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    Collecting Coins whilst on boats whilst drinking Red Wine and playing Backgammon. Abutantur, argentumque circumgyrant

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  1. The Coinery

    1908 Penny

    Hi Pete This is the 1908.03 if memory serves. I think I have one at 70 and I will have a rummage and let you know.






  3. The Coinery

    Lindner Tray with Red Insert. 20 Squares 50mm x 50mm

    2 left for sale.
  4. The Coinery

    Lindner Tray with Red Insert. 20 Squares 50mm x 50mm

    I am happy to put one on the side until next month ?
  5. The Coinery

    Lindner Tray with Red Insert. 20 Squares 50mm x 50mm

    Hi I have just looked on eBay to check the outside diameter of the Quadrum Capsules and it states: Capsule size: 50 x 50 x 6.25mm (2 x 2 x ¼’’) The squares will take 2" x 2" so yes they will fit the capsules.
  6. I have just bought a coin cabinet so I am selling my Lindner Tray's with Red Insert's Clean - Tidy - Good Condition 20 Squares per tray each 50mm x 50mm Fits the 2" x 2" white paper coin envelopes perfectly £ 15 delivered With 20 NEW Envelopes - £ 16 FREE DELIVERY I only have 5 of these so first come first served.
  7. The Coinery

    Spanish Pesetas

    Thank you Copper123
  8. Excuse me Vegas - The Queen IS a Bird !!!!!
  9. What is the "Collective" name for Numismatists ?

    1. 1949threepence


      Don't know, but I'd put forward two suggestions, "A collection" or "A cabinet" ;)


  10. The Coinery

    Spanish Pesetas

    I have four 5,000peseta notes - are they worth anything ? Would the bank take them back ?
  11. 130 / 8 = 16 and thus 2 x 8 = 16 so its getting even luckier
  12. The Coinery

    CGS "membership" Fee

    Will it work if you take a "Second" or a "Minute" to give it a "Hand" or two ? :-)
  13. The Coinery

    March LCA catalogue now up

    I am glad you are not bidding as I have my fingers crossed for the Brass 3D's
  14. The Coinery

    March LCA catalogue now up

    Thanks Mat. I will be able to view on the morning before the auction. There are about 30 lots I would like. One benefit is I can pay on the day and submit to them for slabbing what I want slabbing without having to worry about posting them.
  15. The Coinery

    March LCA catalogue now up

    Where can you view photos of coins in the catalogue without photos ? - There are a few coins I am interested in that don't have pics.