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  1. Thumbing through the books and looking through some coins I noticed some characteristics on different dates that share the same reverse specifically the 1911 penny and 1912/12H much like the obverse 6 penny that has different anomalies this reverse also has some features that just look to me different design . I marked on the pics the differences. I am still working on the obverse but it appears they also have different design aspects. Anyway here's the pics and be interested in your thoughts as always Oh yes there are some others like the Helmet on the 1912H doesn't have that back section at the bottom but that could just be a strike weakness? and the cross lines on the shield are much thicker
  2. Hi chaps. Had this thing kicking around for a decade,I thought I would probably bump into whatever it was sooner rather than later and whilst it looks familiar to something from princely states coinage I can't find it and it is starting to really bug me. I have no idea on the symbols not like the islamic,hebrew or persian ones we are used to . Anyone have an idea what it is please so I can sleep again 5.9 gr 24.85 mm Thanks
  3. zookeeperz

    what will they think of next???

    Apparently this was extremely difficult to produce Original mintage of 25,000 49 left . Quick I must get one then lols Seriously do they think folk fall for that old chestnut? Interesting but can't get my eyes and brain to agree on it being a coin. 999/1000 silver 6 grams 32mm £49.99 Cheap at a 1/3 the price . What will be next a shuttlecock £1 coin?
  4. Always the same old coins be nice to find 1 on an UNC. Has there been any recorded or know appearances of an 1873/2 Penny? 99.9 % sure this is one Much clearer through the loupe but pretty obvious . Have any been recorded or anyone got 1 hiding anywhere? I am sure somewhere in the back of my latent memory I am sure this has been discussed somewhere but I might be thinking of another coin?
  5. Was reading Davids book last night and didn't get very far lol page 13 " There are reports of a 1900 penny where the 9 in the date ends of a gap between border teeth" . I looked at all the specimens online and after 100's of comparisons all of them have the tail ending at the border tooth So as you do go and look through the small assortments that I have well knock me down with a plastic trident I had one all of my own in the forgotten or not really looked at tube of Pennies. Are these rare and does it have an ID reference? thanks in advance for any info
  6. Hi chaps probably barking up the wrong tree here lol but if anyone has any knowledge of swedish coins I would be grateful of some assistance . I have a 1966 swedish 5 ore in the recessed area where the VI is there is a initial or some form of test mark? either B1 or BI.BV. anyone know what it is or why it is there? thanks in advance. I have looked closer and it isn't a mark or signature but 2 small raised dots that appeared to look like a letter. I need new eyes
  7. zookeeperz

    mail tampering

    Well I guess it had to happen sooner or later as a buyer. strangely the only Item that ever got lost was a full set of jefferson nickel's I sent to Italy. Buyer claimed he never received. And here we are Italy again rifled my post stole the coin and stuck it back down although it was clear they had been at it. Not too much only £12 but the coins was worth a lot more. It was an East African 1941 Shilling the rare type 2 variety in nice EF or a little better. So Italy is now on my banned nations list . Along with Poland,Russia,Canada and all the other mandatory nasty lot types lol
  8. zookeeperz

    1900 penny 9 over gap

    Lmfao. ok if you say so. Do you do it on purpose or are you actually looking to piss me off with a ridiculous comment??? What a f-ing Moron
  9. zookeeperz

    mail tampering

    Well I withdraw from this conversation. Politics and religion are a banned subject matter so before someone says there is a God i'll just bid you all goodnight . Lets let a few more bombers in the country to kill our kids eh. See how far tolerance gets you . What a load of bollox.
  10. zookeeperz

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Not exactly. It is in the french wording but not as we interpret it. FDC would be 100 in our grade but we generally take FDC meaning MS65 or 88. As our coin grading house up until i last looked said there is no such thing as a 100 grade coin and hadn't graded one 100. I think I remember seeing a 99 but I think it was a commemorative . That's what I meant by only FDC MS65 as thats the grade on the coin if it was MS70 a True FDC then the price would prob be more
  11. Now they ring you and some automated Stephen Hawkins starts asking you how you dealing with the car accident you supposedly had some months ago. Pretty tough to do unless I jacked a car and drove off with it lol and even worse they speak to you using your first name only and make it sound as if they are a friend just to get their foot in the door. I let them speak long enough to shout **** off
  12. zookeeperz

    1847 gothic crown

  13. N over N. Who gave the coin that description? If it were a sideways N the foot would be at the top not the bottom and there would be a cross where the center downstrokes merge. Not a N
  14. Can't help you Paddy apart from obverse 7 all the others look exactly the same to me and tbh bare no resemblance to the pics in the book. Horrible series to identify.
  15. zookeeperz

    1873/2 Penny has it been recorded?

    Perhaps and seeing as those times you could be hung for just about anything that was against the monarchy the RM believed Mr LCW was making himself more important than what the coin was representing. He was hired to do a job and really only the Mint signature was needed on the coin. I am thinking they may have viewed it improper for him to have such a forefront profile and connection with the monarchy when he didn't other than to design what the coins were to look like. He was probably unauthorised to put his signature on the coins as in that era to mark the coins of the realm or deface them in any way was considered treason. Perhaps they hadn't realised firstly he had signed the coins. As his sig was only for 2 years perhaps in defiance he started to move his sig in a vain attempt to keep his name on the coins longer. As I cannot see why he would put them in 3 different places as human as we are we tend to be creatures of habit . I would of thought 1 signature in 1 place fits all. I also think he played cat and mouse with the RM as on some of the years both the reverse and obverse signatures were omitted only for them to reappear again. Ultimately was probably his parting gesture with the RM. Has he ever appeared on any notes as a well known figure of history??
  16. zookeeperz

    1900 penny 9 over gap

    Better picture
  17. zookeeperz

    My Latest Acquisition

    yes they are very difficult to locate. Always have either carbon deposits or that solitary verdi spot. Arrived this morning
  18. zookeeperz

    mail tampering

    If you read my post the part where I state "and I would feel the same or even worse if it was a a neighbour " and that meaning they are British doesn't excuse theft and I would act more angrily if it had of been a British person. All this political correctness BS turn the other cheek sorry not part of it. I call it as it is no matter where you come from scum is scum. It's just 1 particular country are scummier than the rest of the world in general. I am sure there are some decent ones. I am yet to meet any and that doesn't make me a racist whatsoever. When you have a community that has a heavy population of them you would understand my view point.
  19. zookeeperz

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1902-British-Edward-VII-Coronation-Silver-Matt-Proof-Crown-Coin-PCGS-PR65/182736767018 Bought 1 coin from this lot. Tarnished junk never again. Nice coin but it's only FDC and only £2000 overpriced. Honestly I cannot see how these so called businesses making a living. not unless Mr Magoo is buying their coins.
  20. zookeeperz

    mail tampering

    Good luck opening package if it ever comes from me. The out of box scenario won't wash. Mini fort knox when ever I send anything. coins are in acid free flips then bubble wrapped them carded , card completely taped then in a mini jiffy bag inside a padded envelope. So there is no way possible for the coin to be seen or damaged unless opened. I started doing that after a BU set of jefferson quarters went missing in italy buyer denied receiving it. Even though I followed paypals and ebay's selling and postage instructions. My mistake was sending it ordinary air mail uninsured but to my defence it was probably in my first month selling anything. was 20 years ago now and £176 was a few bob then which the buyer was refunded . So I was £176 out of pocket + minus a coin set. That's when I decided to ban the world and stopped posting overseas. . I lifted the ban on certain countries although my latest post has gone to Latvia even though I blocked Russia seems i'll have to go and click each and every one of the russian states
  21. zookeeperz

    mail tampering

    And if that wasn't enough to leave a sour taste in the mouth. the slag who denied receiving my mail had a package delivered here about a year ago by mistake. was a Mans watch. Which we took to her house.Never again . **** them . If another 1 comes here i'll flog it and get my compensation. I never would do things like that. That's typical Pols for you . No moral compass everything is theirs by right. Ignorant pigs. I am far from being a racist my family is like the united nations lol but when it comes to certain countries I have no time for them and I would feel the same or even worse if it was a a neighbour . It's just a give in this country if the mail get put next door by mistake it always finds its way to you. In fact the neighbours are normally stressed thinking you are stressed and have lost mail lol. Like I said nothing lost per say £56 £69 inc p&p from states was refunded they day I reported the coin missing from the seller which was excellent service no qualms there But in terms of outlay V £value @ current market value probably another £50-£75 worth of investment down the swanny. but a 0-0 draw isn't so bad
  22. zookeeperz

    siege piece,

    I didn't get the same link as you Craig I got sent to some dufus with a $750 buy now fake (5durandw) same broken B. Looks like it's been cut out of a book
  23. zookeeperz

    OUCH! Holding this Trident is killing me.....

    The trident pole should of been against the right knee not the left the only person that could sit like that is someone with an arm growing from the center of their chest . As was said if the model mock up was 3d depth and perspective are lost so everything is now shunted forward to a 2D position. I think they made a serious error though I still think no matter how she posed the trident shaft should be on the outside knee. Also we have to take it as a given she is seated at an angle and the left arm isn't flat against her body . It's a semi out to the side pose but they again pur her right foot pointing forward when it should be angled downwards and towards the date like a half side on profile. Weird but I never even noticed it but when you know it's there it's kind of a deformed lady and hardly flattering. What's that say about us to the rest of the world. SHHHH hopefully they are blissfully unaware
  24. zookeeperz

    1847 gothic crown

    That's the one up top cleaned edge dump and grossly over graded but yours at a snip for £2600. I'll get myself a brace .Sure someone taking a crap on the edge of it must knock a bit of value off?
  25. zookeeperz

    1873/2 Penny has it been recorded?

    Ignore the upward spike Jerry that is part of the coin surface caused by those indent either side . I was more interested in the base below the curve of the 3 and the far right edge of the top loop where there is another loop tracing it but goes inside the loop at a much steeper angle and not the same as the 3. I have the advantage of seeing it much clearer than the sad 5 mega-pixel image I could create and as you said the coin is in such a distressed condition unless you physically see it I wouldn't expect anything finite to be observed but all the input is on board. It's in the ever growing pile of TBD Rich