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Found 1 result

  1. I free-fall into dangerous territory here. You may ask "does it matter" or "who gives a rats arse" to which I would answer : if nothing else it makes us wonder ...why? There are many "penny people" on this forum and you all love this coin (as do I) but after about a year of this blind love affair ,as you know, I began to look with great care at the design. So I ask the forum why is it that Britannias hand is in an impossible pose and why is this obvious artistic flaw reproduced year after year. You see I cannot just be a blind collector, I cannot just see a bit of bling on a coin and go....wow! I would ask then you all to carry out a piece of experimental examination and feed back to me...please. But you have to do the experiment before you shout me down. sit in the exact same position that Britannia is in an get yourself a shield and a trident...no just a broom will do (if you have not yet fully converted to the dyson) I am a little old fashioned. now this is critical you must drop the left shoulder and angle the arm exactly as she has it. Take up your broom (not a call to revolt or to take up arms) now curl your fingers exactly as on the coin around your broom handle making sure to have the shaft cross the inside of the arm push it forward all the fingers must be evenly curling and I think the thumbs goes ...well it depends usually around the back. Now in your seated position twist back and take the weight on your shield...(I am sure you can be inventive) So can the hand ever be in this position can the fingers ever be in this position? Is it anatomically possible? If not why model it this way? What does it tell us about the attitude of the RM if anything? why did LCW allow it ? do it? if none of this matters to you that is also an important piece of the research game because if the public dont notice why bother to change it. This is todays challenge and even having done Yoga for many years; I can happily fold my leg behind my head and twist in to some ungodly positions, be careful not to strain yourself. Many thanks for your help ahead of it arriving. Have a good day Larry