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Found 4 results

  1. Mark1984

    Large collection of proofs

    Hello all, I've recently come into possession of a fair sized coin collection, mostly silver proofs as listed below. All in good condition, with COA unless otherwise stated. Could anyone advise of the best way to sell a collection like this? I appreciate selling one-by-one on eBay is probably the most profitable, but could you recommend anywhere that may be interested as a 'job lot'? Many thanks, Mark Set Packaging 1953 coronation year set plastic wallet 1977 silver jubilee crown Blue leather - no paperwork 1981 Charles and Diana commemmorative coin no paperwork/case 1986 commonwealth games £2 Cardboard commemorative packaging 1994 - 1997 Piedfort pound coin collection Blue leather 1994 - 1997 Piedfort pound coin collection Blue leather 1994 proof set red leather 1994 uncirculated coin set Card wallet 1995 proof set Red leather 1995 silver proof £2 red leather 1995 United nations £2 black leather 1995 United nations £2 black leather 1996 proof set Red leather 1996 proof set red leather (inlay card present, but ? no COA) 1996 silver proof £2 red leather 1996 silver proof £2 red leather 1997 - 1998 £2 proof red leather 1997 Golden Wedding Barbados dollar blue leather 1997 Golden wedding five pounds red leather 1997 Hong Kong uncirculated set cardboard wallet 1997 Piedfort 50p red leather 1997 proof set Red leather (mark on inlay card) 1997 silver proof 50p red leather 1998 proof set red leather 1998 siler proof 50p red leather 1998 silver proof £1 blue leather 1999 - 2002 pound coin proofs blue leather 1999 piedfort pound coin Wrong box 1999 proof set Red leather 1999 rugby world cup £2 (hologram) black leather 1999 rugby world cup £2 non-hologram green leather 2000 millennium £5 blue felt 2000 Piedfort pound coin Blue leather 2001 piedfort Marconi £2 black leather Epcot International coins - 11 coin uncirculated set Sealed display packet Fleur de coin silver medal and badge set blue leather Queen mother 90th birthday cardboard (v.poor condition) Queen's 70th birthday silver coin set (12 coins) Blue velvet royal mint case Robert Louis Stevenson pound note Card wallet Set of 12 Historic Coins of Great Britain (silver) Blue velvet case
  2. Hi, I was interested in other peoples opinion on the new silver proof of the 'tale of peter rabbit coin' 50p that came out a few days ago. It sold out in 30 mins on the royal mint website but i was able to secure one for myself at the royal mint experience shop. Its current resale value seems to be as high as £140 when the original price was £60. Is it likely that this price will increase or decrease? the silver proof of the 2016 peter rabbit coin seen to be going for £300 plus, will this happen with this new coin?
  3. All, I came across this lot and found it strange that the shillings and a few other bits have gone missing. Anyone know how much this set is worth please? Also does anyone have a copy of the Norweb catalogue. I am after lot 43. http://www.goldbergcoins.com/view-auctions/catalog/id/48/lot/106036/ Thanks in advance. P
  4. I hope you will forgive my novice-like question on these - I am relatively new to proofs, only having started taking an interest over the last year, and the literature I have does not seem to give much detail about them, Questions seem to arise on this Forum frequently regarding is it or is it not a proof, are any perceived hairlines from the dies or post-mint, and what is the difference (if any) between Specimen and Proof. So I have on approval this 1902 matching Matt Proof set, which I like. I would assess the coins as 'virtually as struck ((but not fully FDC), problem-free, and matt proof'. I am running it past you guys as part of due diligence. They come with a matching Maundy set and the original box, which I have not pictured. Any input very gratefully received what are your thoughts @VickySilver?