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    Just wanted to share with you chaps my dream hammered coin... currently for sale at sovereign rarities. A rather fantastic King Stephen flag type penny. Alas, it will never be mine to enjoy - selling at a whopping 7,500 GBP it's a little over my budget
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    never say never ....sometimes the burgain is behind the corner. anyway this is my dream english hammered coin : the famous Henry III gold penny... I gave a lecture on it
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    At least with you guys at the helm, about 80% of the fakes we report are withdrawn from sale. Saves some amateur collector adding a fake to their collection and it also kind of disuades these scammers from trying to sell more of them. Keep up the good work. Its interesting to see what these fakes look like.
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    As I mention in my signature, one of the coins I'm working to collect is the Sixpence from 1838-1910. While I've recently purchased The English Silver Coinage from 1649 and British Silver Coins, I was hoping a more seasoned Sixpence collector or just a long-time collector in general would let me know if there was a book/guide specifically geared towards Sixpences (or at least as a major theme in the tome). Another quick question that's been bugging me since starting on this journey. Let me give an example...the 1904 and 1905 Edward VII Sixpences are Rare and Scarce respectively. OK, I can verify that in multiple sources...but WHY? The 1905 Edward VII Half Crown is rare in high grade. OK, I can see that through Forums and dealer availability...but WHY? I tried every Google search I could think of to learn more about why the 1904 and 1905 EVII 6Ps are hard to come by and came up with nothing. Is this just knowledge you'll pick up over time? Is the explanation found more in history versus numismatics? My goal is to not only put together an impressive collection but to also become a more educated, informed collector. Any feedback/recommendations is greatly appreciated. Thanks all!
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    Mine was a Pax penny of William Ist or 2nd. It was one of the first coins i ever saw in books that got me interested in hammereds as a kid. So i bought one...
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    So far I don't have any of these types of coin but I can definitely see the appeal. The history and sense that they are hundreds of years old and still with us is fascinating.
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    I've just ordered some for stock. If you google Royal Mint Discount codes there's a code for a free 2016 £5 coin with all orders over £40. You also get free delivery on all orders over £45. I had to put 6 orders through just to fill my boots on free stuff (yes some of it is crap but it all sells).
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    Removed, due to error in listing.....
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    A very interesting can of worms, Mick. It introduces the idea of the condition rarity - coins that are common in low grade, but disproportionately scarce in high grades. The best insight, over and above my own findings (which, after all this time, are not inconsiderable), I've found is the book "the Standard Catalogue of English Milled Coinage", written by Cope and Rayner, published 1975, in which they give relative rarity ratings for coins in a range of grades. Rob Pearce sold me my copy, he may have some more, but it's an excellent reference...
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    Slightly out of focus but a newbie from Colin Cooke. It isn't unc but has eye appeal and ticks the type box for now