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    Foreign coins especially of the British Empire.
    I am currently researching the dating on coins including the earliest dated coins.

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  1. Nutsaboutcoins

    Excel spreadsheet of all coins in circulation

    There are numerous phone apps as well.
  2. Nutsaboutcoins

    2016 royal sheild of arms coin

    Of course it is a different design, sorry for asking a stupid question.
  3. Nutsaboutcoins

    2016 royal sheild of arms coin

    Are the Baby Sets BU or circulation quality? The reason I ask is the Mint were advertising that 2016 £1 coins in circulation quality were only available from the Royal Mint visitor centre tour when you were able to strike your own. That said I doubt many would be able to tell the difference between the two. Ian..
  4. Nutsaboutcoins


    Don't get me wrong Rob, i'm not taring all dealers with the same brush, but those that engage with me are those I buy from. I'm probably guilty of saying "I'm just browsing" usually when I'm looking at stuff I'm not that interested in and wouldn't want to take up a dealers time when he/she could be talking to a "real customer". but I do wonder if playing it cool and not showing interest stems from all those antique shows on TV? Manning a show, especially a two day one, must be mind numbing at times but there are a core of dealers who are far more interested in their laptops, papers or chatting among themselves than serving their potential customers. If I ever make Wakefield I'll be sure to introduce myself Ian..
  5. Nutsaboutcoins


    I couldn't make it this time, I normally attend the Saturday due to work commitments, but find a lot of dealers, shall we say "less than interested". A couple of years ago a dealer tuted at me when I asked him to move his newspaper that was open across his full table. Goes without saying I didn't buy from him. May be I can't be a serious collector turning up on the Saturday? Ian..
  6. Nutsaboutcoins

    Decimal Pennies - Variants and errors

    Great work Brian, and great to see it in print.
  7. Nutsaboutcoins

    poor coin dealers

    Three Mirror journalists went to jail in 2005 for insider dealing by buying shares before publishing favorable articles on the companies. I'm convinced this is another manifestation of the same trick.
  8. Nutsaboutcoins

    poor coin dealers

    Is someone at the Daily Mail cashing in? Do a little research on a coin with a lower than normal mintage, buy them all at low prices, publish an article saying they are rare, then SELL, SELL, SELL. Ian..
  9. Nutsaboutcoins

    Change Checker inspecting new £1 live

    On a visit to the RM's Visitor Center the guide said the new £1 coin contained "Fairy Dust" a secret ingredient that the RM would use to identify genuine coins from forgeries. From the way she said it, it sounds as if it is something in the metal mix. Ian..
  10. Nutsaboutcoins

    £2 Britannia - 5th Portrait

    It's a good job the new £1 coin is bi metallic to stop it being faked
  11. Nutsaboutcoins

    Frosting on Proof Decimal Coins.

    Stop it Brian, my decimal collection was pretty much complete until you started all these shenanigans But seriously, great work but I have a lot of varieties to find now. Ian..
  12. This made me smile, ukcoins.co.uk doesn't know if he can post a link to his website
  13. Nutsaboutcoins

    2009 Blue Peter Olympic 50p

    I'm sure her gold coin must be dated 2009 as it would be a poor presentation if they said "congratulations, we will give you a gold coin in 2 years time". Insistently, presumably the gold Olympic coins would be produced from proof dies, which means they would have been produced separately from the dies used for the BU Set & circulating coins, therefore there could be other design differences. Also was Jonathan Olliffe's gold Aquatic 50p an under water one? Ian..
  14. Nutsaboutcoins

    Look out for these four unique fivers !!!

    I wonder if these are of more interest to art or bank note collectors?
  15. Nutsaboutcoins

    Portcullis Varieties On Decimal Penny

    WOW Brian! I have a number of pennies that have been saved over a number of years which I have just started sorting, I hope to add to the work above, but I'm under no illusion that I am "Standing on the shoulders of giants". or "late to the party" depending on your view I cant help thinking if there are a number of reverse dies there must have been a number of obverse dies too I feel in coming years people will be hunting down obverse & reverse die pairings. "I need a 1992 BHX - D + 3"