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  1. Badger

    1887 Shillings

    The 1889s have a new pairing not listed in Davies if your interested? The 1889s I know of so far. . . D984 1+C with close spaced 89 D984 1+C with wide spaced 89 (a big difference) D985 1+D D986 2+D D987 3+D D unlisted 2+C (I found one of these a couple of years back and Peter Davies has confirmed the variety and has came across a few since publishing his book) Regards
  2. Badger

    1887 Shillings

    Hi, as far I am aware it is a direct function, all rev A have the same device pointings, all rev B have the same pointings and also all the rev Cs are the same device pointings. I checked a good lot of 1887s a few years ago to see if the same reverses had different device pointings but found them all to be consistent with the A, B or C reverses. Regards Badger
  3. C W Peck English copper, tin and bronze coins in the British museum. On Ebay finishing in 4 hours sitting at £34, if anyone is interested Item number: 260730023053 Badger
  4. I hope these pics come out clearer. BADGER
  5. Badger

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Giant Penny anyone? its very rare hope the link works? If not the Ebay item number is 250688703583 http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/EXTREMELLY-RARE-GIANT-1967-ONE-PENNY-/250688703583?pt=UK_Coins_BritishMilled_RL&hash=item3a5e360c5f
  6. Hi Scott, the 1862 Penny uses obv J which is the sole used obverse for buns from 1863 to 1873, but there are a handful of 1862 examples with obverse D and obverse E which were used for 1860 and 1861. The 1861s with obv D and E are quite scarce but the 1860s with D and E are common. Obv D has L.C.WYON on the bust and has the : after G: of D:G: pointing to a border tooth. Obverse E has the L.C.WYON on the bust too but has the : after G: of D:G: pointing between border teeth, the bust is also much closer to the linear circle. There are other differences between the obverses but these are the most easily distinguishable marks. The obverse J is easily spotted with no L.C.WYON on the obverse and the B of BRITT pretty much in contact with the head. Michael Gouby has listed 15x known 1862 obverse D and only 4x known 1862 with obverse E. So because obverses D and E were intended for 1860 and 1861, the 1862s with these obverses are classed as mules. Hope this helps Badger
  7. Badger

    1875 penny F80

    Correction, the 'dot' penny Michael Freeman mentioned was the 1870 with the dot to left of Y. I have not seen one of those, anyone got a scan of an example of this? Badger
  8. Badger

    1875 penny F80

    Here is the rev die crack Badger
  9. Badger

    1875 penny F80

    Hi David, I checked my 1875 with the obverse dot and it too is a F80, I haven't asked Michael about it as I didn't notice he listed the one he knows of as a F82. It will be interesting to know. I also noted that there is a small die crack to the right of the ship running from the linear circle to a border tooth which is present on both our specimens.
  10. Hi, Thanks B&C I couldn't have explained it better myself. I collect all minor differences whether it is slight differences to the same main die design or differences with design changes. I actually collect the die number 6d, Shillings and Florins series too(very challenging task). As you say, this is insignificant to most collectors, but not all. Badger
  11. The reverses also have different dies with the 2 in date being a different position COIN 1 REV
  12. Coin 2 OBV with small spacing close up comparison of both
  13. Hi, I have 2 low grade F38 1862 Pennies with L C WYON on bust. They have different dies on the obverses, the 1st one has large spacing between VICTORIA and the Linear circle and the other has a small spacing coin 1 OBV with large spacing