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    This is a "Discussion" that has no winners. At the end of the day everyone is different. If slabbed coins is your thing then that is purely down to that person. CGS/LCGS are no better or worse than any other slabbing company and why should we be the same as the US. The UK grading system has always been different to the US system, why should slabbing from the UK not create a system that works here. I have never had any coins slabbed, although I do have 6 in CGS slabs. I have no preference for any grading company and at present am happy with my coins, I wont say RAW as that to me donates that my coins are somehow less than Slabbed coins, they are not. I am happy with my grading and anyone who has had coins from me I would hope would agree. Pete is a great guy and has been a brilliant abassador to new collectors and has helped out lots of people. He also has a passion for his genre of collecting so kudos to him for sticking to his principles. Also in response to the fact that slabbing makes coins more valuable, I can say from watching coins avidly selling in both auctions and in shops that they certainly do generate sometimes a substancial premium. Anyway, I put my feelings forward about CGS at its closure and reopenning as LCGS as I had been an avid user of their site and was swaying toward sending a few pieces in. But i made my feelings clear at the time and then left it. This continuous rant over and over isn't going to change things other then seriously miff people off. Well thats my two pennies worth.... have fun collecting folks
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    Thi is it. It now resides in the Isle of Man
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    It's seems this forum has become CGS / LCGS obsessed. Whatever happened to everyone sharing there interesting finds , knowledge, etc, etc.
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    It's a benefit open to all, just select who you use wisely
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    I received my DNW auction lots today, and in the Peck that I won, there was a very interesting document from the Empire Coin company about the probably unique 1954 penny. Take a look:-
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    Pics of the coin in hand, very pleased
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  8. 1 point
    Thanks for that, Bernie. Very interesting reading. £24k in 1991. I bet it would fetch a lot more now, possibly even 6 figures. So Peck acquired the penny from Spinks. I wonder who they acquired it from?
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    It's more in reference to those who continue to submit to them ie. Money down the drain
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    Thanks Mike for your close up picture. The attached picture is from Coin News of January 1992. The 1954 penny was sold, by auction ?, on 25th November 1991 by Spink & Son. If there was an auction on that date I would be most interested to hear about it, as I don't have a copy. the coin was bought by Keith Ashman. The coin then changed hands again on the 10th April 1992, to the present owner. The royal mint have never contested the ownership of the coin probably because they had no evidence that the coin had left the mint illegally. ("Hearsay" one curator of the mint believes that he knew how the coin left the mint.)
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    Maybe we are looking at grading coins at different ends of the spectrum. I havent stated that cgs grades are poor, however from my perspective a cgs slabbed coin is the same as a raw coin. Whether you agree with my opinion oR not it doesnt matter. Im not wrong as neither Are you For liking them. We are ENTITLED to our own opinions. If your a penny collector there are clearly benefits to cgs's systems, as they statE freeman numbers. Lets just agree to disagree and put this tiresome topic to rest.
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    Each to their own, I have no problem with any slabbing companies and also feel everyone is entitled to protect, grade and store their coins as they see fit, my objection is mud slinging based on a false argument. Nice to see Someone turn up this time
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    Doubtful, as there is some sort of control at the mint, even if it does seem crap judging by what they pump out
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    cgs 82 isnt specatuclar on a proof (probably a PF63) i think theyre on the plastic, perhaps the one in the top right hand part of the shield that seems to stop and start could be a scatch but at 82 in not really FDC or UNC technically
  15. 1 point
    i only slab coins that will benefit from grading
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    That 1954 penny in the picture looks much brighter than the one I have a photo of - maybe it's not unique after all ?
  17. 1 point
    What a nice surprise! Thank you for sharing that Mike.
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    I think the point PWA is making here is the negative comments from person or persons who have never used CGS/LCGS or even intend to, merely acting on hearsay, a complaint or in the interest of others, a good example of which played out for over a year on this Forum regarding following a rejected coin.
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    Ive always had the opinion that it adds little to the coin slabbing it there, apart from authenticity. If thats all the consignee wants then all is fine ... However the opinion of its grade is London Coins opinion, buy a coin from any dealer and it will be designated their opinion in terms of grade and wont cost you an extra money or the wait of months to be told what they think.
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    Why i am defensive does not matter. Its the people who attack that do. Always tends to be bullies or people jumping on the band waggon.......i am not one. Sometimes better to say nothing than agree and some people have a go for no paticular reason.
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    I've no problem with their owner and i know one of their chief graders fairly well however i'm allowed an opinion and i've never said that their grading is inadiquate, however i have always believed they failed when trying to set up an whole new grading tier, alienating their services, from where the market place was. The purpose for the majority when grading a coin is to "add value and authenticity". i've actually only slabbed approximately 10 coins myself. I'm curious as to why you are always so defensive of CGS, i have no personal issue with them
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    I think Heritage work somewhat in partnership with NGC as their auctions seem filled with NGC slabs rather than a mix of the big 2
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    I suspect if a coin press has been setup incorrectly for striking coins for circulation, there must be 10 of thousands if not 100 of thousands out there.
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    This is a relatively new feature on Ebay, all BIN auctions, not only those with Best Offer accepted The Seller can reply to an Ebay message with a BIN offer, works the same as Best Offer, in terms of acceptance period etc..
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    Hmmmm just because Ebay says it sold for that it doesn't mean it actually did. If Paulus contacted the seller and made an offer over email then the seller can make an offer to Paulus at a lower price. I recently bought a coin on ebay via this route. It was up at £50 BiN, I asked the seller for their best price and low and behold I had an offer in my ebay inbox with a nice saving on the BiN price. This was not listed with the make an offer option, I just contacted the seller and asked if they would do a deal. The sold price on ebay still shows as £50 but I paid no where near that.