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  1. argentumandcoins

    Sad News

    A Gentleman who was always happiest discussing coins. RIP Geoff.
  2. argentumandcoins

    Large collection of proofs

    I had PM'd him Pete, but no reply as yet. I have bought similar stuff in the past and had the seller send it via Special Delivery. It works okay as long as the seller has enough trust in the buyer!
  3. Look like silver medallets issued in 2000. Probably Vatican. Silver content will determine the price.
  4. argentumandcoins

    1826 penny token?

    Best guess would be Colonial, possibly Canadian, local issue token. The bust is similar to a William Wyon pattern bust of 1823 for British West Africa, although obviously not the same quality. Colonial token coinage was rife around this date and some was "blacksmith made"
  5. argentumandcoins

    Christmas Sixpence 2017

    I've just ordered some for stock. If you google Royal Mint Discount codes there's a code for a free 2016 £5 coin with all orders over £40. You also get free delivery on all orders over £45. I had to put 6 orders through just to fill my boots on free stuff (yes some of it is crap but it all sells).
  6. argentumandcoins

    Building the library

    Rob has covered the Ed VII silver question. Re the reference books there is nothing in particular for any of the milled series issues that is relevant only to one denomination. The general books that will help you are ESC (recently reworked by Maurice Bull), Davies (silver coinage since 1816 and supplied by Rob) and then any specific sixpence collection auction catalogues (most recent being the Alfred Bole collection).
  7. argentumandcoins

    1937 Penny

    As already discussed with Pete, the coin in the collection was taken from a complete and original 1937 proof set. It was clearly a proof. Dad already knew that it was unrecorded but checked every 1937 set we encountered in salerooms (a lot I may tell you). If you handle enough coins you know a proof as soon as you see one. Why some dealers and auction houses refuse to accept the totally bleedin obvious is beyond me, but fail they do!
  8. argentumandcoins

    frosted proof

    As a dealer you have 2 ways you can go. 1) keep the cash and lose a customer or 20. 2) give a refund, take a hit and keep your reputation intact. No-brainer really (unless you've got no brain). It would be remiss of me to pass judgement on a fellow dealer........
  9. argentumandcoins

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    57000 sales equates to a massive amount of fees for ebay. Disgrace? Yes. Surprise? No.
  10. argentumandcoins

    New Member -- 1887 Coin Collector

    Ebay here we come: LOOK MUST SEE RARE gold proof 2p mint error (wrong mettle used). I've never seed another so it must be uneek. Super rae investmant. Happy bidding.
  11. argentumandcoins

    New Member -- 1887 Coin Collector

    Sadly my lad lives with his vacuous mother and the "anything for a quiet life" rule applies, hence the earring at 6, dyed blonde hair at the front for the past 12 months etc etc.
  12. argentumandcoins

    New Member -- 1887 Coin Collector

    I had the same guy contact me twice trying to buy gold coins and pay by credit card, oh, and could I ship them immediately as the address he wanted them sending to would only have somebody home to receive for the next day.....
  13. argentumandcoins

    New Member -- 1887 Coin Collector

    I think most of the page visits I used to get on my website were people trying to get a price on a coin(s) that they had found in car boot sales or family members dusty drawers (no puns Peter!!!). T'internet is a strange and mysterious place to a dinosaur like me but my middle boy (8 next month) wants me to help him set up a facetube/youtime thingy so he can get subscribers watching him doing stupid things. He needs my help if any "dangerous people" start to contact him. He can make "lots of money" apparently. What a sad and dangerous world we seem to have created for our descendants. I think at 8 years old my interests extended to all things army (action man, little soldiers, playing "Japs and English"), football and bike riding.
  14. argentumandcoins

    Halfcrown and Penny LCA unsolds

    The old boy would be pleased to see it in a good home Mike! 11 isn't bad going as some of them are really hard to find in any state. Tennants is TBA (they are contemplating a stand alone sale rather than including it within another coin sale). I didn't get my 0% rate so there won't be any flexibility on reserves.
  15. argentumandcoins

    1838 Groat D/B

    Nice find though Rob. Shame the Groat collectors are more into hammered than milled or it would have a decent premium.