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  1. These bird puns should be il-eagle. Plus this coin doesn't even have a bird on it!
  2. There is 130 or 131 border teeth teeth.
  3. Vegas

    Vegas's Introduction

    Here's a Victorian farthing. It's in decent condition, can even still see the badge on Queen Victoria. Farthings are quite difficult to photograph without a tripod.
  4. Vegas

    Vegas's Introduction

    The inside is gold, what's the outside? *edit* it's silver
  5. Vegas

    Vegas's Introduction

    The one I have is the most common, but it still is a nice coin.
  6. Vegas

    Vegas's Introduction

    This is one of the Czech coins, the 50 Kč (50 Koruna) coin. I believe it was minted in 1993, as thats what it shows under the lion, but the year 1993 is also when these types of coins were first minted (got that from wikipedia). 1993 is the only date on the coin, so I am probably correct. The 50 Kč coin is the highest value of coin used in the Czech Republic/Czechia. If you look closely, notice parts of the lion in the outer section. I don't know why that is like that, but it's not an error they are all like that. The Czechs have an agreement to change to the euro, but they haven't changed yet, so Czech coins might be something to collect in the near future. *Edit* Whilst being a modern coin, it's got some sort of beauty that most modern coins lack. I like that
  7. Vegas

    Vegas's Introduction

    Good afternoon, I'm Vegas. About me My general interests are studying, teaching, music and cooking. I'm a big fan of vintage stuff as well as some new stuff. About Coins I have a few Czech coins, a collection of Pennies (1971-2016, no 1985 or any of the even years of the 70s), have not seen any 2017 pennies yet, a couple of pre-decimal pennies so far.