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  1. I wonder if people are trying to sell them on Ebay :lol:
  2. Hello17

    Aprilfools Day

    Ok, I'll bite. What is it, your 'best ever'? I don't know.
  3. I have the best one ever. Have you fooled anyone ?
  4. No, I wouldn't say that (though the photographs are a bit out of focus). From what I can see, I would say Fine, and perfectly respectable. However, at that grade it would have to be rare to be worth anything much. They seem to sell for around £20 in similar conditions on Ebay. I need better photos first.
  5. Hello17

    Widows 7 Or 8?

    Windows 7 is older but is rather similar to Windows XP. Windows 8 uses a different start menu that covers the full screen and there is more to learn. I recommend Windows 7.
  6. The Token has been pictured. However, you'll probably have to zoom out to 25%. Sorry ...
  7. Any pictures, an era, brief description, anything?? 1794 Lancaster Halfpenny Daniel Eccleston. Condition: Worn but I can read it. Hello Debbie. I don't recall Warhammer 40,000 . I can set one up. The tags Patrick has added are "18th century", "Lancaster" and "penny token". Though I have to say when I searched what I found were halfpennies .. Ah. I thought it was a penny but it was a halfpenny token....
  8. Does anyone collect tokens on here??
  9. Howdy. I have a token to sell but I don't know how. Sorry.
  10. Does anybody collect them? Would it Sell? I have one in VF grade (not sure though). I'll post pics tonight, when i have a camera other than my phone. It is the same size as a penny.
  11. Hello17


    Why is this in the wanted thread. I find it funny because of youth slang i know.