Descartes
  6. Descartes

    Edward I (Spink auction win)

    Hello chaps, Please could I ask one of the experts a question or two about my Edward I pennies I won today on the Spink auction? First question... where it say in the provenance ii) Elmore-Jones, Glendining, 10 April 1984, lot 1582 - £65 does that mean that the second coin in the description is ex Elmore-Jones collection? Edward I (1272-1307), Pennies (6), Berwick, local dies issue, 1.35g (S.1415); also, Durham, class 9b1, 1.46g (cf. N.1037.1 {for type}; S.1421); additionally, Newcastle (4), class 9b1 (2) with star, 1.38g; and without, 1.31g (N.1037.1; S.1408); also, 9b1/10ab mule, 1.48g (N.1037/38; S.1408/9); lastly, class 10ab, 1.25g, reading hb (N.1039; S.1409), generally very fine, all toned (6). provenance ii) Elmore-Jones, Glendining, 10 April 1984, lot 1582 - £65 Secondly, please could I have a more detailed ID on coin number 5. It's listed as a Newcastle 10ab, but I'd like to know which one of the subgroups if possible (i.e. 10ab1-6). Many thanks, Descartes
  7. Descartes

    Possible Edward I or II Coin

    Hi Stu, There are two. His FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Grunal-Moneta-654941368041899/photos/?tab=album&album_id=654945274708175 and website page: http://www.grunalmoneta.co.uk/
  8. Descartes

    Possible Edward I or II Coin

    You're just a pro Stu. The class 10s baffle the heck out of me... even with the Galata Guide and Dave's Grunal page I still can't get a handle on them 😕
  9. Hi Craigy. I also enjoy collecting the 50ps. I'm up to date with all the UK ones and have recently got myself the gruffalo BU (from The Westminster Collection). I collect the Isle of Man and Gibraltar 50ps too. I still have a few gaps in the Christmas issues, but they're great fun to collect, and they seem to be going up in value if Ebay is anything to go by. I really liked the Snowman 50p - I got it for a Christmas present. It's a shame it's not going into circulation, as I rather liked the design, and thought it was a cool thing to commemorate. I'm not so sure about the gruffalo to be honest, but I had to get it for the sake of completion!
  10. My win on the DNW auction today. Not a rare or exceptional penny but it fills a monarch gap and I'm pleased with the condition!
  11. Descartes

    Edward I penny (Durham) ID help please

    Thank you sir! I had an inkling it was a class 10... but that whole class with its plethora of sub-classes rather frightens an amateur like me!
  12. Descartes

    Charles I Crowns - Breathtaking

    Hi Stu, I too love the coinage of Charles I, especially the Exeter mint coins. I once had a semi-decent Exeter sixpence but I had to sell it as my collection was becoming too eclectic for my tastes. It was a tough move but the hammered pennies won in the end! Still, if I was a rich man, I'd still love to own a couple of those stunning CRI crowns in the up and coming Davcoin auction!
  13. Chaps, Any chance I could have an id on this Durham mint Edward 1st penny? It's currently for sale on ebay. It's not the best photo I'm afraid but I think it's one of the class 10s! Thanks Descartes
  14. Hi Courtney, Had a really nice email from Emma today. She sent me some images and I'm really pleased. Will definitely be bidding on this lot! Thanks for such a speedy response. I really appreciate it. Descartes
  15. Hi Courtney, I'm a bit disappointed that after several emails for an image of lot 85 on your auction 28 (Argentum), I still haven't even received an acknowledgement. I know the lot is not one of the biggest earners, but I would have expected at least a response! I hope it's due to a back-log or something similar and not because it only has a few hundred pounds as the estimate. I know it's not your fault personally, but I feel at liberty to have a little grumble as the whole BSJ experience is frustrating and seems convoluted in my mind. Cheers, Descartes.